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Hank smoking from King of the Hill, a common avatar I like to use. No, I'm not a smoker and I disagree with a lot of Hank's beliefs, I just think his facial expression here is funnynote 

Do note that this is outdated in some spots. Reading this would probably leave a worse impression about me than the already, but at least rightfully, bad-impression that reading something newer that I post will be. I only usually come here now if I made a page, and to put that page on one of my lists. And even that's rare. I've lately been SLOWLY trying to fix this up but... it's going to take a while.

Infinite Ideas, Zero Good.note 

General info:

It's "great" as in "huge," by the way. Yes, I'm a huge Pikmin fan. Still awaiting the legendary Pikmin 4. And it's three seperate words, each capitalized. Great Pikmin Fan. The reason why it may show up in lower case is because I didn't know how Wiki Words really worked when I signed up and started typing in my username.


Gender: Male.

Location: United States. That is all I'll say.


Age: 26, and I'm kind of a manchild.

Favorite stuff: See below.

Backstory: You know how sometimes when someone takes a photo they might see some kind of hidden half-face or shadowy image or ghost or whatever? That's me.

Strength: Saying a lot of words about stuff nobody cares about.

One of Many Weaknesses: Saying a lot of words about myself. (Saying a lot of words about the stuff I write on the other hand is another story.)

Summary (a lot more serious of one):

Even though my user name is Great Pikmin Fan, I care more about/prefer other worksnote . The name, which I got from "Great Aether" (blame Super Smash Bros.), just stuck, so to avoid confusion I use this name.


Also be sure to check out my fan page.

Since December of 2014 I also get original fiction out on the web instead of just fan fiction. No, I am still not planning on writing a book to be published. If I did, I'd just write terrible and generic wish fulfilly crap because I'm sure that would actually sell better than anything I would actually enjoy writing. Even if this completely theoretical paper-(or e-book now, I guess)publishing were to get a hatedom, as long as it's something where a profit comes out of it regardless I'll still see it as a victory. But I'm getting sidetracked. The whole point of this paragraph is, in addition to a, I have a Fictionpress account, here.

I'm planning on giving myself this alternate username, mostly for original works. I might go by "NeedsMoreDeepWater" over on Fictionpress or something.

Work pages this troper made:

In rough chronological order. After EENE TME, things start getting clearer. Unpublished Works are in their own list.

Everything prior to Wings of Vi, with William Country and Saving Private Edwards being the exceptions, was in the "Main" namespace at first. (And... my idea of making the whole Darth counterpart to Powerup Comics and Nightmare Doors. Dang it, people were doing Eversion-like pages all the time so it seemed like a good idea back then... I really regret it now and I even kind of regret making some of the pages on the more obscure things for a stupid reason I don't know about.)

  1. Squirrel Boy
  2. Powerup Comics (and the Darth page)
  3. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
  4. Ffx Runner
  5. Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures
  6. William Country
  7. Nightmare Doors
  8. The Kersal Massive
  9. Saving Private Edwards — first in the Talking With Jon name space.
  10. Epic Battle Fantasy
  11. Grand Theft Auto Escanaba
  12. Grand Theft Auto Nick Series
  13. Wings of Vi [The first time I used the current namespacing system for making pages]
  14. This Aventure Is My Very Own Intillectual Property


  • I made a page for Half Life Full Life Consequences in the Main/ namespace sometime between FFX Runner and Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis Edventures, but when I looked at the Fan Fic namespace, it seemed as though it had already been worked on for quite a while. Plus, the original page I made was just a one liner. Anyway, I'm not really sure if you could say I made it.
  • A similar case can be made for Amorphous +. I made the page in a ptitle name, but someone else made a page without the ptitle name. It was made between Nightmare Doors and the Kersal Massive.

Favorite stuff:

Gonna re-work this one a bit. It was really, really old before.

Trope pages for my fan fiction and original works:

Unless stated otherwise, I made all these pages myself. These are listed in order of the page's creation.

Tropes that apply to my works:

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    List of Total Works 

Published (Up to 2017; this is horribly outdated):


  • Zenith Nymph Series:
    • Romancing the Last Dryad (the actual "main" story)

    General Tropes 

  • Anyone Can Die: Except for the harem stories, although there are plenty of those, most works of mine have a pretty high mortality rate. It's usually either this or Nobody Can Die, with very little in-between.
  • Author Phobia: Insects, spiders and the like creep me out so I tend to use them for "horror" things a lot. One instance is one of the Demonic Beasts of Joy+Roy just resembling a gigantic mass of insect legs linked together to something shaped like a carpet that moves somewhat like a snake.
  • Black-and-Gray Morality: It's usually either this or White and Gray Morality — but more often this. Definitely evil villains, but selfish jerkass heroes with a Token Good Teammate or two.
    • Hexadecisland's introduction is this, before shifting in to more of a White and Gray Morality or Gray-and-Grey Morality. Terrance at first seems like a completely sympathetic, poor and abused soul, but that's mostly because he has the complete asshole Charles compared to him. Once he's on his own and with Aaphsla, his jerk qualities come up, most notably his willingness to abandon the other fairies on the island even after seeing the mysterious white light from the machine at the top, raising suspicion; to the point where he fights with Aaphsla over returning. Aaphsla herself is cold and distant, not exactly hero material herself. Yet again, they both have sympathetic qualities, while Charles has none. And the most sympathetic thing about his minions is that he mistreats them, but they still mistreat others, so it's not like the story is going out of its way to try to give them pity.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Almost all of my original works have this with varrying degrees of subtelty and how far they fall under a "pattern." Blessed, Unfortunately is one of the more subtle ones since the main characters do not form a "perfect rainbow" to being with. (Carlson: silver; Karen: jade green; Unitia Two: pink; Stella: green and/or black; Eldbrash: blue.)
  • Color-Coded Elements: Fire is always red, water always blue, and thanks to Pikmin I have kind of made a "promise" to have electricity and poison always be yellow and magenta. (Although I came up with orange for earth before Pikmin 3, so by grandfather clause and whatnot, Pikmin 3's "earth" is a sort of exception to that rule, it usually won't be gray. Plus I don't like putting neutral colors in these sort of color-element systems unless it's a "special" sort of element.) Most of the rest of them have full rainbows that go much harder on the associated color schemes akin to Homestuck.
  • Color Contrast: Plenty.
    • Blue and yellow contrasts tend to pop up a lot, or be involved with a lot of significance:
      • In Run: .GIFocalypse, the deans are eventually sorted in to "foil pairs." The yellow and blue deans, Kathody and Searah, are such pairs, fought early on and having a big contrast in personalities. They are also the only foil pairs who are completely on opposites of the color spectrumnote . .GIFocalypse in general never puts two deans with adjacent colors on the color wheel next to one-another (Sandy and Cardia, and Natalie and Shannon, being the closest exceptions: orange and rose, spring green and chartreuse, but even then they have an entire color in-between them), for more of a "color pop" effect. Especially the visual of a given dean, surrounded by the metal structures of her color, holding a key card that "pops" against it. Green/yellow/blue/orange/rose/cyan/violet/azure/magenta/spring green/chartreuse/red/white/black/pink.
      • [Shoot I can put some of this on Joy+Roy's page right now] Joy+Roy has plenty of these. Roy himself is associated with the color yellow, and the human associated with blue, Ashley, was his longest and closest of his three friends, plus they are large foils in terms of being introverted or extroverted, loud or calm. Roy also has a foil in Roxy, who is associated with cobalt, and is essentially a version of him without any redeeming traits. Then there is the matter of the Gold/Cobalt-Class of angels, the only two-colored class of angels or demons, using variants of yellow and blue. It's also a special rare class and the class of the Big Bad. [This is the new stuff that can't yet, and it's kinda breaking my "only go up to just before the Season 1 finale" rule, but whatever:] The Yellow Squad Captain and Blue Squad Captains of the Syulk Legion are released "back-to-back" counting just the "main" demons in Seasons 2 and 3 respectively, and while the Blue and Yellow Captains of the Kabus Legion are not (the Cyan Captain is released in-between them, in Season 5; Blue is out in Season 4 and Yellow in Season 6), in both stories the Blue-Class and Yellow-Class angels are fought back-to-back. Both blue/yellow pairs of demons (not their respective angels however) are also fairly close to one-another. The first two of Lesuif's followers to be released are the one with a very dark blue color scheme and very dark yellow color scheme.
      • The "full" blue and yellow fairies of Hexadecisland, respectively Aaphsla and Zzatta, are the first two with their own sort of chapters. They also bookend the Town of Light Arc — while Zzatta's chapter is technically the second, the showdown happens at the final chapter of the arc, while the first chapter of the arc is entirely about Aaphsla without any of the other fairies being introduced. They also become... "close friends" of sorts, if being rather hostile to one-another at first. Unlike their Joy+Roy counterparts, where Ashley and Mindy (blue/green) were a couple while Roy and Evelin (yellow/red) was the "other pair" that was also "close" so to speak, here the main four fairies are paired off blue/yellow and red/green.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Mostly pops up in my fanworks, especially the less-serious ones, but it's common that the presented "Big Bad" isn't actually one and there's at least one other villain behind them. My Fictionpress works aren't as liberal with this; usually the Big Bad presented there stays the Big Bad for the whole story. So, an indirect confirmation right now that Etabed and Pumpkin, the Blood King, and the Eighth Circle are in fact the main villains of their respective stories, and there will not be anyone "after" them that takes up a second half of the story.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: I don't think there's a single original work of mine yet that does not qualify under this. I tend to have huge groups of "main" characters — the smallest being Intriguing Group at a band of six, and several have gangs of around twelve people in them. The recurring cast is also very high — if a character has a name, typically the main reason why they would not show up in more than one chapter is because they die.
  • Mutually Fictional: It's a running gag that my Fictionpress stories have just about all of my other stories (even ones that aren't out or thought of at the time of a given chapter publish are, and they simply aren't mentioned until future chapters when they are) existing in-universe, usually in the form of professionally-published comic books that got animated adaptations. Unviewable is typically one of the few not made by my Author Avatar, and instead a different in-universe creator/company, and as such in-universe Unviewable is closer to the sort of thing the actual Unviewable mocks. As for the problems of characters reading chapters mentioning their own story as existing, those chapters/parts/etc are simply different for the version of the story in their universe, possibly even mentioning a different story "of mine" that I don't/won't actually do.
  • Our Monsters Are Weird: My original works tend to have very bizarre monster designs. Even in my fanworks, this pops up, such as some of the odder things in the Terrariaverse.
  • Production Foreshadowing: All of my Fictionpress stories starting from Ordinarily United have some kind of "cameo" or mention of the one that will be published afternote . This started out as a sort of accident, the first one was "just" supposed to be a regular "cameo," but then I rolled with it and made it a trend.
    • One early chapter of Ordinarily United has Carlson reading a sort of Unviewable light novel.
    • In Unviewable, the first chapter was editted shortly before the start of Joy+Roy to include a cameo of a highschool-aged character who resembles Roy. He only gets a brief, passing mention.
    • -Roy has the most direct one since its "following" story is set in the same universe: Seal 6 ends with a preview, showing a pencil of Roy's end up in the Perpendicular World and being picked up by Joy. While -Roy and Joy| are written so that they could be read in whichever order the reader choses, even mixing and matching chapters of one and the other, by publishing this is technically Joy's introduction.
    • A chapter of Joy| describes Etinal and Skyther's homes, and it's revealed that Sky's house has, among other things, a figure of a blue fairy character. The narrative draws attention to this because this is Aaphsla of Hexadecisland.
    • [As of this edit this is upcoming, but it won't be pretty soon] The Stinger for Chapter 2 of Hexadecisland involves the "secondary fairies" gathered around. One of them (later revealed to be named Mabzra) has a washed out Living Twice comic book, and the remains of the cover shows Benny's superhero costume, giving a description of it.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: It's easier to list my Reluctant Fanservice Girl and Innocent Fanservice Girl characters. Many of the original stories I write feature whole societies that not only do not care about following a nudity taboo, but they are actively against it. Some characters get offended or downright angry when told to put something on. Even of my fanworks, the general Nymph societies (except the Dryads, and even then barely) and to a lesser extent the .GIFfany Army have been "molded" to be like that.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: I can swear a lot. And plenty of my characters do, Stella of Ordinarily United/Blessed, Unfortunately and Kabus Daygelz of Joy+Roy being the biggest offenders.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Expect more female examples than male examples, both in terms of "going around with a bottom but no shirt or top" and "going around compeltely nude." Ashley of Joy+Roy becomes this late in Season 1 and stays with this being her "default outfit" for the rest of the story, just her jeans with no shirt or other top. The Town of Light's entire "outfit theme" is toplessness, while the Town of Darkness's is bottomlessness (under their cult robes).

    Stuff That's Actually Published 

Total Drama World Tour Rewrite

No, this is an abomination and I'd rather forget about it. NEXT.

[I might do a serious trope list later but that's pretty much after I consider the "cleaning" part done.]

Movie Day

  • Minimalist Cast: [Okay this borders on covering the new chapters but... meh.] Subverted. Most of the fanfic's first chapter appears to follow by show's rules of using only the twelve cul-de-sac kids. The very end of the first chapter introduces two new characters, and then subsequent chapters have even more, gradually "moving away" from the canon show's themes as the characters literally move away from their original home.
  • Patchwork Map: The environments that the cul-de-sac kids go through are pretty bizarre and, okay I'm troping for future chapters just for here, they'll get weirder and more oddly-fitting the further the story goes along. Of note are two mountains, one covered in ice and one covered in lava, that are right next to each other.
  • Tamer and Chaster: One of the few Great Pikmin Fan/NeedsMoreDeepWater stories out there with no fanservice whatsoever, having a rating lower than "T" and a fairly innoffensive story.

Simpsons Meet Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

  • Bait-and-Switch: It starts out as a simple crossover. It then turns in to something of a Lovecraft Lite story about slaying monsters and saving the world.
  • Battle in the Rain: The final showdown between Brandy and Mr. Whiskers happens out in a rainstorm out in the middle of the ocean.
  • Crack Fic: Invoked. Fan had the idea when he was young, and decided years later to finally try to realize it in a semi-coherant story. Plenty of story details make no sense as a result, since it was an idea he had a long time ago, but much more was written so that it wouldn't be too difficult to follow.
  • Evil All Along: Mr. Whiskers himself. He actually turns out to be a soul-stealing dark entity that was "sealed" up until now.
  • Patchwork Map: There's a vast canyon/desert area in between the Amazon Rainforest proper and the Atlantic Ocean. To say nothing of Darktown, a bizarre artificial city made of darkness.
  • Wham Episode: The second chapter drops the bomb that Whiskers was actually a soul-sucking monster the whole time. This suddenly shifts from the combined group trying to leave the Amazon to them preventing him from regaining his full power and taking over the world.

Nymphlopedia[/Might as well be the ZN-verse as a whole. I mean Dual Nymphs, the subject of the only example so far, will play quite a bit of a role in RTLD.]

Since hopefully this whole thing will be blown through in a month, I might as well just put "unpublished" chapters out too since they'll be done and out in some weeks anyway. Again, hopefully.

  • Fictional Colour: Discussed and treated more realistically than how the trope is usually handled. Dual Nymphs are associated with a "blueish-yellow" and to a lesser degree, other colors formed from merging together opposite pairs (blue/yellow is just the only one that is an "impossible" color with no normal response, the others are more complicated, since red/green — the other pair — is not included). However, by default they are half-blue, half-yellow, split down the middle. They can appear to the human eye to be a bright blue/yellow, but this is just essentially a mind trick they play on the people watching in person, cameras and the like will see blue and yellow light mixed together — so, white. Tania's comments on their chapter specifically talk about how one can simulate blue/yellow without having to meet a Dual Nymph in public (which is impossible in real life for the obvious reason being that they don't exist), and mentions a specific real life eye-crossing test that can be done with a blue square and a yellow square.

    Unpublished Chapters of Stuff That's Out 

[This is mostly just me drafting trope entries to put on here for when the actual chapters come out.]

[Also, I'm gonna avoid any heavy spoilers here. But if you're actually curious, and if you get lucky, I might just spitball some of the heavy spoilers on Wiki Sandbox, and they may or may not be true, either through me changing my plans or that I'm just being deliberately misleading.]


[Because there's so little of this now, I'm also including the current chapters. It's easier this way. "Heavy spoiler example:" There's some serious stuff from the end of Chapter 4 onwards. But only SOME of it. I MIGHT put details from the end of Chapter 4 or from Chapters 5 and 6 on here later, even before Chapter 3 is out...]

[Also I started a trope page proper for this, which is now pretty much done. Might not actually post it until Chapter 3 is out, but hopefully that should be soon... maybe in September?]

  • Deconstructed Character Archetype:
    • Taro is a deconstruction of the Meta Guy. His obsession over thinking in tropes and assuming that he knows how something will play out only to be proven wrong is one of his biggest character flaws, and rather than being seen as a guy who can practically predict the future due to being aware of the story he's in, he comes off as more of a nut that cannot tell fiction from reality. Especially since, again, his predictions based on genre often turn out to be wrong.


["Heavy spoiler" example: As of now anything in the Season 1 finales and beyond are off-limits. So for now this secton'll just be Seals 10 and 11, and Totems 7 through 11. I'll post tropes about some events in the Season 1 finales once Seal and Totem 11 are done, likely beginning the "finale hiatus" where I put one of them (likely -Roy it was always and still is ahead) on hold until the other is caught up.]

  • Calvinball:
    • "Professional Metal Detection" in Joy| is just odd. At a glance it looks like four teams go about using magic-enhanced metal detectors to find a given machine tied to the game, but this machine is hostile, foul-mouthed, and fights the combatants. There are also several complex rules, which are not followed at all, and matches tend to just devolve in to chaos and the teams beating the shit out of each other. And their own teammates. Despite this having no advantage. Nightfirma likes the sport when it's played by the established rules, but usually on a professional level the rules are not in place,
  • Chekhov's Gunman:
    • -Roy opens up showing a shirtless wreck of a man casting a spell, later revealed to be him sealing the Kabus Legion out of him and in to a sword made from an angel bone in to a tree. In Seal 10, we actually see the story behind this man, and how the White Squad drove him insane after he abused his power.
    • Ron, Ermit, and Marjorie seem like throwaway/side characters before they turn out to each get involved with the story; Marjorie was actually in on the whole angel/demon thing the entire time and winds up roping Ermit in to it, while Ron starts stalking the group and finds out about Vioslant and the Order of Chaos by himself, acting as a third party.
  • Hate Sink: [In addition to Insa and Hyumultahs, who are already on there. This is mostly just about the Perpendicular side. Actually shoot I might as well put this one on the page since this is covering stuff that has been published.] The Dackhark Couple is too affable to really hate, and they genuinely love one-another, as much as they comit terrible actions. Subipian is an outright reluctant Anti-Villain and a huge pushover, so it's difficult to hate him. The last major villain, Joxy, on the other hand, is an outright asshole. Amost every scene she's in has her creeping out somebody or trying to intimidate them in to doing something. And she sexually harasses others, which is played seriously rather than written off as a loveable character quirk.
  • Take That!: [In addition to what's already on there...]
    • The final part of Daygelz's backstory in Seal 10, the portion the chapter is indirectly named after (it's actually named after the freed captain summing the part up), is a dig at the exact kind of "harem comedy" that Joy+Roy is not. A more typical "otaku loser protagonist" who assumes that the demons would be "harmless" and "adorable" and that they're Innocent Fanservice Girls that he can simply teach shame to. Unfortunately for him, Daygelz knows well more than enough about human society and is pissed off at them and very much want to be naked rather than simply not knowing any better, and his various attempts to rope her in to slice-of-life plots do not work well. He tries to abuse the Command Spell to get Daygelz to put on a maid costume. Rather than even slightly being amused by it, Daygelz get pissed off beyond imagination and psychologically torments him until he goes insane.
  • Whole Episode Flashback: Seal 10 is almost entirely centered around Daygelz telling the humans her backstory (her life growing up, the Kabus Legion's formation, the aftermath of the fight with Yahweh (the fight with Yahweh itself will be saved for much later), and the White Squad's experience with the man seen from the beginning), then there's a shorter part of Roy telling the demons his backstory (growing up in Texas, the gang moving to New York, how Roy met the other three main humans, and a bit of Roxy's toxic influence on his life). Seal 10 itself is released in-between the two backstories and the demon released simply wants to know about Roy and company's history, and she has the usual power-demonstration and the like, so the chapter still follows the story's formula of introducing a demon squad and having them factor in to the chapter's story somewhat.


[Just covering te Town of Light Arc overall... mainly because I'm not too sure as to where I want this to go from here.]

  • Aliens Speaking English: The fairies are not aliens, but they are from a completely foreign race to humans, and yet they speak the same language for reasons that are not entirely clear. Somehow, English passed over on to them without humanity as a whole knowing about it.
  • Black-and-Gray Morality: The main conflict of Chapter 1. Terrance and Aaphsla are both jerks, Terrance being a horndog acting generally on selfish reasons and mostly saving the fairies he knows nothing about just for a chance at getting laid with them, while Aaphsla is also self-centered and getting in to petty fights over small things that result in her abandoning everyone. They're both saints compared to Charles and his gang, who are just pure assholes with almost nothing redeemable about them. Following chapters move away from that, as the heroes develop in to better people and their "villains" are less outwardly terrible, turning more in to Gray-and-Grey Morality or White-and-Grey Morality.
  • Dirty Coward: Zzatta by the Town of Light arc. One of the biggest reasons why she's hated, along with her preachyness, is that she purposefully tries to start up fights — usually verbal, but occasionally physical "duels" (that are cusom for fairies, but only for serious major political disagreements, not "bar fights" closer to how Zzatta does them) only to immediately play victim and try to get herself out of any battle through any dirty trick. She is a downplayed example in that she will fight if she's absolutely out of any options, and can put up a decent battle herself. She just doesn't like getting in to battles despite being very quick to provoke everybody.
  • Expy: By my own admission the Town of Light and Town of Darkness fairies are based on the sixteen main humans of Joy+Roy by color, Team Eve, Team Ris, and the Ninja and Suit Squads. Typically, one major trait is the opposite of their Joy+Roy inspirations. They even have the same associated colors, roughly.
    • Aaphsla is like Ashley, the blue-themed sarcastic and bitter member of the group. Unlike Ashley, who is very social and a good social manipulator, Aaphsla is the loner of the group.
    • Zzatta is like Roy, a yellow-themed know-it-all with a huge ego that loves picking fights, and by the beginning is The Friend Nobody Likes. She drops Roy's Boomerang Bigot qualities and is more of a straight-up asshole at first, and unlike Roy, who gets cowardly when it comes to actual conflict, Zzatta is all-too eager to get up in someone and challenge them to duels. Duels that she full well intends to follow through with.
    • Erimaln is similar to Mindy, in being associated with green, very nature-themed, and spiritual. However, Erimaln is... a bit less patient with the Roy counterpart, Zzatta, than Mindy is with Roy herself. She's also a little more rude overall.
    • Rhuunibi is like Evelin, the red-themed "leader figure" with shades and a cape. Rhuunibi is much less hammy than Eve and recognized as a leader overall, and by more than just a small band of four.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Zzatta is the only Town of Light member hated by everybody else in the region. Her stuck-up, condescending attitude and holier-than-thou behavior towards anyone for the slightest reason proves her to be unpopular to begin with. This is made worse with her habit of trying to start fights but being too cowardly to follow through on most of them properly.
  • Patchwork Map: Sudskin Island's geography is unusual. Most of the surface is a tame tropical island, but it has a towering mountain with a snowy peak above, and down below it has an underground jungle, desert/canyon set, magma field, and much more, all of which are closer than they should be and strangely co-exist. It's implied that these were mostly created artificially. Rhuunibi's office has a map of everything down to the Power Plant, and once Terrance sees it, he immediately catches on to how odd it is.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: As is the norm for a Great Pikmin Fan work, several characters are this; in this case, the island fairies. In fact, when Terrance suggests that Aaphsla puts clothes on, Aaphsla takes offense to this, saying that she dislikes the idea of having to change her entire sense of modesty just to please one person who is, on Sudskin Island, in the minority, that she dislikes shirts and does not want to wear one because of what she thinks is an arbitrary standard.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: The entire Town of Light. They wear seemingly random, almost themeless outfits where the bottoms range from "completely modest pants" to "ridiculous barely-there pieces," but the big thing they have in common is that they are all topless.
  • Warmup Boss: Zzatta is ultimately the Arc Villain of the Town of Light Arc. She gets along with Terrance at first, but midway through she challenges him to a duel and the rest of the arc is about him preparing and trying to prevent it. Since the "fight" with Charles involved a lot of trickery and the like due to his sheer strength over Terrance and Aaphsla, the battle with Zzatta is pretty much Terrance's first actual one-on-one battle, and of course it's one of his easiest.

    Works in Progress and Ideas 

Zenith Nymph Series as a Whole [May split a bit later]

[Names of "important" NPCs/other characters, for context:]

  • Vince: The player character/Terrarian
  • Sonata: The "main" Nymph
  • Tania: Dryad
  • Mollie: Zoologist
  • Madeline: Nurse
  • Lexus: Party Girl
  • Ada: Steampunker
  • Iris: Stylist
  • Trent: Guide
  • Lindsey: Original Character

[I did not specifically pick the NPC names from the possible list for a "best fit" or anything, these are just the names of the most recent respawns in my "Hank Hill world."]

  • Adaptational Skimpiness: It's Hotter and Sexier than Terraria proper by a long shot, so this is just a part of it:
    • In the game canon, the Dryad clearly appears to at least have a top of sorts on, likely made of vines. In the stories Tania will at absolute most wear a small green loincloth (that's still technically a part of her body, grown out of it, based on a comment from Red), and she'll typically just go around in nothing but a vine around each arm or leg. No matter what, she is a female Walking Shirtless Scene, even in joke comics.
    • The stories do this to characters who are already completely naked. Godiva Hair is averted because Fan hates the trope. Nude characters are, at most, given Barbie Doll Anatomy, such as in the "Nymphposting" comics, or just not described in that much "detail," such as in Teaser. Also, rather than "just" being naked as part of averting Monster Modesty and/or in the Nymph's case pretending to be stranded and lost humans, the Lamias, Nymphs, et al are actively against the idea of putting clothes on, even post-Heel–Face Turn. The first full Nymphposting comic shows that Nymphs are more comfortable jumping in to a fire than getting dressed.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot:
    • This is the whole backstory behind the Error biome. It's not really a "biome" even in the sense of the other Evil Biomes, it's more like a place being taken over by a Grey Goo scenario: a bunch of nanomachines that were built with the intention to protect Terraria from the other Evil Biomes instead "evolved" themselves to fend only for themselves, turning on its own creators. The result is a cybernetic hellhole that, while looking like a pleasant futuristic utopia at first, is very much classified as an Evil Biome for a damn good reason instead of being considered a """Good""" Biome like the Hallow and Candyland (which is saying something because those two places are still portrayed as pretty bad in this greater 'verse), being right up there along with the Crimson, Corruption, and so on. It is good at fighting against said other Evil Biomes, which was the biome's original purpose to begin with.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: All Nymphs by default have some kind of unusual skin tone. Oreads can have any color of skin, seen when they transform, but greens, blues, and reds are the most common. Sonata, an Oread/Nymph who is basically "the Nymph enemy from the game," has green skin with patches of dark red that resemble blood.
  • All There in the Manual: Lands of Terraria and [might be merged in the same story to not get super spammy] its Hotter and Sexier cousin The Nymph Guidebook, by a Fellow Nymph both contain details that are not in the main story proper or its various side-stories. [What, exactly, is something I'll decide. For instance I'm not sure if I want to have any of my "new" ten Evil Biomes, or just keep them at the Corruption and Crimson.]
  • Author Appeal: Fan likes slimes and naked "nature"/"elemental" women. It is not that surprising that these two make up the most important "factions," even dwarfing Cthulhu/the Moon Lord: the Slimes have a much, much bigger role than being random monsters, and the Nymphs are very prominant.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Never tell a Nymph to put on clothes. There's a damn good reason why "NYMPHS DO NOT WEAR CLOTHES, PERIOD" is considered their Rule #1note . Only the Dryad(s) can get away with doing this, especially in the present when there is only one of them, and even then the Nymphs have their limits to that.
    • Do not tell a Dryad to strip down, either. They dress as they want, and take special offense to someone just casually telling them to be like the Nymphs. There is serious bad blood between the two races. Even before all but one of the Dryads were wiped out, by a figure that had (if temporarily) allied himself with the Nymphs under disguise.
  • Big Bad: True King Slime and Lindsey both compete with one-another for the spot, constantly at each other's throats. But it's fairly obvious that Lindsey is the one who will come up top, at least in the "main continuity."
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Oread/Nymph/Dryad biology is weird. Just scratching the surface, in the place of organs appears to be messes of vines with eyeballs in them, which is seen in X-Ray Sparks-gags. Sonata confirms that this is not what they "actually look like" and their humanoid appearances are A Form You Are Comfortable With — Vince asks her this outright, and she says that she's lazy enough to just lounge around in her "default form," which is in fact her humanoid look, rather than trying to make herself look appealing outside of trying to lure people.
  • Black-and-Gray Morality:
    • The main characters. Vince and Sonata are definitely assholes and they're more in to getting laid than saving the world, but they'll still save the world and both of them are good at heart. Sonata in particular, however, is still not the sort of person you would ever want to meet, even after she stops outright doing her "bait and switch hide out in a cave to attack people" routine. However, their enemies, the Slime Kingdom and Lindsey's gang, have no redeemable qualities whatsoever.
    • This is the general situation with the Infectuous Biomes. Both the Hallow and Candyland aren't seen as "good," at best they are Well Intention Extremist "biomes," but the others are just outright awful world-destroyers. This is why some "neutrals" have sided with the Hallow and Candyland, because it's the better alternative than the Corruption, Crimson, Error, Mist, Wilds, etc; once there are no "Evil Biomes" in the immediate regtion, the Hallow and Candyland are usually gunned after next.
  • Characterization Marches On: From Teaser:
    • Tania is characterized from her brief appearance as rather cold and distant, almost immediately dismissing Sonata while telling her (rudely and bluntly) to Please Put Some Clothes On. Romacing the Last Dryad effectively retcons her acting like this only under stress.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience:
    • Nymph-related:
    • Evil Biomes: Alright I'm pretty sure that nobody will steal these (and some of these are even slightly inspired by other ideas I think, and others — if not all of them — are coincidentally similar to other ideas anyway so whatever) in the span in-between the edit I put this here and when I publish the little "side fic" that's just a loredump (yes, this is going to have a seperate lore dump story and not .GIFocalypse, Unviewable, or even Joy+Roy. Although some other stuff of mine might. But anyway, yeah, this isn't so much "wow this world is that complicated" as it is "this story is more aware that that's irrelevant fluff and won't grind to a halt to go on exposition," so whatever) so I'll go over my RGB of Evil Biomes here, just the names though: (Also, should I do another set of twelve for the quaternary colors? Hm...)
      • The Error: Pink.
      • The Crimson: Red.
      • The Fury: Orange.
      • The Drought: Yellow.
      • The Plague: Lime.
      • The Nest: Green.
      • The Wilds: Teal.
      • The Cerulean: Cyan.
      • The Sorrow: Sky Blue.
      • The Mist [Might rename this "The Flood?" Mist's the name I have on my current Notepad file though, written a while back]: Blue.
      • The Corruption: Purple.
      • The Wasteland: Violet.
      • The Hallow: Um hang on... Light Blue, Pink but a different sort of pink from the Error... and also on occasion Light Yellow?
      • Candyland: Shades of Tan and Brown; also White and Pink.
  • Color Contrast:
    • Probably some other stuff about Nymphs here too.
    • The Evil Biomes were purposefully planned out so that, if arranged in a color wheel, the ones opposite to each other on the wheel "contrast" in some way.
      • The Error and the Wilds (pink and teal): Cyber-themed and a relatively "new" World Evil versus being themed on wild animals, Gaia's Vengeance, and one of the "older" World Evils.
      • The Crimson and the Cerulean (red and cyan): A single fleshy entity that exists in multiple worlds versus a "metalic" biome that Was Once a Man who had willingly subjected himself to an attempt to multiply himself across the worlds; the Cerulean is, depending on how you look at it, multiple people, or multiple "visions" of the old knight.
      • The Fury and the Sorrow (orange and sky blue): Themed on anger versus themed on sadness. [I also think there was something about the two of them having opposing effects/purposes but I don't want to dig that up just now.] To a lesser extent, themed on "fire" versus "coldness/ice/water," but the Sorrow isn't as "water-themed" as the Mist.
      • The Drought and the Mist (yellow and blue): Both of them are among the more surreal Evil Biomes, being themed around dryness/wetness in an abstract way. The Drought is "supernaturally dry" and you need to be underwater, which can be breathed through like air, just to not be drying out a lot/"air drown" even if you breathe in air; meanwhile, in the Mist, being in the air feels somewhat like being under water, and being under water feels even worse, and it has an overwhelmingly "drowning"/"wet feeling" to it.
      • The Plague and the Corruption (lime and purple): The Plague was created by gods of light to "eliminate sin" but in an extreme way, the Corruption is a more "natural" force of balance made by the sin of the people, and formed entities of darkness.
      • The Nest and the Wasteland (green and violet): The Nest is themed around tiny bug-like horrors, while the Wasteland is themed on gigantc monsters, bordering on kaiju.
  • Comic Trio: Even in the more serious stories, the "main" group of Vince, Sonata, and Tania fall under this. Sonata is the clueless leader, Vince is the dumb follower, and Tania is the ignored voice of reason.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Teaser is a bit different from any of the other Zenith Nymph stories and continuities: [I'm going to fill more on this one out later. Hang on.]
    • Tania is actually wearing a vine, but barely, as modesty below the waist. In the Nymphposting comics and in the main story proper she's just all-out naked and goes around with her crotch exposed.
  • Elemental Powers: Downplayed, the Nymph Variants, to help their "system" stand out a little more from the Deans of Run: .GIFocalypse and even the demons of Joy+Roy, forego hard 1:1 element ties and instead are more themed around their biomes. [See: Comparing the magic system of Avatar: The Last Airbender to The Dragon Prince, the former's "elements," the latter are more loose "region-based magic." That's the best comparison I can think of.] Magma Nymphs are still heavily associated with fire, but they are not exclusively "fire elementals," they just have a strong connection to the magma pools underground and, to a lesser extent (Hell is technically the Oreads' biome. Or, was) the Underworld. The Nymphs also cannot just simply throw a given element of their own, at least not without their magical tools.
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • Some fans like portraying the idea of a "rescueable Lost Girl" as not being naked by choice, and either getting dressed or wanting to get dressed as soon as possible. Yeah, Fan lets the readers know right off the bat that that won't be happening, regardless of what the reader's introduction to the Zenith Nymph series is, and also throws a few other things about the main Nymph:
      • Teaser is the very first story to have any version of her in it. It opens up with a dialogue-only scene with her and the man that's Vince's prototype. He had just "saved" her with Purification Powder (this in of itself would be a bit of Early Installment Weirdness), and asks if she wants anything. She casually says no, she's good, Proto-Vince teleports away, and then she purposefully tries to get a reaction out of the town members, being disappointed when she does not.
      • In the Nymphposting comic continuity, she's first seen complaining about freezing in the cold Tundra. While Tania is in the middle of trying to explain how her powers keep her temperate, Sonata just jumps in to the campfire they're gathered around and gives a giant, weird smile while she's burning. She later gleefully burns the clothes offered by Nigel while briefly turning in to her monster form. In short, she'd rather set herself on fire than put on clothes.
      • In the proper Romancing the Last Dryad story [or shoot, Zenith Nymph's Adventures, especially since I'm thinking of putting this "spinoff" that's really more of an alternate continuity side-story on hold in favor for a special side loredump], Sonata's introduction is not nudity-centric so much as it is centered on her status as a monster. She acts as though she is lost and scared, but Vince starts questioning her extremely suspicious behavior. He figures out that she's a Nymph... whereupon she just shows him her true form and stops holding back, trying to kill him.
    • Lindsey establishes herself as an asshole first when it's clear that she horribly mistreats her "servants." Then she notices that Sonata is attached to Vince and Iris... and she orders Sonata to kill both of them if she wants to join her. When Sonata refuses, Lindsey then says that she planned to have them killed and used as spare food anyway, the test was purely to Sonata, not if Vince and Iris would live or die.
  • Expy: Sonata is characterized similar to Kabus Daygelz, from a previous story by the same author. The pale/white hair is a coincidence, but other than that, both of them are loud, foul-mouthed, perverted, and have a volcanic hatred of putting on clothes (Sonata moreso; Daygelz at least puts on a stitch of clothing at various points in the story, while Sonata never does). They are also both infatuated with a more straight-faced and "powerful" (less so with Sonata and Tania's case, but definitely with Daygelz and Lesuif) Big Good-type character, Tania and Lesuif.
  • Gone Horribly Right:
    • I already explained the Error under A.I. Is a Crapshoot, I'll do it again here sort of, but later. I'm feeling lazy.
    • The Plague was called upon by devoutly religious followers and worshippers of some of the (many) deities of Terraria to help the world in a time of crisis and end the sin that's been fallen. Unfortunately, the result was a "holy plague" that seeked to wipe out anything by an extremely strict definition of "sin," which includes virtually everybody except those "absorbed and/or reborn" to the biome. No, not even being a Dryad gives you a free pass from the disease considering you "sinful."
  • Hate Sink: Lindsey mostly exists so that Sonata can have someone to look sympathetic by comparison by the beginning; as much as Sonata is a lying trickster trying to eat people who just walk in to her cave, Lindsey is much worse. Sonata is pretty much doing what she has to do and she has a backstory to make her motives more understandable, plus she actually cares about her fellow Nymphs and sees them as real friends. Lindsey on the other hand is more akin to a sadistic Nymph crimelord, doing everything for herself, and she very obviously treats her own "Nymph friends" more like abused slaves. The only reason why Sonata herself isn't one is because Lindsey hates her too much to even have her as a worker of any sort. Bear in mind that this does not portray slavery in a positive light at all.
  • Irony:
    • Canonically, the Dryad is infamous for dressing in very little. This story-series takes it farther by having Tania's default "outfit" just be a single vine around her nethers [might not even have that. OR might give her a sort of Unlimited Wardrobe but it's still minimal, the following though is a constant:] and having her go around topless by default. She is also one of the few characters vocally against Sonata's nudity (and the nudity of the Nymphs) and the only one bold enough to tell her to Please Put Some Clothes On, in addition to being the closest one who can "get away with it." She's also one of the biggest sticks in the mud when it comes to joining the "Naked Empire," as pretty much every other NPC Sonata asks is very easily convinced to start running around nude or already did that. Including the Clothier.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Every NPC gets at least some role or mention, or a focus chapter, and there are plenty more characters that act as sort of "new NPCs" not even counting the Nymph Variants, like the Archeologist. Counting the Nymph Variants, there are over one hundred allies of the main group. Said main group definitely includes the trio of Vince, Sonata, and Tania, but the other adult female NPCs tag along with them very often.
  • Never Heard That One Before: Generally speaking, Nymphs of any type have heard all the common jokes one could make regarding their biomes. Sonata's notes on Magma Nymphs just says to not make any jokes about them being "hot," because they're heard that one.
  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between: The main trio. Tania is the Nice, being polite so long as Nymphs aren't involved, encouraging, and at worst giving some slight snark/jokes. Sonata is the Mean, very blunt and rude to people — especially if they get picky about clothes — and generally acting for herself. Vince is in-between. He's also a bit of a dick, but he's a saint compared to Sonata, lacks the backstory of hunting down and eating people, and of the two of them should Tania or the other townsfolk not be around, he's more likely to be the voice of reason.
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy: Nymphs and the Last Dryad Tania run around completely naked at almost all times, and 99.99% of the time the "exceptions" are with the Dryad(s), and never with "base" Nymphs/Oreads. Very few people actually care about this. The biggest aversion of the trope is related to Love Nymphs, who specifically seduce people as part of their skillset.
  • Not So Above It All: Tania has several shades of this, often devolving in to acting about as goofy as Vince, Sonata, or the others. Quest for Clothes is a three-parter that outright hands her an Idiot Ball so that the title Quest for Clothes ends up being as dangerous and over-the-top as possible rather than a ten-minute trip to some clothing store or vendor who sells clothes, all because the only one she knew off the top of her head retired. In Nymphlopedia, her comments are the most serious and analytical by far... but she has several slip-ups and moments of humor. The most obvious example being the Love Nymphs, where both Vince and Sonata eventually succumb to having dirty thoughts about them, even after Sonata specifically said she'll be "modest" with them and goes on a huge rant about not sexualizing the Nymphs before sexualizing the Love Nymphs. Tania's... starts out straight and focused as usual, but she too eventually gets distracted and announced in the text that she's going off to her bunk too.
    Word of God that I didn't actually clarify yet but I will in an edit: No, the Love Nymphs do not have some SCP-esque effect where anyone who documents them gets distracted. Trent the Guide, for example, could give a completely straight-faced description of them. Vince, Sonata, and Tania are just all perverts.
  • Oh, My Gods!: Nymphs typically swear related to the god of nature, Pan. Tania will sometimes do this if she's really pissed off. She does this in the Quest for Clothes comic after seeing that Vince had set up a farm of Evil Biomes, without "cleaning it up."
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Tania adopting "Nymph-like traits" is generally seen as either a really, really bad sign or that she's softening up on them. And it's usually the former. If Sonata swears out in Pan's name, meh, no real biggie, she does that all the time. If Tania shouts "PAN, CURSE IT?!" Whoever that is directed at might as well start building their coffin.
  • Rainbow Motif: Averted with the "Nymphspectrum" of the overall Nymph Variants (they come in "sets" of 24+ colors), played straight with most things associated with Lindsey, with the usual variation of indigo being replaced by cyan. Both her seven favored "maids"/slaves at the absolute bottom of her pecking order and her planet-themed summons [Actually, I'm not sure if I want to go by this idea... I'm thinking her minions might be a lot sillier and have a "theme" of sort of being about things that are opposite to what's common with Nymphs. In short the whole rest of this might act like I went with the other idea and not mention the "planet gang," which really could be used for any other story, but... well, since I'm planning for those guys to maybe be late, it's kind of more of a spoiler than what I'd usually put here?] have a ROY G BIV color scheme.
  • Running Gag: RULE #1: NYMPHS DO NOT WEAR CLOTHES. (PERIOD.)note  Expect this to pop up whenever clothing is so much as mentioned. There is no hard-set "Rule 2," just that Rule 1 is that Nymphs do not wear clothes. Period.
  • Spiritual Antithesis: This is meant to be a sort of "opposite" of Run: .GIFocalypse in a few ways. Both are fanworks taking a minor female villain (.GIFfany and a Nymph enemy), giving her an expanded role as a main character, and introducing a huge host of elemental/biome-themed colorful characters "tied" to her in some way. A big difference is that the colorful characters were a subverted Quirky Miniboss Squad who turn out to have Hidden Depths in .GIFocalypse, while the ones here are closer to "background" harem members for Vince and Sonata. The "main trio" of Sonata, Tania, and Vince even parallel .GIFfany, Melody, and Soos respectively ("dangerous" female lead, down-to-earth female lead that still has had an adventure of a past, and a guy that's more ordinary than both of themnote ), but go off in completely different directions. Sonata is far more sympathetic and at worst Laughably Evil than .GIFfany, Tania is pretty distant and both Vince and Sonata are pinning after her in contrast to Melody usually already being in an established relationship with Soos, and while Soos is a Nice Guy with sex generally not on his mind, Vince is a selfish, horny asshole.
  • Token Good Teammate: Tania is quite a ways higher than Vince and Sonata on the moral side, actually doing her mission of protecting Terraria properly. Vince and Sonata are technically fighting evil and technically working for the side of good, but they're mainly motivated by getting laid, both of them are fairly selfish, and they have far more jerkass moments.
  • Tom the Dark Lord:
    • The Nymph crimelord that's sketchy and evil even by Nymph standards is named Lindsey. [If I decide to stick with the name "Sonata,"] she has a more mundane-sounding name than the Nymph hero.
    • A recurring villain is named Dave, the Mechanic's brother. He's far less evil and harmful than Lindsey, but he's still a bad guy, and still has a very un-threatening name.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Both Vince and Sonata start as this. Sonata begins as an outright villain, even if she undergoes a Heel–Face Turn early on. Both of them are genuinely pretty bad early, mostly caring for themselves and doing things that endanger others without much care, but they have bad things happen to them for the most part (or get wrapped up in needlessly terrible things from their own stupidity, especially Sonata), so it balances things out.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Tania is this by default, always being topless. Whether or not she's in a bottom depends on the exact continuity and her mood on Nymphs at the time. She wears more the more Sonata pisses her off. Which happens often.

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  • Plank from Ed, Edd n Eddy, if as a test.
  • The cover for Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals.
  • Emo-Dave Strider from Sweet Jade and Hella John.
  • The cover of Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals, just resized to fit what I thought was the size limitation. EDIT: And now I found out that I got it wrong. The original is two bullet points below.
  • Hank Hill from Sweet Jade and Hella John.
  • ...And here it is, the resize of HHC's cover.
  • A thing for this M.U.G.E.N joke character I work on from time to time, an edit of Edd but with buffed stats. This is the image used for his character select portrait, and it is the same as regular Edd's, just with Kamina shades poorly added on with Fighter Factory's editing tool.
  • The cover of a Gravity Falls fan fic run:gifocalypse. Unlike the previous two covers I uploaded, this is not for an intentionally poorly written story.
  • Homer Simpson lying down suggestively. This is for a MUGEN joke character where you fight multiple Homers. He'd have this intro when "hitting on" certain characters. Originally he was nude, but I made an alternate clothed version (which is why the filename is clothedhomer.png) for... well, I'm not really sure why. He'll be nude and censored in the game. Twice over, in fact: first as "No." is written over a blank space between his legs, and in-game he'll have an image of Marge facepalming over what's already not even his junk so much as it is the word "No."

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  • Plank.
  • Team Victory's icon. Unofficially "retired," you probably won't be seeing me use that again unless something super weird happens that completely catches me off guard.
  • Homer.
  • Homer Zalgo-ified.
  • Moe, just for a really stupid "Moe Moe" joke that was funny to me way back when I uploaded it ages ago. Anyway, after that, for a LONG while, for several years in fact, I didn't upload any other avatars... then, from mid/late 2021, my avatar gallery began exploding:
  • I have three .GIFfany avatars so for the sake of avoiding redundancy, just for right now I'll group them all together. I actually uploaded the first .GIFfany one in the event that someone would complain about my Nymph avatar, so I could still have a "recent" one to switch back to that wasn't from Simpsons or related to Total Drama (and I was getting sick of Plank as the only "choice I'd really like" anyway).
  • Nymph. Both of her forms back-to-back, to be specific.
  • [Okay on my gallery is a lot of things gifted to me. Apparently they're from Overly Sarcastic Productions. I know nothing about them.]
  • Nymph and Dryad kissing.
  • A Giga Bomb.
  • Kimberly, an NPC with a very minor role, but she's only seen naked in-game so I like her. #KimberlyPlayableForEBF6 #YesIKnowAboutTheRedpineTombstoneJokeFeelFreeToBuryMeThereToo
  • Baby Plum.
  • The next six are my "Six Sages" sort of joke that I've been... thinking about redoing, honestly. The first four are also part of my "avatar cycling," the other two are still the same characters, but for "clarity" I used different, more generic images of them:
    • Hank Hill, specifically him smoking. Also the page image up there. ("Sage of Forest.")
    • Brenda/Margaret, with Uncle Grandfather on her shoulders. ("Sage of Fire.")
    • Sheldon Cooper giving his terrible grin. ("Sage of Water.")
    • A relatively-normal image of Kamina. ("Sage of Spirit.")
    • Alucard. Unlike my FFN/FP avatars, he's not "Alucard Badguy" in his tank.
    • Rose Quartz. You can't tell from the zoom-in but the image I used is actually her in her Quartz soldier outft.
  • Siren.
  • After a second .GIFfany avatar, I decided to plug in the actual Sages from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This was to match up with my FFN/FP "cycle," the badfic-Sages with the actual Sages. The Siren and second-.GIFfany avatars were supposed to be "breaks" because the avatar cycle there included Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Misedventures and a badly drawn MS Paint image of .GIFfany and her "male counterpart" .GIFfen? "flashing" the viewer. But anyway:
    • Saria
    • Darunia
    • Ruto
    • Nabooru
    • Impa
    • Rauru
    • Zelda
  • The Dryad by herself, since I had a "Nymph by herself" (yeah but the two forms makes it look like there's two of her...)
  • After that is my "Terraria player character series," most of my Terraria player characters are based on pop culture characters, so I decided to just have avatars of the sources:
    • Paimon
    • Felicia
    • Hank again, this time picking the "Happy Hank" meme.
    • Mayor Quimb-- VOTE QUIMBY.
    • "Sunglasses." AKA one of the most likely reasons you're here on this page, to see who the heck that is since she's probably my most obscure avatar.
    • After the third .GIFfany, Gashi-Gashi's "Starbucks-Chan," fanart of the Starbucks Siren.
    • Zoe. Specifically from the PROPHET ending.
    • Mosquito Girl. (Fun trivia, my first 1.4 character.)
    • Nepeta Leijon. There's a story behind why I picked an image where she's mad. A long, complicated, dark, and disgusting story.
    • Turanga Leela. By the way I hate the episode that's from. I just like the "leaf clothes" look.
    • Amy Wong.
    • Melody, this might be hard to believe considering my .GIFfany bias but I actually do like Melody a lot. I'm not some ass who'll go "God why did that episode have to introduce her she got in the way of my Soos/.GIFfany OTP—" nah I know .GIFfany is toxic and awful. That's actually why I like her but whatever, Melody.
    • Okay the MS Paint Rosalina one is going to take some time to explain. Like Starbucks-Chan, this is a "specific" derivative based on fanart, except in this case it's this trend called "Goddess Rosalina" to give her some kind of god-like makeover and, the part I find amusing, she "wears" the player cursors from the game as a makeshift top. The thing is, I didn't feel like the designer of that would be as okay with using the character as an avatar along the same lines Gashi-Gashi seems to be completely okay with fanart and memes of his Starbucks take. And I'm shy so I didn't want to ask around. So I just whipped up my own avatar. The "not the bees" is because the Terraria character of her is in, you guessed it, a "Not the bees" world, and is my only run on that seed so far.
    • Specimen 4, specifically one of the "what-if" concepts of her. You could probably guess which by looking at the rest of this page.
    • Bobby Hill from what is quite possibly his most famous episode. "LET GO OF MY PURSE! THAT'S MY PURSE! I DON'T KNOW YOU!"
    • Enzo.
  • Then is four color wheels, public domain images from Wikipedia: I used the 12-color, 24-color, 36-color, and 72-color (the one I linked) variations. I didn't use the one with the RGB things because I thought the resizing might have made those look ugly. The same reason why I didn't use the 360-color one.
  • I made a dumb avatar of both Eves, with their respective items and the like. (Dead Bird is not included because it's visible on Eve's default sprite.)
  • The Evil Exes, specifically their appearances/boss portraits in the video game:
    • Matthew Patel.
    • Lucas Lee.
    • Todd Ingram.
    • Roxanne Richter.
    • Kyle and Ken Katayanagi.
    • Gideon Gordon Graves.
  • A Great Fairy.
  • Dotty Campbell.
  • I have this chain of color-coded Homer Simpson "emotes." These twelve are "Series 1," and consist of the following:
    • Flustered (Rose)
    • Mad (Red)
    • Self-Conscious/Embarrassed (Orange)
    • Happy/"Default" (Yellow)
    • Nauseous (Chartreuse)
    • Calm (Green)
    • Envious (Spring Green)
    • Shocked/Surprised (Cyan)
    • Bored (Azure)
    • Sad (Blue)
    • Afraid/Nervous (Violet)
    • And finally, Smug (Magenta)
  • Natalie doing her 7th Heaven Limit Break. Specifically the "secret" version.
  • the Conductor
  • YAPE, from a joke video by Juno Songs.
  • NAKED Iroh. I wanted to use a screen of him actually leaving the hot spring and Zuko covering him with his hand, but I couldn't find a cap where Iroh didn't look blurry. (I mean he's in the background but still.)
  • The Snatcher.
  • ENA.
  • A Green Puyo. Green because it fits my Pikmin-Author Avatar. (That I, ironically, do not have an avatar of yet, nor do I have any Pikmin-related avatar for that matter. Unless you count Tainted Eve.)
  • Finally decided to make an Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures crop avatar after all.
  • Dogma.
  • A Mushroom Pikmin, my first Pikmin avatar finally considering my username.
  • Nymph again, this time from a (relatively risque) shitpost comic I
  • Dryad again, same thing, same comic even
  • Pibby
  • When I posted on the Forum Game for what does the above gallery needed, someone said South Park, so I decided to go with Rob Schneider as The Stapler, and I picked that one mostly because I still had Paper Mario on the mind and I was trying to make this cross-reference joke about him being part of the Legion of Stationery.
  • Vi
  • Spamton, I ain't exactly the biggest Undertale fan out there but I will admit I'm enjoying the story of Deltarune a lot more so far and I really like this guy in particular.
  • .GIFfany yet again, this one from another shitpost comic. Basically the context is that she's angry at me for pumping out a half-assed chapter of Run: .GIFocalypse and I'm making it a Running Gag that she'll appear on occasion with those red eyes of evil until I finally fix it and update it. As of this edit I'm done with rewriting 1-1 (it'll get the least-dramatic rewrite) and I'm over halfway through 1-2, 1-2's ending part will take a bit though I want to change Rose's fight to actually include the office building.
  • A different Great Fairy, from Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask.
  • Venus
  • Mitch the Legendary NAKED MAN!!!!!
  • Some Bulbmin
  • Leif
  • Vivian
  • The end of Page 3 will take a teeny bit of explanation. This represents the first Terraria character I made since Enzo ended the original series that I made avatars based on. The character herself... is kinda SCP-166 but kinda not, she's basically an original character very, very loosely based on the pre-rewrite version. I did a really dumb MS Paint scribble thing because I felt like including this character, especially since this was the first Hardcore character I beat the Moon Lord with.

I use the non-mobile view so for me galleries are 6x6 and I'm trying to "plan" stuff accordingly, hence starting Page 3 with the rainbow of Homers. (I still have sending enabled so if you wanna troll this, just shoot me some avatars to mess this up.) I want to do something like also begin Page 4, or maybe have Page 4 in its entirety (it'd be tripled to 36 instead of being as "small" as the Homer one), be made of a "rainbow." I'm also thinking of the secret cars from The Simpsons: Hit & Run and the seven "main" Pikmin types but those would be all in a row at the beginning or end of a page. I'm only uploading a new avatar each time I die in an Isaac run though so I've still got three runs to go before I have to upload based on my own stupid system.