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I have been reborn, Pheonix-like, from the ashes of Lolipod Distortion.

Here's a break down of Running Costs for Rumster (made by Inhopelessguy).

  • Containing Awesome: €15k/yr
  • Food: €0.01/yr
  • Drugs: €1bn/yr

Random facts about me.

  • I'm American (duh).
  • I speak English, and am learning German.
  • I plan on joining the Marine Corps when I turn 18.
  • I like comics to an unhealthy degree.
  • I occasionally write comic scripts. Very occasionally.
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  • I spend a lot of time thinking about life and existence. I have yet to come up with any good answers to my questions.

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FIRST!!!111 —AgentNomnomJayden

Hi there, Rumetzen! (waves) ~ Arcadiarika

Hoho hoho, here comes Santa Claus.
Nono my son, no need to applause!
I know I'm awesome, but I don't wanna brag.
Anyways, a gift for you I have here in my bag!
10 ducks I'll give you, one for each toe.
I assure you every single one's a Moe!
So then if the world suddenly says its goodbyes.
You'll have something to eat while humanity dies!
And don't worry if you out of your butt start to bleed.
I've heard eating duck shit's very healthy indeed.

~ Tachi

Oh my god, it's a Rumetzen! -glomps back- ...I like your hair. ~ Epitome

Vandalize, huh? I better get some spray paint... ~ Catfish42


All Your Base Are Belong to Us. You have no chance to survive make your time, Rumetzen! —CATS Greetings, foul automaton. Might I inquire with you as to why the dead baby crossed the road? Oh, and have you been having issues with nineteen as I have ever since reading the books? Blue Car Syndrome indeed.

Hmm...could I link your favs? I won't charge a cent. - Keybreak That would be nice. Thanks! -rumetzen

Internet Brothers! - Flanker 66


You silly snipers. I have a rocket launcher with a 4.9 zoom.KSPAM

Isn't your constantly going 'COOL' a Verbal Tic? - WUE

So when do I get that cookie? - SeanMurrayI

A new name huh? Well I guess that earns you a coffee. *raises flask* - Bisected8

Another trooper who listens to KMFDM, yay!!- inane242

Bonjour! :3 -Compassionate Sadist

Problem Sleuth was better - Hotel Kilo

  • I personally find it to be overhyped and unappealing. But I also respect your right to disagree. You Monster!.

A person who likes Preacher and Transmetropolitan...huh. Let's drink to that! Juancarlos11

Fuzy2K sez hi!

The faeries were curious as to you. Your avatars and signature intrigue them. - a faerie

SHEDINJA! - SunshineWerewolf

You're 15? I'm gonna stop being 15 in about an hour. It says 16 on my page, but that was premature. Irresponsible teenager high five! Also transmetropolitan is cool! Also I am bad at thinking of clever things to say on someone's page! -steampowered

>Drops in, Plasters a picture on the wall, flies out the window< -Enkufka

> Greetings, Mistress Norn.Chancellor Icarael

Trick or treat! -Milos Stefanovic


You sound like the perfect man. - Twilla


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