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So, I'm Cody. I currently live in Longwood, Florida (the nice part of the state), but was born and spent the first two years of my life in Guelph, Ontario. After moving from Canada, I became very interested in drama. I spent all 4 years of high school in drama club, acting in 6 plays and performing tech in another 6. I spent a year attending Seminole State College, and I have been a recurring extra in Rockabilly Zombie Weekend, Renee, and the European Disney sitcom Game On, as well as a member of the Beast horde at Halloween Horror Nights 22. I also dance (trained ballroom dancer since 11th grade), play video games, write and roleplay, and shoot among other hobbies.


I'm a proud handler on Survival Of The Fittest!

  • Interesting factoids:
    • I have a twisted right tibia from an abusive father when I was 18 months old. When standing, my right lower leg is visibly different from my left.
    • I'm naturally left-handed, but my kindergarten/first grade teacher was one of those "Left hand is EVIL!" people, and forced me to write with my right hand until I was right-handed. I'm still semi-ambidextrous in some respects, including handgun shooting.
    • Despite being a democratic liberal, I'm a gun nut with a love of firearms of all types.
    • I'm often told I have pretty eyes by complete strangers (my eyes are a crystalline blue with a gray tinge in certain light).
    • I'm 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon.


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