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Jseblan (Also known as Jse, and Metal Jesus) is a 23 years old French-Canadian troper who likes to lurk and be awesome. He will mostly be present on the forum games and Yack fest. He likes video games, anime and manga, thrillers, horror novels (not movies), absurd and non-sequitur humor and describing himself at the 3rd person. Also, otters, puppies and everything cute and adorable. Also Slender Man. He also writes stuff sometimes. Mostly fantasy, cosmic horror stories and Mind Screw he doesn't even understand himself.


I don't often work on trope pages but when I do, it'll probably just be some grammar correction or adding video-game examples. If you want some small corrections to do on a text, I might be able to help. I can also help if you need help with French stuff.

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... And other's. Feel free to add whatever you think is right!

     Stuff I currently play, watch, read or listen to : 

Stuff I play :

Nintendo DS:




Stuff I watch:


TV show:

Stuff I read:


Not many book are read these days. I'm currently into Sailing To Sarantium by Guy Gavriel Kay and two books by Stephen King: Duma Key and After The Sunset.


Stuff I listen to:


    Vandalism. I know you want to. You do want to, right? Please leave a comment I'm so lonely nooooo don't go awaaayyy­­.... 
Ahoy hoy! - A friend.

Listen all 'yall, it's sabotage! French canadians are, in fact, the greatest people. —goodtimesfreegrog

  • Damn right they are.

Your avatar displays a reasonable amount of contempt. Thumbs up, guy. —Shlapintogan

Even if you aren't always first, you will always be awesome. Let that carry you on in life, my man! —Yarou

I've come here to edit all the redlinked tropers! And also to say that your sense of humor on the forum is low-key yet indistinguishable. Leradny

Your emoticon is wonderful. ¦:| —a vandal

Jseblan is a pretty cool guy eh —LORd

  • eh.

  • wave* Hi Jsey! I only made my page funny in case someone read it. :> Thank you for reading.-Tofu

Suddenly sgrunt. Hi jlesbian!

And then there were faeries.


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