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Hi there, I'm Selkie but it was taken so I had to go with Selkies. I go by she/her but I won't get mad if you refer to me by other pronouns. I'm not a native English speaker, so please be patient as it may take me a while to understand certain things (i.e regional slang). I'm kinda a Hedge Trimmer, I hate Walls of Text and Natter unless it's very necessary for the example to be understood, and I dislike when slang is used too much, so expect me to do lots of random trimming, rephrasing, and correcting grammar/spelling mistakes. I'm constantly at Image Pickin' and TLP; I frequently upload videos of tropes in general, but especially tropes without videos (I also hate when pages get Video Overdosed, ugh!). I despise Speculative Troping (the 3rd point) because we don't analyze what the creators meant; this isn't Tumblr or Twitter.

I have a habit of adopting good, well-written inactive drafts and similar drafts in the salvage yard.

Feel free to talk to me any time, though it may take me some time to reply because of my messed up sleeping schedule and forgetfulness.

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