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najhoant (I pronounce it "NAH-joe-ant") is a contributor to (or at least, trying to be).

About me

I contribute to this site best I can, though most of my favorite pop culture is already pretty well covered. When I don't actually add anything here, I still have a lot of fun reading about tropes.

In my free time, I usually watch movies, TV series or play video games. I also occasionally read fiction and dabble in writing. Right now I'm working on a series of Hitman fanfics set after, and, in one case, during the events of Hitman: Absolution. The planned stories are:

  • "Six Months" (working title), which describes what happened to Diana after she was shot by 47 and how she faked her death.
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  • "Codename: Orangutan" (also working title), which takes place after the events of Absolution, when 47 and Diana have returned to the Agency
  • A currently untitled third part that continues "Codename: Orangutan"

Beyond that, I've done a bunch of original short stories, one of which was nominated for a contest, some of which I, in retrospect, realize could have been done much better and many of which I never finished.


Work pages I've started

Other pages I've started

My favorite tropes

My favorite film directors

  1. Alfred Hitchcock
  2. The Coen Brothers
  3. Joss Whedon
  4. Christopher Nolan
  5. Edgar Wright

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