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Hello there. I am the8thdigidestined. I actually meant 9th, as in I was the next Digi Destined after Kari, but I forgot there were 8 instead of 7. I knew Kari was one, I'm just bad with numbers.

Anyway, I'm 18, freshman in college. Live in the good, old US of A. Big fan of everything TV, and video game, and tabletop related. Huge fan of anime, I just love animation in general, more than live action. As such, haven't actually seen most movies, or really any American live action television. I'm slowly, but surely getting into more non-anime shows though. I notice I tend to watch more stuff catered towards kids than adults. I even now love some anime like Digimon and Pokemon, even though I never watched them as a kid. But I still watch plenty of more adult shows.

My Troper wall is a very slow work in progress, so chances are I haven't put all I've watched on here.


I'll put them on here as I remember them/feel like it.

So, anyway!

I now have a DeviantArt, haven't really posted too much art but I've started doing PMDU, so you can see my writings. Haven't written anything yet either.

    Anime I've watched 
Check out my list here!

    Other Cartoons I've Enjoyed 

    Video Games I've Played 

    Tropes That Apply to Myself 
  • Tv Tropes Will Ruin Your Life- I'm in college, most of my homework is done on computer. Tvtropes is also accessed by my computer. Two guesses as to what I often check while doing homework.


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