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Once and future troper.

Sucked in by the Community page and quickly addicted to everything. Tries to stay relaxed but gets agitated by overly tightly wound folks (and policies). Mild Serial Tweaker. Hopefully-reformed Not A Subversion perpetrator. Tries to keep Wall of Text tendencies in check. Definite Splitter.

I sometimes enjoy nitpicking, confusing friends (and enemies) into thinking I dislike works I love. Not true! It's just that "that was sooooo great" makes a boring conversation.


I generally enjoy reading TV Tropes and have tried to add valuable content in the past. These days, less so. Mainly, I wish it had better tools. Other partly, its usage as an outlet for fanboy/girlism has never gone away and always seems to make itself known before too long. Other other partly, while the massive troper count is impressive, any individual work is unlikely to have that many contributors, which means if someone with a lot of time on their hands declares themselves emperor of the page, it's easier to go work on another wiki than bother with the inevitable edit war/endless debates.

My latest beef (which may be quite old to you youngsters) is the move to genericize everything with bland trope titles. I liked the old, referential titles, which entertained if you knew the source and introduced you to new work if you didn't. People can't find it that easily from google? Too goddamn bad! Explore a little bit!


And, I have never edited or even spent much time reading any porn entries, so I mention this only because I just chanced upon the explanation for 5P, but it's a little whack that ALL pornography references had to go, when some works in that genre seemed to have Troperiffic merit. Blanket policies are generally bad. Also, banning porn and child exploitation shit in the same policy is REALLY messed up. You know how many pages are about genocide, universal destruction, murder, torture and gore? Yet porn is as banworthy as pedophilia? This seems like more misguided bullshit to satisfy someone else's twisted moral code to not feel "too weird and scary" for newcomers. Like I said, I don't think I've actually come across more than a couple porn articles anyway; this policy just feels representative of the personality-less priorities of Modern TV Tropes.


So...still a fun site, but I shall remain a merely sporadic troper for the foreseeable future.


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