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Note:whoever sent me the PM, please place it here, because I can't open it.

Deux Hero is the troper, a PoTDer that hates Medieval European Fantasy, who created the following articles:

He also started the YKTTW for the following articles:

He has given a name to the following articles

Moved the following articals

  • The Lois Lane to Loves My Alter Ego (and most of the wiks)
  • The Undefeated to The Remnant (And the wiks)
  • The Ruri to Deadpan Loli (Now Little Miss Snarker, Someone is so Orwellian that they used a mass replace function to remove every trace, even the forum threads on the discussion for the second rename. When I moved these 3 tropes I did the wik moves by hand, uphill bothways v_v.)

Made Of Win points. 5.

He has also made additions to many other articles and frequents YKTTW.

His reviews may provide insight into his tastes.

Yes I am removing hyphenated-Americanism from the wiki, it's stupid.

I think I started the idea for Trope Tan


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