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Describe Miru here.

Miru actually can refer to two different tropers.

Definition One:


Miru is just another person on the internet, also going by the handle Miruvix. Loves manga of the violent, dystopian, action-oriented sort and tends to lurk around the pages of those series. Currently hovering around the page for Deadman Wonderland with a frightening passion. Also wrote the page for Dorohedoro, and will probably eventually make it huge.


Generally flits around leaving small edits on a variety of subjects.

Korean. College student. Bokukko. Serial Tweaker.

Definition Two:

"Hugs Rouge plushie note  and sings a lullaby to it"

My You Tube channel is here Deviant Art page here Neopets page here.

I care about Blaze The Cat more than I do any real person (except Jesus and God above)



  • Merlina- She's so dumb and annoying.
  • Silver- You know why.
  • Omochao- Stop talking about the D-Pad!
  • Yacker's Mom- Oh, great, a mother to a one-off character. And she's the demon-monster too.
  • Recolor Sonics from Dimensions: They're uneeded. Why waste time?


  • Eggman/Shade: Shade hasn't learned that Eggman is bad, and she can easily turn to his side. Also, In AOSTH, Eggman really wants a wife.
  • Knuckles/Rouge: DUH!
  • Shadow/Tikal: They're both immortal, and Tikal is very much like Maria Robotnik, Shadow's sister.
  • Sonic/Blaze: They're just made for eachother
  • Tails/Cream: AWW!
  • Silver/Blaze: I think there's two Blazes.
  • Big/Froggy: The only person Big interacts with on a regular basis.
  • Storm/Amy: Pair the spares
  • Jet/Wave
  • Omega/Toaster
  • Vector/Vannila




  • 5 Sonics, three Toy Network and two Jazwares
  • 2 Tails, by Toy Network
  • 2 Amys, by Toy Network
  • 2 Knuckles, one modern (by Toy Network) and one classic (by Great Eastern)
  • 2 Shadows
  • 1 Cream'
  • 1 Silver Sonic


  • A lot of Pikachus
  • Pachirisu
  • Pichu
  • Chimchar

Smash Bros mains

  • Zelda

Californian. 8th Grader. Lickspittle. And Call Him "George"!.

My Theme Song ([[supersecretspoiler:"]]parody[[supersecretspoiler:"]] of Still Alive)

This was a triumph

I'm making a fan-fic

Huge WAFFness

It's hard to overstate my obsession

Rouge the Bat

She melts my heart, because she can

And so I worry about her

Even if nobody cares

But there's no sense crying over every medal [[supersecretspoiler: -PLEASE NOTE]]

She will soon be raising and kicking some ass

And I will tell you all

And I'll do it in this thread,

because it will always stay alive

I'm not even angry

I'm so clueless right now

Even though you all made fun of me.

And called me a creeper.

And locked my epic RP thread.

In the credits she broke my heart

Now I must hug every plush!

And this lines of words make a beautiful fic

And it will be out very soon in the net

For your reading pleasure

A complex story of love

Between an echidna and a bat!

Go ahead and mock me

It's not like I do really care

Maybe I could find me a new waifu.

Maybe Amy Rose.

That was a joke, HA HA. She's a bitch.

Anyway, Rouge is great, she's so sexy and stuff.

Look at me still posting when there's writing to do

Should I make a happy end or killing them off?

When I finish my fic, I will post it here

Because this thread will be still alive

And believe me it will be still alive.

You will be raging while it's still alive

Rouge is FANTASTIC and it's still alive.

Mortal Kombat 9 for Wii is still alive.

Darker and Edgier is still alive.

Still alive STILL ALIVE [[supersecretspoiler: None of the words even rhyme.]]

[[supersecretspoiler: Shit, this was my man Libre's work? I'm sorry, dude. I confused this for another horrendous Miru thing.]]

Characters who crossed the Moral Event Horizon in my opinion

Friend codes:

Pokemon Black Version: 4214 3838 0985

Everytime I was Flanderized


Mr. W: -slasher smile- Does anyone want to look at my Rouge porn collection?


=New Video=

<iframe title="You Tube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

=Berserk Button index=

  • Saying Knuckles is the Last of His Kind
  • Saying Sonic and Blaze do not go together

Characters Who Are Dead To Me

  • Chip: for fairness sakes, because of Tikal
  • Chaos: Per Chip

Fanfics I have written

Hey a group of bronies told me to make out with you for some reason. ~ Gaz Bev Moo

VANDALIZED BABY. —Wanderer of the Wastes

The faeries made me do it - StolenByFaeries

Single-Issue Wonk - slight obsession, is that right? ~ Noaqiyeum

I'm going not-I'm not going on-I'm not yet-I'm not going to sing any Rucka. The hell I'm not going to sing any Ruck- Get out of the room. Quick. —Snicklin

SLIGHT obsession?- Mr W confuse me. - Compassionate Sadist

.... I may have become desensitized to much of the insane stuff on the net, but there are things even I can't quite grasp. - Icarael

You know what? Yep. -El

-is laughing at ALL of the above comments- -Belial

That's why you hate Ty? Seriously, that's rather childish. -Komodin

  • He killed frikin Sonic! If it were Rouge, it would be much worse.
  • That was a parody, you nitwit.

VANDAL'd! "Ow! My bad roleplay!"- Test Your Might

Hey, why don't you just lock this page? -ROTHY

One of them. That makes complete sense. —Miru

The faeries have now vandalized your page(s). They too like the Rouge and Knuckles pairing. - StolenByFaeries

Miru is the biggest goddamn troll of all time and all of you are fooled by it.

  • And we love him for it. -ROTHY
    • No we don't. It's possible miru is just a teensy bit insane. I mean I like some of those pairings, but really. I don't feel the need to post about it everywhere I go. It gets annoying after a while. Oh, and reason for hating Silver? Blame SEGA, not him. -Katana Cat

  • NINJA TIME ~Dhana Ragnarok

  • You confuse and frighten me. Nick The Swing

  • Miru, please get help. ~ Game Spazzer

  • You are an odd one, but hey, you could be much worse. ~Blake Diamond

  • Miru #A, I am terribly sorry that you two are conjoined. Miru #B... Ehhh... Please seriously consider what Spazzer said up there. -A Concerned Citizen

  • Two Things. One: What Spazzer said. And two: How can anyone hate Silver?! - Tropers/vgm2


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