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Real Name:[REDACTED]
Age: 29
Nickname origin: Character from Stargate SG-1
Place of birth: Birth Clinic Nr 6 (named after Prof. W. F. Snegirev), Mayakovskovo Street 6, Leningrad (now St. Petersburg, thankfully), RSFSR (now Russia, thankfully), USSR (gone, thankfully, and good fucking riddance!!), Europe, Earth
Interests: Various manga, anime, western films and series, books, sci-fi, vampires, gender-benders, althists, Russian Reversals, various wikis.


Soviet Russia, profile is described by YOU!!


  • Replace any possible mention of the word "Wikipedia" with "The Other Wiki", cause it's cool.
  • Use my command of the German and Russian language to improve the articles.
  • To fix anything I may come across.

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