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there's not much to tell. i like noir and sci fi and horror movies. i also like anime and comic books. in the interests of doing stuff, im gonna add folders and stuff

     stuff i like 
- Blade Runner

- Raymond Chandler novels and most of their adaptations

- Ninja Scroll

- The Warriors

- The Thing

- the first three movies in Romero's Dead series

- recently gotten into webcomics, Stand Still Stay Silent is sweet

- electronic music (and some j-rock)

- good batman stories


- Max Payne 2

- Street Fighter

- the anime version of Metropolis

- Paranoia Agent

- *emilia is my one true love

     pages ive made 

     stuff that i mess around with 

also, i am a member of the synchtube troper coven. i am kind of awkward sometimes, but everyone else is super cool.


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