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A guy from Poland. Born in November, 1998. Real name: Przemysław. Don't try to pronounce it if you're not Slavian (if you REALLY need to know, it's pronounced something among the lines of "Sh-Emm-Slav"). Chemistry student. Gamer. Geek. A bit of Yuri Fanboy. Undertale Trash, sometimes writes fanfics. Also a fan of Pokémon, The Elder Scrolls series and Castlevania. Likes fantasy. Doesn't like horrors. Short, scrawny and glass-wearing IRL, tries to compensate by constantly roleplaying in internet as an Ax-Crazy Black Mage/Ninja Psycho for Hire. Is too serious and shy to actually focus enough on said roleplay, so fails miserably and comes out as a dork.


Yeah, I think that's all.

In the internet I can be usually found as either Pmb 1998 (my initials and year of birth), Czarnoksiężnik (meaning "Black mage" or "Sorcerer" in polish), Czarny (meaning "Black") or "Silver Bat".

As already mentioned, I sometimes write fanfics (mostly Undertale). If you're interested - here's a link to my AO3 account:

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