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(there seems to be an trend towards Unwanted Harem comedies, Tear Jerker love stories and romantic Unwanted Harem stories here...)

Has come to realize that Tanaka Yutaka is his favorite mangaka, and my favorite story from him is My Lovely Ghost Kana - one of the most beautiful and moving love stories ever written in any medium. I am on a crusade to make every single manga fan read it, because you should. I want the opportunity to meet Tanaka-san to say only, "thank you for writing this story."

has serious issues regarding Kurumu (really serious...)


This is where other tropers post their hi's and hello's.

Nitramy here. Love your work on My Lovely Ghost Kana. Hope you don't mind me adapting your description of that series to Ai-Ren.

l: thank you! And of course crib anything you want. Ai-Ren is another wonderful story from Tanaka-san.