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Not really sure what else goes here, so a list of tropes that apply to me will have to do for now:

All The Good Women Are Gay / All The Good Men Are Straight - I have a disturbing habit of falling for lesbians and straight men, the only two orientations that can never fall for me. - I post there as Lemon Flavoured. The relationship is somewhat circular though.

Asperger's Syndrome - I was diagnosed with it at the age of about 17 (quite late). Mostly impacts my social interaction.


Badass Long Coat - I like them, and wear one quite often.

Berserk Button - Don't accuse me of doing something I haven't done. Also don't accuse my parents of sleeping around unless you want things thrown at you.

Bi the Way / Depraved Bisexual - Depending on my mood and who you ask...

Crazy-Prepared - I like the ideal. How well I live up to it is variable.

Chaotic Neutral - I like to identify as this alignment, but, because life is not as simple as D&D alignments, I'm probably more accurately on the corner between Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, True Neutral and Neutral Good.

Name's The Same - As a Chinese / American comedian apparently.

She Is Not My Girlfriend - Often happens, with at least one of my close female friends (although usually they ask her if I'm her boyfriend)

Sorry I'm Gay - I've had this done to me 8 times by girls (and if anyone does it again I'll just say "9" and walk off). Plus twice when they actually were gay (see above). I've also done it to people.


Waxing Lyrical - I tend to do this, but annoyingly, it's usually with songs that no-one knows.

There are more for sure, but I can't think of them right now