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Welcome. I am Arcada 188 from Nut Boulevard in Moscow, Russia. I enjoy the obscure and the strange, and you may know me as "that kid who really likes Chargeman Ken!." That is true.

If I knew how to place images in my page, this contributor's page would be most likely adorned with the picture of Maou.

Oh well, I should describe myself. I am a tall, lean teenager who enjoys obscure media (and can get defensive if somebody mocks it). I am a Big Eater. I am a local Forum Games thread necromancer, though it fell out a bit.


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    Tropes that apply to me in Real Life. 
  • Big Eater: Yes, though I'm not exactly as fat as you'd expect.
  • Grammar Nazi: Definitely.
  • Freaky is Cool: Certainly. I am not quite scared by most of the "scary" content I see at Internet, and instead I admire it, like I admire coelacanths and axolotls.
  • Husky Russkie: Subverted.
  • Idiot Hair: When it grows longer.
  • The Smart Guy: Smarter than my entire class, in fact!
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes: Bugs. I find myself scared a lot by live bugs (especially huge mosquitos) and spiders. One of the few expections are flies. There also used to be Skodwarde and Billy's mask, but I'm not that scared of them nowadays.

     Favorite things 


Some stupid headcanons (that I would like to share)!

  • Kit n Kay Boodle
    • Karostropov, the ruler of the dictatorship that opposes the main protagonists' sextopia, was originally born in Yiffburg. However, he was asexual, which didn't sit well with the rest of the sex-obsessed Yiffburg, and they eventually lynched him after he again refused to have sex. He now lives on as a body-jumping ghost, seeking vengeance against Yiffburg.

    Anime and Manga 
  • Chargeman Ken!
    • The Jural Seijin once led a small, but glorious empire that defeated their enemies through gaining their strengths and learning about their weaknesses... via shapeshifting. They often would create hybrids of Jural Seijin and their captured enemies to make the process more successful. Maou-sama is one such hybrid: of a Jural and a human.

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Also, here's a collection of Solar System aliens created by Frank R. Paul! —- P.S.: Forced avatar fads are the worst thing that ever happened on this site.


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