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Once upon a time, there was a young Pokeholic and otaku who stumbled upon a wonderful website. While not becoming obsessed with it to too much of an extent, she found it very interesting. Then one day, she made a YKTTW, and before she knew it it became a trope through the efforts of ccoa. Proud, thrilled, and happily surprised, she immediately became a member and slowly but surely learned the ways of the tropers. Currently, she can be found wandering/lurking the forums, gushing about webcomics, cute things, or whatever her latest dorky obsession is, and feeling happy to have found such a nice place.


She's a college graduate, writes fanfiction and short stories, and tries her hardest to make art in her spare time, which can be found on Fan as Brynnie-chan124 or deviantART as EverybodysFangirl. She is currently trying to learn to draw well so she can make a webcomic she's had in mind for several years, called The Door of Diamonds.

And now I'm tired of third person. It's pretentious.

Anyways, here I am. I'm a proud 90s kid, a fangirl at large, and a troper. Go ahead and vandalize, or read my page, or whatever. I'll be here for a while. :3


Applicable Tropes:

  • Berserk Button: Homophobia, bullying, and the word "retarded". Also, I refuse to tolerate extremists on any subject, be it religion, politics, or TV shows. Also? Grammar errors.
  • Brainy Brunette
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: A side-effect of my ADD combined with my personality.
  • Cuteness Proximity: A known side-effect of putting me near a cat, a puppy, a baby, or even some reptiles.
  • Encyclopaedic Knowledge: My life philosophy is to learn everything ever, on the off-chance that someday you're on a game show :P Also learning is fun, shut up.
  • Fangirl: You name it, I probably fangirl over at least one character/book/episode/whatever of it.
  • Geeky Turn-On: I like big brains and I cannot lie. Also glasses. And shyness.
  • Good Catholic: I hardly go to Mass, I support gay marriage, and the only type of abortion I object to is if it isn't for the physical and mental health of the mother and/or if it is partial-birth. But I do pray a lot, and I truly believe that God exists and loves all people, regardless of their race, orientation, or creed.
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  • Literal-Minded (not nearly as bad as when I was younger, but still makes it a little difficult to discern a joke from a real barb or truth)
  • Moe (at least, a few real life friends say so, and the guys on the forum gave it the specific word)
  • Nightmare Fetishist (I love really dark stuff. Hellsing, Nightmare on Elm Street, Thomas Harris novels, The Phantom Of The Opera, High School Of The Dead, really creepy horror movies, Pans Labyrinth...all awesome. And don't get me started on how many anime characters I love who just plain creepy.)
  • Tender Tears (I am a goddamn feather-pillow.)

Applicable Tropes from Tropers:

Things I Like/Love/Obsess Over (bold=major fandom):

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     Stuff to Read 

    Nostalgic Stuff 

     Stuff with Multiple Media Formats 

     Stuff to Hear 

YKTT Ws Burinnu Made:

Page Graffiti

  • So, ya want a limerick, eh!
    • There once was a gal named Burinnu,
    • Who had rage like the god Telepinu.
    • She smacked us sky high,
    • 'Til she met a samurai,
    • Who cut her in half with a "Shinu!"
      • Love, darnpenguin.
  • I heard you like limericks
    • Burinnu's a Troper in the forum,
    • with a sig like most in the quorum.
    • Saying "In my page I won't mind
    • if you leave behind
    • a limerick, because I adore'em."
      • Canidaemon
  • This is from Rolph Harris but I wouldn't burden you with one of mine.
    • There was a young man from Sydney,
    • Who drank til he ruined his kidney,
    • He drank and he drank
    • It shrank and it shrank
    • But he had fun doing it, didn't he?
      • The faeries offer their most hearfelt apologies: if they invent one better they'll be back. - StolenByFaeries
  • They tell me you like limericks
    • Sorry I'm not much good at the game of rhyme
    • But I guess I'll give it a try this time.
    • I heard you liked vandalism, so here some shall be:
    • -Pulls out a can of spray paint and composes a message to thee-
    • The wall has been painted, it is covered in graffiti
    • On second thought that was rather easy.
  • Hello! Can you see this? Am I merely shouting into the void? As I was saying, Adventure Time and gay marriage are two things I approve of. Cheers! - steampowered
  • Fancy limericks, eh? I may as well give it a shot!
    • Burinnu is a gal that's offended
    • When life is no longer quite splendid;
    • If a mean, racist jerk
    • Taunts her pals with a smirk,
    • She'll make sure that his life has soon ended!
      • Keep on trying your best to defend what you believe in! Sincerely, Endark Culi
  • Your mom (Robbie)
  • Only limericks?
    • Fledgling found a site:
    • Thought of a trope and expressed;
    • Is One Of Us now.
    • Red Wren
  • Can I not do a limerick? I'm not into the whole structure thing. Tropers/Inhopelessguy
  • I'm thinking of making you a limerick
    • Since I've heard you like mudkips
    • Well I like mudkips and garlic as well
    • Even when eating too much makes me sick
    • But consuming it makes me feel as if I'm real
    • In this world full of feels
      • This spot is attacked by the The Jinny!!!! >:3

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