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Describe Daltar here.

What was previously here: 

  • Montage of a bored person staring at a phone in various poses.
  • Woe because a certain South American Country doesn't get much in the way of snow.
  • And, a still standing desire to be corrected on my second tongue.

Lets try this again.

Hello Tropers! I am daltar.

RP Addict, Anime Lover, Spellbound by Fantasy, Full Time Dreamer, Eternal Lurker and a person whose favorite color is green. Writing from the lovely South American country of Venezuela, in the net I am forever dwelling within the TV Tropes RP forum. That said I do peek my head once in a blue moon in other sections. It is my sincere hope to get along with the lot of you!

That is all!

If anyone wants to contribute with some tropes that describe me, or anything else I'll be very grateful:

Daltar uses too much Self-Deprecation on this page! :p You seem like a Pretty Cool Guy.

  • Awww BLAMMY thanks! And yup, that's going to be hidden.

Ozbourne was bored enough to post here. Also, Daltar amuses me.

  • I'm glad to be amusing, Ozzy!

Kyonkos of the world UNITE! - Parable

  • Unite!

Thanks for always being there and supporting my Kampfer liveblog! Wanna share some curry? :) ~ Pirka

  • Ohh I always wanted to try curry!

Daltar! My little buddy! I left you some cookies.

  • Perfect dessert after that curry!

Daltar, thanks for helping me with starting up in the UF RP back when I was just an odd FNT. - redrosary

  • No worries!

If it makes you feel better, living in Australia I barely get to see snow either. -GuestOfDishonour

  • Aww Guest how do I miss you.

Wish I could give you some snow. I have too much. It's not all that it's cracked up to be. -Neobowman

  • The grass is always greener on the country with perpetual rain or scalding sun! Also, shush and build a pylon made of snow already.

We get just wet and dry here too. :) - Mapi

  • Heh, lately it's becoming wet and wetter around here... o.o

Best. Lancer. Ever. - Lemurian

  • Ahh, those where the days my friend.

Hello, Chosen One. -Kinkajou

  • Hello, Choosing one!

I've yet to meet a better Improbable Weapon User. Hugs! - CoyoticEvil

  • Ah Coyote! Well brooms are awesome, that's all.

O hay thar, Captain. ~ L3wt

  • Lieutenant! Hope you're taking good care of that ship.

MissHedgey baked you an apple crumble. Hope you taste the sweetness.

  • Ohhh, more desserts yum! Thanks you!

Best Captain ever, in my humble opinion. - Flanker66

  • And you... were the best crew a Captain could ever... ever... -Breaks down crying-

Khan be raidin your paeg! -SeveredKhan

  • -Prepares boiling oil-

You really need to consider letting your hair down once in a while. :) - Keybreak

  • But the ponytails are awesome... Kidding, shall try so my good Key!

FIRE EMBLEM FAN <3! *tackle-hugs* -Leradny

As Moe as a kitten and as Crazy Awesome as a jello trainwreck. - AtomicNut

  • E-Even more food? A whole train of jello!?

Sup? - Foton

  • Yo!

Sometimes, the call doesn't know where you live. En esos casos, tienes que buscarla tú mismo. ¡Saludos! - Amused Troper Guy

  • Duly noted! I shall endeavor to do so!

Awesome R Per who somehow manages to make everything seem ten times more adorable. ^_^ ~ Kiri Ame

  • Funny how I think the same about you!

May The Call call you soon. ~~Blixty Slycat

  • Ehehe thanks Spainy.

*ringring* -Stolen By Faeries

  • Ah, hello? daltar residence here... Huh? Fae Kidnapping Service? Is this a new kind of telemarketing?

I laugh in the face of danger! Ahahahahahahaha! -desdendelle

Hi! Yep, just wanted to say hi to an RP manager. -abstractematics

  • Why, hello to you too!

LEETLE LEETLE MAN! I will crush you WITH FRIENDSHIP! -Orange Spider

  • D: Big, Big man with big gun that killses me... HOW ARE THEE!?

I miss you~ ~Rin Kokonoe


-Pounce- Hello Dal! -Nibbles- -Clawthewolf

Thanks for helping me with this guy. Good luck in your projects. - RESP

Meh, just wanted to say "hello" to a fellow Role Player with clearly superior skill in writing. -Insano

Congratulations on becoming a mod! The planet of the RPs is completely alien to me, so hang in there! -Best Of

Venezuela, huh? How is it there? - Fantasy Liver

Hi daltar! ^_^ ~ AnnoR

Sitcom Group FTW - ShadowKaiser

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