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Beowulf Ecgþeowson: Challenging gender roles since ca. AD 497.

What is going on in this thread
aside from Anne being awesome, I mean - SunshineWerewolf


I guess it's time for a rewrite of this page, huh? Well, let's do this FAQ style:

  • Q: Who is Anne Beeche?
    • I'm just another person making my way through the internet and real life.

  • Q: Is Anne Beeche your real name?
    • Anne is my real first name, and Beeche is an Anglicization of my real surname, which is apparently Ukrainian in origin via Polish.

  • Q: Are you English or Scandinavian?
    • I am neither but Polish-American.

  • Q: What contributions have you made to TV Tropes?
    • Little-to-none on the actual wiki, it's just something I read occasionally.

  • Q: So what's with you and vikings?
    • I think vikings are pretty cool, though I'm interested in the pagan Germanic culture in general rather than just the Scandinavian seafarers from 8th to 11th centuries. Reading Beowulf first sparked my interest, then doing additional research on the Viking Age and Migration Period only served to intensify said interest.

      Make no mistake, I do not idolize the ancient Germanics. They were, after all, a society that strictly enforced gender roles and, as a rule, condemned and exiled men for not living up to their standards of masculinity.

  • Q: Where can I contact you outside of TV Tropes?
    • You can email me at this email address!

  • Q: What do you think of TV Tropes?
    • As a wiki dedicated to trivia in fiction (and apparently real life), TV Tropes on the surface is fun and sometimes informative to read in one's spare time. It is perfectly okay to enjoy reading and editing the wiki. On the other hand, though, I think it is a mistake to take the wiki seriously—it does not analyze tropes or fiction, and when it does it does so poorly. TV Tropes will not teach you how to tell a good story. Mixing and matching and playing with tropes alone will not make a good story. The wiki is a valid source of entertainment, but it should not be taken as an educational resource for writers.

      TV Tropes, especially the community, is also critically flawed. At first glance, the No Negativity and No Such Thing As Notability policies may seem noble as it allows the wiki to write about lighter entertaining stories such as My Little Pony and Tokyo Mew Mew alongside time-tested classics such as Paradise Lost and Watchmen, and keeps needless flaming of works off the wiki, but they have their critical side effects. As a result of No Such Thing As Notability, a lolicon hentai is considered just as worthy of documentation as Lolita, and as a result of No Negativity, the lolicon hentai cannot be given the criticism it needs as a work fundamentally disturbed in its values. No Negativity and Don't Be a Dick also allow people with seriously disturbed views on morals and humanity to voice their opinions largely unchecked.

      In a nutshell, TV Tropes itself is a good enough wiki, but it also has a great deal of completely unnecessary reputation-damaging baggage that come with the administration's attitude on notability, criticism and negativity. Only when this attitude changes will the wiki and community truly be able to improve. TV Tropes has been working at it a little, but it still has a long way to go.

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The above was an outline for how I may possibly transform the wiki formula from a list of examples into a complete analysis complete with history. Since I didn't care enough it never actually got anywhere.

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  • We are the priests...of the temples...of DERP - Imipolex G
  • Przybywam, aby powandalować! - G.
  • Haxxorzed. - [1]
  • Jej! Polka! - Dracia
  • Cześć Ci, Piękna Pani Ziemi Słowiańskiej! (No worries, I'm pretending to be fluent in English) - Xtense
  • The other day, my little sister thought you were Motree for some reason. Because apparently, nobody except Motree is allowed to agree with me or have Toon Link as their avatar. '_' - CrystalGlacia
  • A fascinating Troper page. Love the etymology! IanExMachina
  • A bishonen Beowulf? I may be in love - Caroklim
  • Whut? I have not vandalised this page! Why have I not vandalised this page? I must vandalise this page! Why must I vandalise this page, you ask? Because you're too damn cool to go unvandalised, that's why! - SunshineWerewolf
  • You are a fascinating person, and I like your drawings; Especially Beowulf! :3 ~Fuzy2K
  • Iguess swords, axes and bows are the first step o nthe way toward GUNS! Greetings to you. - OrangeSpider
  • I owe you a graffiti for your general contributions towards bringing up my favourite subject. <_< - Madass Alex
  • How did you manage to borrow an Ukrainian surname from Russian? Aminatep
  • I liked your old avatar. It was cute. - SoberIrishman
  • Any Troper who likes Vikings and etymology and Homestuck and whose handle is Anne Beeche is cool, but you're definitely the coolest out of all of them! Anyway I think you are pretty great so I am here telling you so on your page! That is what I am doing right now. :D -Sporkaganza
  • I may not know you that well, but you're clearly a cool person who really ups the ant-e. Haven
  • Slavic germanophile much? - Erock
  • Thanks for the derp. - Elan.
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  • One bad opinion at a time, right? Seems like we might be able to do it. ;) ~ USAF713
  • Because. Tuckerscreator