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I’ve haven’t been on for a while. I am alive and well!

Hey. I am callmeamuffin. I am a bisexual male troper who usually edits and creates pages for works. I also love adding YMMV examples to works, as well as adding works to Just For Fun pages, especially I Thought That Was. Other than that, I like to create Work pages, Laconic pages and Playing with a Trope pages.

I’m usually hanging out in the forums, and especially in Hindsight Cleanup.

I have also proposed and launched some tropes and indexes, such as Freshman Fears.

Oh. You want to know how I got to TV Tropes. Well then...

In 2018/19?, I was somewhat of a brony. I was watching a video, where at one part, he mentioned the trope Widely Spaced Jailbars. Curious I was at that time, I went to the page to see any information. I was learning information as I read along. I looked at other tropes, media I don’t know of, and the Rules of TV Tropes. Finally, I got an account on September 30th 2020.


If you would like to edit any page I have made, go ahead! I allow you to.

For some reason, I color the skin of people white...

Please be careful if you are PMing me, as I do not allow spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam!

My sandbox is HERE!

Currently busy on Anonymous Pay Phone Call. Pop in the discussion if you have any examples.

Work Pages that I have made (Absolutely not to be confused with works I made. I made none.):

Web Animation

YMMV Pages that I have made:

Web Animation

Other Pages that I have made:

Playing With... Referenced By... Film - Animated

Tropes Pages I made, or in the making:note 


Working On

Images I have suggested which passed:


Other Things...

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    Favorite Media 
  • Kellogg’s Meil Pops (Zoom zoom zoom. Zoom zoom zoom.)
Anime And Manga Eastern Animation Films-Animated Web Animation Western Animation
    Tropes I think apply to me 
  • Agent Peacock: I am neutral, though slightly more feminine, but I have masculine hobbies too. Muscle building is one.
  • Big Eater: I must admit, I have a habit of eating food.
  • G.I.R.L.: Guys can have avatars of female characters!
    Pet Peeve Tropes 
I may get aggressive when I talk about personal tropes I hate. I am allowed to violate Rule Of Cautious Editing Judgment here, because this is my troper page, and it’s my personal opinion.
  • Morality Tropes as a whole. I believe that categorizing real people as good or bad is wrong. Thank god these tropes are No Real Life Examples, Please! Some Morality Tropes annoy me more than others, such as...
    • Jerk Jock: Considering I'm trying to get some muscles in my arms and legs, the stereotype of athletic = jerk is hurtful, more so if they are classified as an antagonists or rapists.
  • Dumb Jock: Same as Jerk Jock, the assumption that athletic = dumb is bullshit!
  • Evil All Along: I normally don’t like works with plot-twist villains, because I feel like it’s lazy writing and unoriginal. When it is completely done right, it’s an OK trope.

Here’s some art of mine...
Rose the Pink Ball


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