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A young female troper, new to this site, who is a fan of Kingdom Hearts, Vocaloid, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Tropes that apply to Monkeyheroine

  • Berserk Button: Ignorance, sexism ,racism and being insulted for having few friends
    • Also do not ever blame a rape victim for his/her rape, especially if the victim in question was underage. You'll be lucky if you just get away with a punch in the face.
  • Kuu Dere: In real life to a small degree. Im not really cold, just withdrawn. Once you get to know me Im very warm and friendly

Things that Monkeyheroine likes

Things that Monkeyheroine dislikes

  • Willful ignorance
  • Exessive Patriotism/ Eagle Land : it's okay to like your country but jesus no need to be an obnoxious jackass and act as if your country is a land of milk and honey.
  • Victim blamers: I hate these people soo much epsecially when they blame rape ictims for being raped.
  • Hatedoms/ hatedumbs Particularly the Twilight and Justin Bieber hatedoms. I mean geeze we get it , we know you don't like it. No need to bring it up every five minutes and act as if the work or it's creator killed your parents and burned down your house. Sheesh from the way people speak of stephanie meyer and justin bieber you'd they were Complete Monsters who went around torturing and killing people for no reason.
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  • Moral Guardians and Self righteous people in general.


I vandalize your page with Dubstep. - Physical Stamina

I also vandalise your page. With a question, was that a deliberate reference to James I of England (in reaction to England after coming down from Scotland) there with the Eagle Land explanation? -Tropers/Olivetree


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