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This is a battosaijoe troper page The crafttropership is of medium quality. It is encrusted with free time and free days and free weeks and free months and free years. It menaces with spikes of tropes and wiki magic.

Male troper, 31, from Texas, USA. Generally helps out wiki-side and avoids most of the forums, excluding the Trope Repair Shop, Image Pickin, Wiki Talk, and the occasional foray into Writer's Block. Has a tendency to get distracted easily, although he usually returns to his original task within 5 minutes. Was born on the 12th of February.

I don't really do much example adding, as I have trouble keeping things brief. I help out in other ways though: grammar checking, Example Indentation, watching over pages to ensure shipping wars don't break out, natter killing (which I called Denatterifying), vandalism reversion, and namespace migration. I also unofficially curate several pages, including Eyeshield 21, Gears of War, Disney Princess (don't ask), YMMV.Mass Effect, Disney.Beauty And The Beast, YMMV.The Fairly Oddparents, WMG.The Fairly Oddparents, Questionable Content, and Marble Hornets

You can count on me to be very slow to get into something, but once I get into it, I latch on and don't let go until something else catches my attention. I write in my spare time. My current project is a story called Phase although I haven't worked on it in some months. It is currently halfway completed. Please check it out if you like reading stories about demons invading Earth and people killing them with stupidly oversized melee weapons. I practice card magic and hopefully will be good enough to do it on the streets for anyone's entertainment someday. I also play guitar and currently own six of them.

One of my goals in my life: To write a story good enough that someone makes a page on this wiki about it.

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    Tropes That I Am An Example Of 

  • Cluster F-Bomb - Particularly when gaming and something happens that I disagree with.
  • Ambiguously Brown - Been called everything from Hispanic to Asian to Lightly Black.
  • The Lancer / The Smart Guy - depends entirely on who I'm hanging out with.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy - I've been referred to as one of the smartest guys many people have ever met, but I'm extraordinarily lazy. Almost failed high school and got booted outta college for excessive laziness. Have now managed to get back into college and hopefully will stay this time.
  • The Atoner - I messed up a lot early in life, leading to...
  • Nice Guy - I try to be as nice as I can to anyone I meet as a result of the above bullet.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni - I tend to be the Blue Oni amongst most of my friends, although one of my friends and I have a tendency to switch Onis in the middle of conversation due to circumstances.
  • Speech Impediment/Stutter Stop - I tend to stutter a lot when I talk due to talking too fast for my brain to catch up with. Whenever I'm talking about something important or concentrating, though, my stutter disappears. Also the reasoning for my (I like to think) above average writing abilities. You can't stutter when you're writing unless you want to, after all.
  • Unskilled, but Strong - I'm pretty strong, but when it comes to fighting or wrestling, I have almost no training, relying exclusively on brute strength to overpower the opponent.
  • Verbal Tic - I tend to put the word "Indeed" into my sentences as much as possible.

    Stuff I Like 

    Previous Sigs 

  • Gamble the heart and the sword to make this fighter's life an accomplishment.
  • "Previously a good troper" is not something that matters much if you suddenly decide to become a raging asshole. - Fighteer
  • AAAUGH! POKING! MY ONLY WEAKNESS! -explodes- - minotaurgirl

That's really it about me.

Feel free to scribble, vandalize, etc., below. I like it when people say hi! :D

BOOGIDY BOOGIDY BRAINS! 8D The zombies come for yooouuu! - Minotaurgirl