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A troper who likes anime, cartoons, hockey, maps, stockings... err, wait, where was I?

He's the guy who came up with the explanation for the Muffin Button after episode 30 of Dragon Ball Z Abridged premiered. (NERRRRRRRRD!) He also has a crappy Sprite Comic that's so obscure, it hasn't even appeared on TV Tropes yet - and he's too lazy and modest to do it himself, so he won't even bother linking it.


He might be known as Rob in a few places, including Real Life, though at work he prefers Robert. But not "Bob". Never "Bob". Where there might be more than one Rob on a particular site, he might be known as Rob S. Or he might be known as kyojikasshu, shegomaniac, Wasponynator, or @rds9674. Once upon a time he went by rainydayman2knote .

So, yeah... that's about it for now.


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