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I don't know, do you?
Describe Lamoxlamae here? OK...!

Hey, all! Troper since 2007 and TOW refugee over here just having fun, reading to get ideas for my writing, and doing little revamps here and here. Not much to say about that here as I'm not the kind to brag, but I post now and then and try hard to make helpful and interesting edits. Of the Troper Types I'm usually a Feng Shui Master or a Midwife.

I tend to like some of the more obscure stuff, some of which people may pan at first. A few favorites I have spotted here in this wiki include Dagon, Power Gig, Ultraviolet, Blood, and Oglaf. I'm also a believer in supporting the little guys when you can and in diamonds in the rough. After all, nobody thought a little game called Guitar Hero would take off when it came out!

When it comes to music, I'm more about sound than bands, though I do like some of The Doors, Kansas, and Type O Negative. I'm also a Nightmare Fetishist, horror film fan, and a bit of an art nerd.


Have fun and keep on Truckin!

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