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Not much to say here - I'm male, 30, from Germany. When you find me in the forums, I'll be likely hanging out in Special Efforts, helping with some clean-up. I also lurk and occasionally post in TRS, IP, Content Violations and Wiki Talk, and follow some of the threads in the Anime/Manga, Literature and Visual Novel forums.

Clean-ups I have participated in:

  • Lolicon/Shotacon (finished). I plan to take Shotacon to TRS to bring it in line with Lolicon.
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  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent (abandoned).
  • P5 cleanup (ongoing)

Pages I'm curating:

  • Bakemonogatari + subpages (there used to be some really creepy natter there)

Works I wholeheartedly recommend:





  • The Beatles: Favorite albums: More or less everything from Revolver onwards
  • Queen: I don't care much about Hot Space, but the rest is pretty good
  • Kamerakino: A funnily weird band from Munich.


  • House: One of the few TV series I actually followed, although I lost interest during the 5th season. Seasons 1-4 are definitely worth watching, though.
  • Sherlock: I have only seen some episodes, but I will rectify that soon :)

Visual Novels:

More to come.



  • You needed some. So, hello, Daddy! How are you~? ~Inhopelessguy
    • Pretty good. Thanks for asking, sonny.

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