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Hamish Newcombe, amateur writer of novels, scripts and other stuff, philosopher, film enthusiast, introvert and filmmaker, has been a troper since the 12th of March, 2017. He holds strongly to the belief that the second time one watches a film is a better and more worthwhile experience than the first.

He is responsible for starting the TV Tropes page on British Indie Rock band Wolf Alice, as well as the page on cult filmmaker Tommy Wiseau. He also provided the trope image for Careful with That Axe.


Personally, his writing projects include Lukewarm Tea, a collection of both unreleased and new writings; The Procession Of Getting Older, his yet-to-be-finished debut novel, and Don't Go Outside, a screenplay which is essentially a Western set in an urban landscape in 1977.

His film projects include A Pen With No Ink (For The Lack Of A Better Title) in 2016, followed by Bludgeon (a collaboration between him and a few of his school friends), and Retribution, which is essentially Disproportionate Retribution: The Movie. He was the Year 10 Dux Of Media at his high school in 2017... not that he's one to brag about such achievements.

His hobbies involve reading classic literature (His personal favourite, as of 31/10/2018, is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), and collecting vinyl records. (his personal favourite is The Velvet Underground & Nico, whilst his most prized possession is an original 1978 pressing of War of the Worlds). His guilty pleasure is Pimp My Ride, because he just loves how the show is such a product of its time, among other reasons.


He can be found on film review website Letterboxd under the name "Ebmocwen Hsimah" (Space added not to fool the server into thinking it's an article.)

Upcoming projects that he is working on include his third and final solo short film Backhand, an underdog story revolving around table tennis, and Dunville & Jenkins, an animated series involving two English detectives tasked with dealing with an alien infestation of the moon in mid-1969.


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