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(Work In Progress)

If I were to put a Laconic entry here, it would be the following: your resident Black and Nerdy Academic Athlete.

Beyond being lover of many forms of media, most pressing thing you should know about me is that I'm an aspiring writer. Began seriously at the age of 13. You can see a list of my current and planned works below.

Not much of a social media guy; I'm a pretty private person. I try to respond to direct messages out of common courtesy, but I reserve the right not to.


Alternate Links

Accounts on other websites where you can find me. Now, despite my handle here, you'll notice a recurring one... I just wanted to be different on here for once.

DeviantArt (Grade-AMasterpiece) - This used to be my central hub, and in some respects still is, but after the UI overhaul that proved to rather... controversial, I'm thinking of packing up shop and moving elsewhere. That said, it still serves a big purpose: on top of being yet another way to gain exposure, the galley contains portraits, glossaries, and references so that you, the viewers, can know and understand my characters better as you see them in my stories. I have officially closed shop on Deviant Art, so I need to find a new place to host what I used to do here.

Archive of Our Own (Grade-AMasterpiece) - I prefer this account and the website's interface for fanfiction.

FanFiction (Grade-AMasterpiece) - Naturally, my alternate fanfiction account is none other than FF. It's where I get the most traffic.


My Original Works

A section listing original literature, both planned to be traditionally and unofficially published.

  • Chronology of March (TBD) — "Life and death exists on two different planes, and both have their own set of problems." Planned to be my inaugural story for an eventual Fiction Press account.

My Fanfiction

A section listing all of my fanfics across various works and fandoms—complete with elevator pitches! And, yes, they all do have their own trope pages that I do help with. I consider it a form of self-advertisement.

Current Status: Most, if not all, of these are works in progress. Trying to finish as much as I want behind the scenes and then show them off for curious readers to enjoy at once.


  • Kid Icarus Revolution: Deconstruction Fic sequel to Kid Icarus: Uprising. Yes, there will still be no fourth wall.

  • Bleach: Worthless As The Sung Above Clouds: The ramifications of a Forever War between Soul Reapers and Hollows.

  • Fate Imperium, The Royal Holy Grail War: Your standard Holy Grail War, now with princes and princesses trying to murder and backstab one another.

  • Pokémon: Nova and Antica: Taking elements from the first season of the Pokemon anime to the Sinnoh one, put them in the blender, and drop them in an entirely new location for some globetrotting fun. Also technically a "rewrite project," but the old fic is so old, this might as well be a new thing.

     Rewrite Projects 

I'm always looking to improve myself as a writer for when the time comes I make the jump towards actual publishing. In the interest of craft-honing and base-building, a series of rewrites for old fanfics is underway to update them to my current level of style and skill.

  • Soul Eater: Troubled Souls Act 1.5: Rewrite of the original Troubled Souls Act 1 meant to cut off a lot of fluff and tighten up the narrative. Then, I'll finish the story. Act 2.5 will do the same for Act 2.


Projects and Involvements

Just to show self-advertisement isn't all I do here, otherwise that'd be a really suspect look, here I talk about the stuff I've generally done here.