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Vigilante Taxonomist and proud.

As someone who lives in Tennessee, where (last I checked) there's a law that protects people against accusations of cowardice, I take the Nobody Calls Me "Chicken"! trope much more seriously than most other Tropers, to the point where I once threatened to report someone who made the mistake of calling me a coward (and in the process I paraphrased the broadcast edit of Pulp Fiction; I guess I'm just a ham at heart), and not just because it was a personal attack (which is, to me, a Berserk Button in and of itself).


I also utterly despise usernames that include a deliberate profanity within ("badass" is an exception). Oh, and I don't care if you call me the worst ethnic profanities, anti-white or otherwise, that the English language has to offer (of course, there are exceptions), but if you throw a maternal insult at me, I will report you to the highest authority in charge of the website on which you dared to do so.

I'm interested in foreign languages, 3D, IMAX, VHS, Blu-ray, and PBS. I'm also an unrepentant Europhile and have several British and other European films on videocassette and videodisc (and even go to the theatre to catch a British or European film every now and then).

If I was a Doctor Who character, I'd probably be the Ninth Doctor, and not just because I go as him to Doctor Who screenings at my local cinema.


On a Darker and Edgier note, I suffer from not only White Guilt (no thanks to hypocritical bullies known as Tumblr SJWs) but also Attention Deficit Creator Disorder, and I also have a rather unusual talent for detecting racism or sexism wherever I go (in part because of my aforementioned White Guilt), plus I have a pretty low opinion of the "male and pale" (also attributed to my White Guilt), to say nothing of my PTSD in regards to that time I hung out with members of PrecureOCs, before they showed their true colors as SJWs and betrayed the rest of the mainstream Pretty Cure fandom in the process. (It's also a major part of the reason why I no longer use the "Ryanasaurus" name for new Internet ventures, to say nothing of why I tend to behave like a jerk at times—guess Midoriri really was too much of an infleunce on me, no matter what either she or I will have you know.)


On a Lighter and Softer note, I have a pink Cutey Honey lunchbox that came with a DVD of the 2004 Live-Action Adaptation.

One other thing: though I may know a lot, I still have a lot to learn; for example, I didn't know the first dub of The Mystery of Mamo was recorded in Japan (and not in the United States, the stomping grounds of the great old anime localizer Peter Fernandez, to whom I had previously misattributed the dub, I'm sorry to say) until late 2014! I did find out the year before, BTW, that William Ross (the founder of Tokyo-based Frontier Enterprises, who had previously dubbed the Godzilla films for Toho) voiced Samurai and Kodansha veteran Greg Starr (who actually lived in my home state before moving to Japan in 1970) voiced Detective Scott (what kind of a name is that for a descendant of the great Edo-period policeman Heiji Zenigata, anyway?). Even as far as I'm concerned, you learn something new every day.


  • Baseball Teams: San Francisco Giants, Detroit Tigers, Colorado Rockies, Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs
  • Basketball Teams: Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat
  • American Football Teams: St. Louis Rams, Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders
  • Food: Pepperoni pizza
  • Music: Most anything
  • Videodisc Formats: LaserDisc, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray
  • Videogame Systems: 3DS and Switch
  • Television Series: Anything PBS

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