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An Australian university student.

Some thoughts:

Metatropes are a sort of trope. Which ones can be done to each other? Playing streight cannot be lampshaded or exaggerated. Many of them cannot be inverted, which is the same as with many other tropes. Lampshading cannot be subverted.

A The Faceless who simultaneously undergoes Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Samus Is a Girl and Luke, I Am Your Father would probably also be an Action Mum.


I would like to see a Darker and Edgier Deconstruction which was not very Dark or Edgy, just moreso than the very light original.

As a resident of inner Melbourne, I've grown up with the assumption that retributive justice is not intrinsically good. Also, my brother has provided an argument to support this position:

Assume that if a hypothetical world were possible such that: A being with all non-moral knowledge and understanding of moral standard X, but no other moral knowledge, could not possibly distinguish right from wrong by applying moral standard X, moral standard X is not a complete and good moral framework.

Imagine a world where sentient beings consist of two species of equal population. Members of each species act with complete kindness to all other members of their species. But they treat the other species with (depending on the standard of the standard being disputed) complete disregard of any possible rights or sadistic malice.


If rights depend on virtue, one species is in the wrong and the other in the right. How can one tell which is which?

So, anyway, when I find people on the internet assuming without supporting argument that retributave justice is intrinsically good, I'm a bit bothered. That happens a lot on this site.

It also really bothers me when people talk about a "particularly wallbanging example" of a trope I normally like. It's happened, though I forget where.

A thought about cannon: any work is part of some cannon. A fanfic might not be cannon for the work it's a fanfic of, but it's cannon for the fanfic it'sself.

In a lot of stories with magic (for example Gunnerkrigg Court and Earthsea), it isn't just a way of destroying things and may not even be good for destroying things. So why do some people on this wiki talk as though magic=ability to throw fireballs?


Perhaps relatedly: I'm not all that interested in weapons technology or military tactics. I understand some people care about those things, but personally I won't mind (or know) how much a story messes it up.

Some of the media I like:


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    Chronicles Of Narnia 



  • I enjoy mythology as fiction.

TV shows:


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Regarding the colors of morality, I think reality is Black White and Grey, with conflicts of all combinations. I like stories with conflicts of any colour, but there should be at least some characters who are grey or white.


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