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(I first wrote this profile when I was 16 or around that age. If there’s a quality shift in places, I probably added some stuff later. May edit more)

Hello, Shonengirl here! I'm the writer of A Wild Badfic Appeared! Commentaries on Deviant Art, and you may know me from there. I'm not exactly a gamer, but I like Nintendo games, especially the ones represented in Super Smash Bros, and am into Fire Emblem and Pokemon. Generally, I like filling out characters and imagining how they would interact more than actually playing the game, which most of the time I absolutely suck at. I also love history, geography, and international politics, which is why you may see me poking around Hetalia pages; it’s kinda similar to how I experience most games, I don’t watch the franchise’s media, at least now (I have seen clips of the show and some comic strips though, and from what I saw there it’s actually pretty funny), but something about it draws me to it and I like seeing what people do with the idea and characters more than anything (in this case it’s more the concept though). I am also really into Vocaloid, and partway in the Evillious Chronicles fandom, partway because I’m not that well-versed in it. I also tend to find myself dabbling in franchises that touch on historical topics in some way (e.g. the Fate series), though I’d hardly consider myself a fan of them due to barely bothering to look into the deeper lore of them. Well, please check out the commentary; fans are always wanted.


Tropes Applying to me:

  • Asian and Nerdy: I'm Japanese; as in, actual full Japanese, not a Weeaboo. I've spent 13 years since birth in the States, so my English is actually better than my Japanese though.
  • Berserk Button: The one that comes to mind now is Yaoi fangirls. Especially the stupid ones, and those who scream that a character is gay because he (or she in the case of yuri) often hangs out with the same gender or is Heterosexual Life-Partners with someone. Call me Oblivious to Love, but in most so-called Ho Yay or Ship Tease moments, I only see a very close, beautiful friendship between these two people. And in general rabid shippers annoy me with their Shipping Goggles, me being one of those few teenage girls who don't feel the need to ship everyone and everything. Oh, and those who make fun of "lesser" franchises in Smash Bros too, such as Fire Emblem and Xenoblade. It got old. Really quickly.
    • One of my major ones in terms of stuff I see on the internet, however, is OOC-ness, whether for the sake of humor, manipulative angst, some yaoi/yuri fantasy, or because of lack of research. The way I see it, you may as well use OCs if you aren't being loyal to their character. The "OOC BECUZ FUNNEIHH!!" really grinds my gears since I see it way too often. The only exception is if you have a damn good reason for it; maybe you think the character could have been written differently, or want to consider how something would change a character. I would actually like to read something like that, and I’m thinking of playing around with the Axis Powers Hetalia characters myself for this reason. And there are surely many people who decided to write better versions of Bella Swan for example, and I appreciate badfic rewrites a lot. But again, most of the time there’s no real reason to do so, and as such no real reason to be using those characters. And I've seen way too many commentaries which make them OOC in the opposite way; as in, make them as bland as possible, in a format where you should be exploiting character quirks and their unique personalities. If I see Sonic, Pit, Fem!Robin or Palutena, I'm expecting things to be bursting in snarky/trollish goodness, not extremely bland and unimpressive. And no, references to their games do not cut it.
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    • For things that actually matter, there's animal abuse, anyone saying animals are to be exploited, environmental pollution and people who say it's okay, those who try to be offensive just because and to be “EDGEY LOL” instead of to make a point (otherwise, you better be actually funny), genocide deniers (because oh, I see them a lot like you wouldn’t believe...), stupid Alt-right wingers and nationalists, stupid Uber-left wingers (though for some reason I find SJWs to be more comically insane than genuinely terrible), and general ignorance on issues being used as evidence; one of the reasons why Encyclopedia Dramatica still angers me is more because I'm ticked off at their sheer stupidity and hypocrisy that actually being offended as they claim. And polarization in general is like a frustrating, Never-ending Ness of dramatic irony playing out in real life.
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    • Oh, and It's Popular, Now It Sucks!. As a fan of Frozen, I know this pretty well. And due to being a (former) fan of The Mysterious Mr. Enter (and seeing some of this with the Pokémon anime, which I should note is a canon that I’m not a huge fan of, but can see that Gen 6 was a jump in quality through how others talked about it), I’ve also grown to absolutely hate people who use really old criticisms to bash someone or something, even after the creator or show or game or whatever in question remedied that problem ages ago. If you want to criticize something, actually criticize it in its current form. Or criticize the work and the creator at the time specifically. I still mock older badfics sure, but I’m mocking the badfic and the creator AT THE TIME it was written, not who the creator is now if they have improved; like being shown an old journal and going “Lol, you were such a cringey edgelord back then!”.
  • Bifauxnen: Apparently I look like a guy to some people. Or a kid. Or a young boy. Though I get mistaken for a young girl more often recently. It’s probably because I don’t fuss over my looks a lot. Though yeah, maybe I should care about it more.
  • Deadpan Snarker: I run a commentary, what do you expect?
  • Eloquent in My Native Tongue: You know how I said my English is way better? Well, yeah... if I consider English my “first language”, since my first word was (apparently) “apple”, though I speak Japanese at home, I could be considered a downplayed example. Otherwise, it’s an Inverted downplayed example. My Japanese is... pretty mediocre for my age. I can do everyday stuff fine, but it can get incredibly frustrating trying to express myself in Japanese, but not being able to come up with the word for something or not knowing how to describe something, which means if you ever hear me speaking in Japanese, you’ll likely hear me peppering my sentences with Gratuitous English in place of words or concepts I can’t convey otherwise (on top of a bad case of Motor Mouth and butchering of the pronounciation of “s”, and depending on how early it is since I’ve woken up, possibly worse). It makes me sound stupid, and it’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m planning to work on it.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: I like to do this; cussing sounds immature, why not use Inherently Funny Words in place of them? I might use bleeped out swears for comedy occasionally too. So if I curse ever, uncensored, you KNOW that you've managed to really tick me off.
  • The Idiot from Osaka: I'm not stupid, I'm pretty intelligent, if I say so myself. Yeah, I know, bragging. But I can be kind of brash at times.
  • Tomboy: Yeah. Quite a bit. It’s something I’ve grown to be proud of, actually. Especially since gender norms are followed by pretty much every girl around me even in an international school (as of in high school), this is Japan after all. It really marks me as an American, lol. So people telling me to be feminine, or hearing anime or game characters talk about “being feminine” (for fluck’s sake, you are SOLDIERS! Who the flick cares if you’re feminine or not! Hell, you have even LESS of a reason to be feminine here than a civilian! Your job is stabbing people!/Yea yeah, I’m sorry that guy offended your fragile wittle Japanese Girl feelings. What are you getting so weepy about?! It’s not like he broke up with you, you crybaby!), tends to annoy me. I’m not even an SJW, I hate those people, it’s just the way I am. Though I’m actually not a fan of sports at all.
  • Weakness Turns Her On: This Trope is me. XD I’m single, gentlemen! /slapped/ But yeah, because of this and my aforementioned tomboyishness I tend to have a soft spot for Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy dynamics (as well as why All Girls Want Bad Boys is a slight personal pet peeve. I didn’t even know that was normal young female behavior for a while. Though I can see the appeal in one who has a sad Freudian Excuse and Took a Level in Kindness), and it’s likely why I like Gender Inverted Tropes, which will probably show itself every so often. I could probably make a pretty good, not Book Dumb Bumbling Dad (Mom), lol.

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