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Lurker, then contributor. Soon I'll be a real boy.

I was once a fully-immersed pop-culture geek, but attempts at a professional and social life have made this difficult to maintain. TV Tropes has helped me be the pedantic Kevin Smith archetype I always knew I could be. Thank you, TV Tropes!

When I showed up here, the site felt very full, as though there is nothing new to add; no new tropes, no new works, nothing. Then I found a work of which I've been enamored since day one that has no entry and no mention elsewhere on the site, and took it upon myself to create the page. Now, as I write the page, I've become aware there are quite a few tropes that aren't represented here or, if they are, they're awful difficult to find. Now that I've got my own entry on this wiki, I'm looking at it in a whole new light. Thank you, TV!



Mr Hero The Newmatic Man


Get Shorty

Proposed Tropes

But Then I Got To Know You - Nope, they're right; it's a sub-trope at best. I may re-work it later but for now it's just fine in limbo.


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