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Hello. I am angelthread1w9.

Real Name: Matthew Stephen Hyder

(Matthew: Gift of God (Hebrew))

Age: 22

Date of Birth: July 5, 1991 (Friday)


Gaia: Black Star Heaven & Akuma Uchitoru (Demon Slayer)

(Note: Black Star Heaven is a parody on Dark Cloud Heaven from Dark Cloud when I was trying to come up with names of worlds for Kingdom Hearts, just for fun. ^^;)

Tinier Me: Shiro Ame (White Rain)

Facebook: Matthew Stephen Hyder


Soultome-Alorafane: Angel Blade

(Note: My Black Star Heaven account was my first day socializing on the net, on July 11th, 2006 when I was 15 years old, just after middle school in the summer before high school.)

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Religion/Philosophy: Secular Humanism (Atheism/Buddhism)

Useful Notes/Atheism

(Morality is defined by humans independent of religion or supernatural forces).

(Real Life: Gene Roddenberry, J. Michael Straczynski, Joss Whedon, Russel T. Davies)

Fictional Buddhists

(Female: Byakuren Hijiri (Touhou))

I. Need to test beliefs — A deeply held conviction that all beliefs, be they political, religious, or otherwise, should be challenged and tested on a regular basis, rather than simply being accepted on faith. By challenging and discarding flawed beliefs, people can replace them with newer, less flawed ones, and so grow as persons.

II. Reason, evidence, scientific method — The belief that the answers to questions and solutions to problems should be sought through reason, critical thinking, and scientific methods of inquiry, rather than faith or mysticism.

III. Fulfillment, growth, creativity — A concern for fulfillment, growth, and creativity for both the individual and humanity in general.

IV. Search for truth — A constant search for a universal, objective truth, through the use of reason, evidence, and the scientific method, with the awareness that new discoveries can alter our perception and knowledge of truth.

V. This life — A concern for our life on Earth above a hypothetical afterlife, making the most of the time we have and making our lives meaningful through our understanding of each other.

VI. Ethics — A search for a clear code of ethics, judged on their ability to improve life for humanity through individual responsibility.

VII. Building a better world — A conviction that reason, understanding, and good will can lead to improvements in the world.

VIII. Morality determined by human need — The scientific concept of morality as an evolved strategy of human beings who needed to band together in groups in order to survive.

An atheist can believe any number of things, ranging from the standard "there are no gods" to "there probably aren't any gods" to "god is dead" to "humanity is god" and anything in between.

What leads many people to become atheists is skepticism, which is derived from the same basic principles as the scientific method.

There are others who don't really care about religion at all and don't think much about it. But even in their indifference such atheists still do not take kindly to people trying to convert them and/or make them feel bad or inadequate about their atheism or assuming they are automatically evil just because they're atheists. In general, it's when organized religion starts having a negative impact on others that most atheists have a problem with it.

Atheism does not prescribe a system of morality or code of behavior. There is no built-in system of reward for good acts and punishment for evil ones. While some religious people would expect this to lead atheists to become Straw Nihilists, atheists form moral codes as they grow up, through their education, culture and personal reflection, like everyone else. That is not an explicitly self-imposed limitation, it is the natural way things happen in a normal, sane, developing human brain, and it's for their benefit too, of course, as Good Feels Good, and sanity is its own advantage.

Just like honest citizens don't need the police constantly watching over their shoulder to abide by the law, atheists don't need to have a God watching over them to do good.

Taking the supernatural out of the equation does remove the basis for many kinds of "meaning of life". Atheists often don't believe that there is any kind of universal meaning of life, which means that they have to decide the purpose of their life on their own instead. This can be pretty liberating, and give a lot of destiny-screwing satisfaction. Indeed, some atheists claim that even if a higher power did exist, it would not have any right to dictate their life, and they would still choose their own purpose.

Atheists do not believe Satan exists any more than they believe God does. Therefore, they cannot worship either. Worshiping the Devil and atheism are mutually incompatible.

Atheists do not worship, venerate, idolize or serve (in the religious sense) anything or anyone, regardless of their stature, existence or whatever. They may respect or even admire scientists for their achievements, but they do so without thinking he or anyone else was infallible or had all the answers — or was even necessarily a nice person.

While there really are die-hard strong atheists that you do not want to put along with fundamentalists in the same forum (and, as you would expect, they are overrepresented in the public eye), being an atheist does not oblige one to despise God or the concept of him, look down on religious people, or point and laugh and say "Those ignorant primitives!" Those who do are what we like to call "Jerkasses". First, many atheists will tell you numerous points on which they agree with major religious figures. Second, almost all atheists have friends who believe in a God and will gladly maintain that friendship as long as neither person in the relationship is a jerk or Knight Templar about their beliefs.

Some atheists, perhaps unexpectedly, even practice religions. Atheism is quite compatible with Buddhism, secular Judaism, and Unitarian Universalism; some branches of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) have atheist/agnostic members as well. That said, religious atheists are not likely to self-identify as "atheists," but instead as members of their religions.

The argument goes, "Without God, who would give us right and wrong and a meaning in life?". If God disappeared, would everybody then immediately be Driven to Suicide or default to Complete Monsters? The atheist would argue that there are ways to determine right and wrong (see below) and that they are capable of figuring them out on their own, sometimes through well-thought out reason, a search for enlightenment or just plain empathy, without necessity for God or metaphysics. Buddhism and Secular Humanism (non-theistic ethical codes) might be referenced.

Some atheists usually respond to this by pointing out that the fundamentalists aren't really moral because they're basically showing that they need a dogma to avoid becoming a Complete Monster.

Besides, this suggestion doesn't even make sense; if the "atheist" really believed there was a God who would punish actions He didn't like, they would be as averse to performing those actions as any other person who believed this (which, granted, isn't very in some cases). It would be worse than pointless to use their fake atheism as a fig leaf, since that would presumably just compound the problems they would face when God caught up with them.

This may coincide with the concept of the "virtuous pagan", someone not of the religion or who was around before the religion in question existed and still did good works.

     Personality (General) 
Myers-Briggs: Idealist Counselor (INFJ)

As Abstract Cooperators, Idealists speak mostly of what they hope for and imagine might be possible for people, and they want to act in good conscience, always trying to reach their goals without compromising their personal code of ethics.

Idealists are enthusiastic, they trust their intuition, yearn for romance, seek their true self, prize meaningful relationships, and dream of attaining wisdom.

Idealists pride themselves on being loving, kindhearted, and authentic.

Idealists tend to be giving, trusting, spiritual, and they are focused on personal journeys and human potentials.

Idealists make intense mates, nurturing parents, and inspirational leaders.

(Real: Carl Jung, Mohandas Gandhi)

(Male Examples: Hei (Darker than Black), Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin), Avatar Roku (Avatar: The Last Airbender))

(Female Examples: Misaki Nakahara (Welcome to the NHK!), Princess Garnet (Final Fantasy IX))

(Note: For other interesting intuitive introverts, there's Satou from Welcome to the NHK as an INFP, Lelouch from Code Geass and Light from Death Note as INTJ, and L Lawliet from Death Note as INTP.)

Enneagram: Reformer (1) (Ego Triad (Instincts): Super-Ego)

Ones are The Perfectionist, plain and simple. Their Basic Fear is to be corrupt. They have a little voice in the back of their heads which is constantly criticizing their behavior; they use this to try and stay moral and ascend beyond the criticism of others. They tend to shove under the bed anything they feel ashamed about, which can create all sorts of horrific repression problems. A healthy One leads by example and shows Incorruptible Pure Pureness; an unhealthy One can be a Broken Ace or hypocritical Knight Templar.

(Real: Confucius, Plato, Joan of Arc, Nelson Mandela)

Super-Ego (Lawful) (Shoulder Angel)

In contrast to the id, the superego acts essentially as the person's critical and moralizing conscience. While the id desires simple self-gratification, the superego desires for the person's behavior to be based on what's socially acceptable. It criticizes the id's desires and controls the person's morality and sense of right and wrong.

On a more intensive level, Freud theorized that the superego was an internal symbol of the strong father figure: one who would discipline the person for misbehavior and instruct the person on cultural demands and regulations in their youth.

(Male: Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII), Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney), Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass), Light Yagami (Death Note), Hei (Darker than Black))

(Female: Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell), Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica))

Temperament: Melancholic

Introverted and task-oriented.

These characters can be extremely passionate and have high ideals. The intentions and longings found in this temperament are mainly the making and following of rules, good manners being among those rules. These characters focus on the world of internal thought and the best way to apply those thoughts.

Independent, courteous, organized, highly refined, hard-working (though tend to work a little too much), analytical; but also a detached, neurotic, obsessive perfectionist whose insanely high standards can lead to depression.

Rather than forgive, tendency to withdraw and brood; tendency to blame others, self, and "all of the above" (sometimes all at once). Prone to over-thinking on petty matters which easily makes them stressed to the point of paranoia. Gluttony or coveting, or both, are a good bet.

Often The Sneaky Guy or a very serious form of The Smart Guy and an excellent candidate for The Leader. Can often hide in a sour shell and, if female, be a more brooding loner-type Ice Queen, Dark Action Girl, The Ophelia, Femme Fatale or Mysterious Woman. Those melancholics who have taken to lives of action can be the Byronic Hero or a Manipulative Bastard. I Work Alone will often come into play.


(Melancholic/Choleric) (Phlegm/Sanguine)

Melancholics are 'intense', serious, and 'deep'. They care strongly about things and it's important to them that things are as close to perfection as possible.


(Melancholic/Phlegm) (Choleric/Sanguine)

Being around other people is fine in small doses, especially when the Melancholic can exchange thoughts, feelings and ideas, but it gets draining fast. Melancholics need time alone in order to recharge; being alone is when they feel most at ease.


(Melancholic/Phlegm) (Choleric/Sanguine)

Melancholics have very specific ideas about what they like and what they don't like. The outer world is chaotic and full of things that they dislike, so they keep inside their inner worlds. They are sensitive and fear being hurt, so they keep things to themselves.

Slow Reactions

(Melancholic/Phlegm) (Choleric/Sanguine)

Melancholics will grit their teeth and bear the things that they dislike over a long time before finally snapping. It takes them a long, long time before they can learn to love and accept any given thing, because their perfect worlds of feelings and opinions are built up carefully, deliberately, and are difficult to change once established.

Long Duration

(Melancholic/Choleric) (Phlegm/Sanguine)

Once a melancholic has added a truth to their perfect, carefully-built inner universe, this truth will stay there for a very, very long time. They hold grudges, they are upset for ages by the slightest things. If something makes them happy, it will continue to do so for a long time because their love for it was built up slowly, and with much thought and planning, rather than being a whimsical, impulsive decision. They become deeply devoted to their interests.


(Melancholic/Sanguine) (Choleric/Phlegm)

Melancholics are deeply sensitive, and moved strongly by emotion. They are prone to tears, either by beauty or by distress, and they feel fear readily and strongly too.

(Male: Dr. Tenma (Monster), Vash (Trigun), Suzaku (Code Geass), Soichiro & L & Near (Death Note), Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist), Jin (Samurai Champloo), Itsuki Koizumi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suuzmiya), Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho), Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney), James Sunderland (Silent Hill 2), Shadow & Cyan (Final Fantasy VI), Vivi (Final Fantasy VII), Mega Man X (Mega Man X), Poo (Earth Bound), Meta Knight (Kirby), Champion Red & Lucian (Pokemon), Nageki (Hatoful Boyfriend), Will Turner (Pirates of the Carribean), Harry & James & Snape (Harry Potter), Walter White (Breaking Bad), Sokka & Prince Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender), Mako (The Legend of Korra), Huey Freeman (The Boondocks))

(Female: Saber (Fate-Stay Night), Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell), Lucy (Elfen Lied), Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Sailor Mars & Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon), Rue (Princess Tutu), Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh), Miyuki (Lucky Star), Celes (Final Fantasy VI), Sakuya (Touhou), Champion Cynthia & Sabrina (Pokemon), Twilight Sparkle & Princess Luna (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic))

(Note: About the Melancholic thing... as much as I am a perfectionist and believe in being morally good, I'm also pretty emotional and talkative at least online when I feel comfortable around others, especially my friends, but otherwise I'm pretty quiet. ^^; But like, Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You are both Melancholics that end up learning the lesson of friendship and ironically become a personification of that, right? Well, that's the kind of person that I am. :) In a way, I think it makes a lot of sense actually... Melancholics put a lot of value on things, including people... but sometimes they may have a hard time trusting others, because their standards are really high. :( When they can learn to finally trust that person though, they value that friendship deeper than anyone else... That's what it means to be a Melancholic, at least in my eyes. :))

(Note: Although his personality might not fit me much, Anghel's role in Hatoful Boyfriend is something that I really admire. :) Personality wise, I do love Nageki a lot though and he even seems to be listed as a Melancholic. ^_^ Although sometimes, he also seems a bit cold. :( His backstory is pretty tragic though. T_T Ryouta is pretty ordinary but really nice too. :) Also, Hiyoko may be pretty extroverted but she's also adorable. XD I love her! <3 She's so cute! ^_^ Anyways, yeah. XD Personality is one thing, but role is another. :p)

Alignment: Neutral Good-Lawful Good

(Good: The Messiah, All-Loving Hero, Knight in Sour Armor (Anti-Hero (Type 2))

The Character Alignment of sweetness and light. A Neutral Good character will usually comply with laws if doing so benefits the greater good, but rebel against those they consider unjust or which conflict with the greater good.

Neutral Good characters are indifferent to Order Versus Chaos, and their only interest is in doing good. They will use whatever means will promote the most good, whether that means tearing down a code of laws, following a code of laws, creating an orderly society, causing the breakdown of harmful kinds of order, or staying away from society altogether. Their only goal is to do good, full stop.

Type 2

Type 2 are those who are actively good- for them, Goodness is an Ideal as well as (or less likely, instead of) an obligation. They devote themselves to a life of Goodness and doing Good is the most important thing in their lives, or one of at least.

They believe in doing what is Right and may sacrifice personal happiness, perhaps even in advance, in pursuit of that. If they are not The Cape, they admire and seek to imitate them. This type wants to do good, to go out and have adventures and to right wrongs and fight evil, but might be unprepared for the harsh realities they have to face, though they will probably have strong enough principles and beliefs that this will not stun them for long.

Alternatively, Comes Great Responsibility is in play and they feel that doing good is their duty- this does not make them Lawful Good, but means that they will do good regardless of whether Lawfulness is in play.

(Tropes: Anti-Nihilist, Nice Guy)

(Male: Dr. Tenma (Monster), Alphonse & Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist), Kakashi Hatake (Naruto), Miroku & Shippo (Inuyasha), Yu Narukami & Yosuke & Yukiko & Rise (Persona 4), Ness & Jeff (Mother 2 (Earth Bound)), Lucas & Flint (Mother 3), Klonoa (Klonoa), Jubei (Blazblue), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Aang & Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender))

(Female: Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess), Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon), Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura), Kagome (Inuyasha), Amaterasu (Okami), Byakuren & Keine (Touhou), Flonne (Disgaea), Marona (Phantom Brave), Paula (Mother 2 (Earth Bound), Litchi & Makota & Taokaka (Blazblue), Princess Celestia & Fluttershy (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Jesus & Criminy & Fuschia (Sinfest), Fighter (8-Bit Theater))


Human Friendship: Medium

(Examples: Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, Komachi Onozuka, Byakuren Hijiri, Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, Suwako Moriya, Suika Ibuki, Aya Shameimaru, Patchouli Knowledge, Hong Meiling, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Tewi Inaba, Shou Toramaru, Nitori Kawashiro, Hina Kagiyama, Wriggle Nightbug, Cirno, Sunny Milk, Luna Child, Star Sapphire)

Threat Level: Unknown

(Examples: Byakuren Hijiri, Yukari Yakumo, Utsuho Reiuji, Koishi Komeiji, Reisen Udongein Inaba)

Medium & Unknown

(Examples: Byakuren Hijiri, Yukari Yakumo, Reisen Udongein Inaba)

Animal Crossing

Personality: Smug

One of the new personalities in New Leaf, villagers with this personality act gentlemanly and are easy to get along with, but as their name suggests, can get quite insufferable at times.

House Theme

(Alpine, Cabana, Classic, Exotic, Gorgeous, Regal, Rococo)

(Old School/Chic) (Retro/Dignified) (Antique, Harmonious, Rustic)

Blue (Quizilla)

"The color of kindness. You may get sad sometimes and worry about parts of life, but you truly care. You don't like waiting for too long and you want to know everything there is to know. You may judge others but you don't want to hurt them. You want to be loved."


(Jazz, Soul, Sonata, Ballad, Milonga, Bossa, Cafe)

  • Übermensch: I try my hardest to get along with people, but I often find it hard for some reason... and I don't really know much people that share the same thoughts and feelings on things that I do, so I generally feel like my beliefs differ greatly from most people.

(Examples: Batman, Dr. Tenma (Monster), Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass), Light Yagami & Near (Death Note))

  • Noble Profession: School Teacher or Medical Professional (Neutral Good). I love children, as long as their well-behaved. :) Their just meant to be so full of purity and innocence, and their new to the world so there's so much you can teach them and show to them, and their so playful. ^_^ Of course, because their so young, you got to be careful to not let them get into anything their too young for. :( As for the medical thing, I was really inspired by Monster, almost enough to the point that I want to be one. ^^; Ace Attorney is the same way in a Lawful Good sense. XD I just love Dr. Tenma and Phoenix Wright. :) Miles Edgeworth isn't half bad either, at least in his own games. :p
    • Good Samaritan: This is ultimately what I want to be without having to refer to more... fanatical versions like Messianic Archetype and All-Loving Hero. ^^; It turns out a lot of versions of this are doctors like Litchi from Blazblue and so on. :p As a Neutral Good, I was thinking of being more of an author, psychologist, or teacher/counselor. That last part is actually some of the titles for Idealists anyway. ^^; People should be people, right? So we're all technically family... So why do our own kind have to fight each other so much? Why are some people so selfish, evil, and/or rude? It really bothers me. :( Maybe one day, more people can find themselves being more like what I wish to be...
    • The Paragon: This is another trope that fits me a lot. :) I wish everyone could be just as heroic as all the other famous people in the world, acting altruistically. ^_^ It would be nice if everyone was a inspirational role-model to each other. :)

Noble Profession

The opposite of Villain by Default - some occupations are just expected to be good and well-meaning and lovely. Heroes are likely to spring from their ranks, and working as one as a villain - legitimately or just for a useful disguise - is a good way to earn oneself a Heel-Face Turn.

I. Holy People (Saintly Church)

Priests and vicars (Good Shepherd), usually, but if a rabbi shows up, they'll be the same - wise, willing to dispense advice and help out anyone, whether or not the person in need of help is part of their "flock". It's possible Middle Eastern stuff applies the same goodliness to imams or Shinto, Taoist, Hindu and Buddhist priests get the same deal in Asia. Monks and Nuns are also Inherently Good, and most Buddhists in Western representations come under that umbrella.

II. School Teachers

Anyone who works with children is lovely. Possibly because they've devoted their lives to helping little people grow up, accumulate knowledge, etc. In a slightly more cynical sense, it could be that anybody willing to put up with children (especially teenagers) all the time has got to be some kind of saint.

III. Medical Professionals

For some odd reason (Close to Earth), nurses are more goodly than doctors, in general. Possibly because doctors get paid so much, whereas nurses are equally famous for being paid so little (although in some places nurses are well-paid, highly in-demand professionals). On the other hand, male doctors are considered ideal boyfriend material by every straight female character ever. The automatic niceness of these figures is obviously averted by EVERY MEDICAL DRAMA EVER, because, of course, a show about nothing but nice people would be boring to watch. House gets bonus points.

(Male: Dr. Tenma (Monster))

Good Samaritan

(Male: The Man With A Box (Lone Survivor))

(Female: Litchi Faye-Ling (Blazblue), Artina (Disgaea 4))

The Paragon

(Male: Superman, Captain America, Spider-Man, Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto), Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann), Minato/Minako Arisato (Persona 3), Yu Narukami (Persona 4), Link (The Legend of Zelda), Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk))

(Female: Nanoha (Lyrical Nanoha), Amaterasu (Okami))

  • White Sheep-Black Sheep: Just like a lot of people in Real Life, I'm the type of person who has a hard time fitting in, with much different interests and beliefs. :( I think it makes me special though, and I wish others could be the same way. :)

  • Will Not Tell a Lie: I'm a firm believer in this, as I'm usually honest. Honesty is an ideal for me, although sometimes I may feel like hiding some factual things about myself because their hard to admit, unless that person is really close to me...

     Dream World (Heaven) 

I wish for World Peace of course where there were no wars. To further add to that though, I wish there were no more abusive families, no more bullying, no more fighting, and not even a single remnant of bullying or trolling. If possible, the world would be without sin.

I wish no one had to eat, drink, sleep, breathe, have sex for reproduction, and so on anymore, but they could still do for being pleasurable.

Every type of love would be accepted but this does not mean the world would be a hentai world, although pornography may still exist. This includes homosexuality, bisexuality, incest, and even pedophilia. This may or may not include bestiality and bondage however.

People could be naked and have sex freely in public without being ashamed.

Unless there's a way to somehow make them beneficial, drugs and alcohol do not exist. Guns may only possibly exist to use for hunting.

I wish everyone could freely connect to the internet as much as they want whenever they wanted to but it's not mandatory. People could even literally transfer their spirits into the world of cyberspace and interact with each other.

Space travel is possible and aliens exist on every planet.

Fantasy elements such as magic and nekoes being real do exist. They can even attend classes and the study of magic can be a significant subject.

If people wish to fight for fun to test their strength they can do by any means necessary as long as it's not lethal.

Prisons and jail wouldn't even exist because criminals wouldn't exist.

Everyone would be rich and have an air of aristocracy, with high levels of both technology and nature spread across every inch of the universe.

Fictional characters could actually exist, at least by programming the data of their personality into an android that looks and acts exactly like the character. It is unknown whether or not reproduction could be functional however if one desired to do so.

If people desire to do so although it's no longer necessary, they can eat and never get fat and all food is healthy, even sweets.

Any and all animals and plants can breed together to form hybrids. However, there is a limit to how much interbreeding can exist to avoid confusion on identification.

People can at least have passive superpowers including flying and breathing underwater. People can even breathe and float through outer space.

A person can change their age at will as long as they have reached said age and maintain the personality they had at that time.

If the user wishes it, anybody can visit another person's dreams, and even add their thoughts to the user's dream world.

Everything is impervious to damage and will last forever.

Every video game can be downloaded into one system and taken anywhere the user wishes or played at home with any number of people desirable.

On a Well-Intentioned Extremist level to possibly get to this point if it can be achieved, everyone would be recorded in world government records by a faction that can rule over the world and possibly have everyone caught on a security camera at all times to make sure no one commits a crime. Naturally, it would be satisfactory for only me to be that ruler. A constitution would be written to remind everyone on what these moral standards should be at all times.

Everyone would undergo brain scans by at least the age of 10 minimum for mental disorders and undergo surgery in the case that they do and be fixed.

     Current Status 

This is my current status at the moment. These tropes are subjective to change.

  • The Woobie: I've had a pretty rough life. :( I'm trying my best to go through life overcoming my PSTD though.

Iron Woobie

(Male: Dr. Tenma (Monster), Guts (Berserk), Lelouch (Code Geass), Vash (Trigun), Naruto & Kakashi (Naruto), Tidus (Final Fantasy X), Klonoa (Klonoa), Prince Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender))

(Female: Nana (Elfen Lied), Yuna (Final Fantasy X), Carona (Phantom Brave), Sveta (Golden Sun: Dark Dawn), Samus (Metroid), Raven (Teen Titans))

  • NEET: My social anxieties are causing me to be unemployed at the moment. :( I hope I can overcome this...
    • Hikikomori: Well, my social anxiety isn't THAT high that I never feel like leaving my house, but whenever I leave to go outside it's usually just for walking around and clearing my thoughts or focusing on buying something without talking to anyone. Ironically, part of my fear of other people come from some other people's supposed Lack of Empathy and the state of humanity at the moment. For a long time since after high school to say the least, I've only lived in apartments and sometimes it would feel strange to live so close to people in an apartment complex but not even know a single one of them, or even with a neighborhood, except technically for Halloween. I wish everything could be like the way Tazmily Village was in the beginning of Mother 3, where everyone knew each other...
    • Reclusive Artist: I used to write stories and put them on the web, such as on my Facebook. Their all based on personal aspects of myself such as both my idealism and cynicism and how I feel about the world.


(Male: Satou (Welcome to the NHK!))


(Male: Satou (Welcome to the NHK!), Jun (Rozen Maiden), Japan (Axis Powers Hetalia), Endrance (.Hack//G.U.))

(Female: Madotsuki (Yume Nikki), Vera Misham (Ace Attorney))

  • Nice Guy: I try my best to be this every day, especially for my friends. <3 Just take a look at the Quotes folder. :) It's full of lots of Heartwarming moments and Inspiring words to help people make it through in life. ^_^
    • The Empath: Alright, so the whole psychic thing might be a hard thing to believe in, but my friend Precious actually sent me a link to a Psychology site that talked about Empaths in Real Life that the rare few people who can relate to it were very happy about. It basically represents people who are very emotionally sensitive yet are usually pretty sentimental because of it. ^^;

Nice Guy

(Male: Dr. Tenma (Monster), Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star), Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto), Yoh Asakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Minato/Minako Arisato (Persona 3), Yu Narukami & Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4), Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy IV), Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII), Link (The Legend of Zelda), Isaac & Matthew (Golden Sun), Harry Potter & Remus Lupin (Harry Potter), Aang & Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender), Tenzin & Bolin (The Legend of Korra))

(Female: Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket), Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Princess Nunnally & Euphemia (Code Geass), Nana (Elfen Lied), Hinata Hyuuga (Naruto), Tsukasa & Yutaka (Lucky Star), Sveta (Golden Sun), Luna (Zero Escape 2: Virtue's Last Reward), Twilight Sparkle & Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic))

The Empath

(Male: Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends With You))

(Female: Athena Cykes (Ace Attorney))

Straight Edge: I'm not very fond of drugs and alcohol. :( I pride myself on being a pretty clean person. :) What good does all this stuff do anyway? >_< I wish they didn't exist. :(

     Romantic (Sexual) Tropes 

Alright, before I start, I'm going to have to say my feelings on sex is really... unique.

As I try my best to be a deep, romantic, and accepting person, I can often be curious about being attracted to all types of relationships yet I don't find myself sexually attracted to most people, except maybe Asian girls, heh heh.

All of my life so far at the moment, on places like Gaia and Tinier Me, a lot of people there somehow happen to be young teenage girls, and some of them may have even wanted me to add them first instead of the other way around, given that I'm usually shy in talking to new people as I often feel insecure about bad relationships with others at times.

I might not even known their age until later on, but considering how much I mean to them, I don't think it really matters...

Sometimes I feel like going out with them despite our age differences since at the moment, I don't really have much to rely on, but sometimes I also wonder if their not mature and smart enough since their technically still growing up and haven't had much time to really become an adult... and they all live so far away, anyway.

Also, if there's a fetish you like in 2D, I'd assume one should wonder what it's like to have it for real, you know? So I often think about that, even if it feels kind of weird...

Also, as I am a normally deep and empathetic person, the usual vulgarity of porn (hentai) actually turns me off as far as my heart and soul goes, but my hormones and curiosity might make me interested in it anyway.

As I am terrified of things like corruption and illnesses, I have a loose grasp on understanding sex and can get rather uncomfortable at it otherwise, at least if it's out of place, like when I see a sex game advertised on Facebook when I'm not deliberately trying to look it up. It's unsettling especially that Facebook isn't exactly a porn site anyway...

So yeah, I got a rather interesting view on romance, heh.

With that said, I guess I'll list a few that definitely fit me, whichever ones I can find.

  • Extreme Omnisexual: I think I might be this overall... >///< At the very least, I'm very supportive of all sorts of types of sex! ^///^ There are some that I may feel a little iffy about though, but yeah. ^^; I do think about possible moral or health issues of course, and a sense of loyalty and faithfulness for couples, but I'm still otherwise turned on pretty easily by stuff... >///< The funny thing is though I actually haven't seen much anime involving any types of specific sexual orienations, only a few romantic anime like Fruits Basket, and a handful of hentai stuff when I'm in the mood, but otherwise I'm not too interested in it, and I'm usually more into Drama and Mystery stuff. ^^; Still, some more light hearted stuff is nice too. :) Edit: Just because I'm an Extreme Omnisexual, doesn't mean I'm a Lovable Sex Maniac though. I just like to keep my options open. ^^; Sometimes it even feels like Bile Fascination or Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny because of how other people view it. >///< I honestly don't care if other people find it wrong though. My hormones are simply based on gut instinct (Green), mixed in with personal passion and love (Red), with usually good intentions (White), possibly backed up by logic (Blue), so it really doesn't feel inherently evil or that there's something different about me... I don't know why people got to be so critical. :(
    • Lolicon: Yes, I'm a Lolicon, I think. ^^; But I wouldn't want to hurt them! D: The ideal little girl is supposed to be all moe, cute, and sweet right? :) What is there not to like? XD Besides, it doesn't have to be sexual or anything. ^^; There's all sorts of Lolicon pictures with Scenery Porn that are absolutely gorgeous and super cute! <3 I kind of just want to give them hugs and kisses actually. ^^; That shouldn't be too bad, right? :)
    • Incest Yay Shipping: Incest may be a bit different, but it's also pretty heartwarming in a way. ^^; To not just love your family but be in love with them seems pretty sweet. :) Of course, it could also just be pure lust or in the form of abuse, which would be awful. D: But like... it could very well be the opposite of abuse, and the opposite of an abusive family where everyone is separated from each other by hate, and not very supportive and open about the idea of other people in the family having different beliefs and sexual orientations than their own, or what their religion believes in if they have one. :( So yeah, to be in a family that loves you that much... it could be nice, I think. ^^;
    • Yuri Fan: Sometimes it may feel kind of strange and different since I haven't really experienced seeing it much in real life, but lesbians are kind of cute. ^^; If girls are already pretty cute to me by themselves, then seeing them paired up with another girl makes it even cuter! <3
    • The Gadfly-The Tease: A mild, verbal example, but yes, it shows. ^^; Everyone I say it too are close friends though, so they know I'm just joking. XD Except in a way I don't, although I definitely choose to lean more towards acting against it. It's just that... I have really strong hormones that are natural for me, so I have to vent it out somehow. :p And no, porn-hentai and um... *gulps* masturbating doesn't always work... ^^; It is pretty fun to make girls blush though, as long as they don't get mad. ^^; I wouldn't want them to be mad, I'm not that kind of Gadfly. :( Although... most of my friends are oddly teenage girls. o.O This seems to be inevitable on social network sites, at least for anime ones like Gaia and Tinier Me, which I was their age for a long time. :p But then that pattern still stayed over the years... although I've noticed pretty much every one of them came to me first. Ironically, I'm usually the one starting the conversation, at least for the people who don't have as much deep conversations as my closest friends do. :p It's strange... I did meet a couple of people who are around my age though so my teasing on them was much more significant, and I do sort of wish I could go out with them. ^///^ Somehow, my relationships usually still get strained though. :( Maybe one day, things will work out... :)
      • Technical Virgin: I am also this. 0///0 I don't really want to go into all the details, but I think I described it on Soultome. >///<

I actually made a Lolicon hentai once called Warmth in my Heart, and it was honestly meant to be romantic, at least more than the norm, and I tried my best to have it actually make sense. I've seen a few that seriously don't (Porn Without Plot). o.O As for me, I would always try to make it a case of Porn with Plot, no matter what the content was. :p But yeah, I generally want to have the hentai be romantic, so it can actually look good beyond the sexual aspects. Besides, porn-hentai is technically just sex, right? Who says it can't be romantic too?

     Soultome Questions 

Here are some questions I answered on Soultome Alorafane. :) Enjoy. <3

1. What does your username (Angel Blade) mean?

I wasn't really sure what my name should be, but I figured it should sound noble because I wish to have noble intentions. ^_^

There doesn't really seem to be any meaning in life other than people getting along, especially since we're all human beings of the same species and especially if this is the only life we have, we shouldn't waste it... This isn't even necessarily empathy so much as common sense, and I wish people could see that.

I think people usually see others as individuals instead everyone as a group and with all of our differences it's hard for people to get along...

I guess I technically feel like that too ironically... I guess... this high sense of idealism is actually represented by my subconscious super-ego. ^^;

Anyways, from all of that, Angel Blade would basically mean that, well... I wish I was a Guardian Angel. :)

To tell you the truth, sometimes I wish I was God... I wish I could fix things... make things better... Sometimes I wish I was even Karma itself, punishing evil and rewarding good like it should be.

With so much suffering in the world from things like wars, bullies, abusive parents and relationships, etc... It's obvious that good things don't always work out for good people. :( That's why I wish I could fix all of that...

Heh... As far as Touhou goes at least, apparently people like Sanae who used to be human can become a God with enough faith. I wish I was like that... I wonder what it would be like to compete with Shikieiki, the enma herself. :O I kind of wish I had her job. ^^; As an immortal, I'd have all the time in the world too, so maybe it shouldn't matter if I had to judge a few billion people. XD Could be higher anyway. Like a few trillion, such as all the other people who lived before. o.O But yeah. ^^;

At my worst I'd be like a despot who wishes to rule simply for the sake of ruling and having power so people wouldn't walk all over me...

I actually can't imagine why anyone would be subservient and admit that there's always a higher power than them willingly...

Ironically, this brings the question if anyone would want to serve me if I was the ruler of anything... Hopefully I'd be a benevolent ruler that everyone would love. :)

But yeah... Angel Blade... Kind of corny, but also pretty elegant, huh? ^^;

So there you have it. ^^;



Here's a list of things that I generally like. :) Enjoy! <3

A. Anime and Manga

1. Monster (Seinen)

2. Code Geass (Seinen-Shonen)

3. Death Note (Shonen) (Seinen-Like)

4. Welcome to the NHK! (Shonen) (Seinen-Like)

5. Fruits Basket (Shoujo)

B. Video Games

1. Breath of Fire III (T)

2. Wild Arms (T)

3. Seiken Densetsu (T)

4. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (T-M)

5. Mother (Earth Bound) (E10+)

6. Lunar (T)

7. Ace Attorney (T-M)

8. Touhou (T)

9. Okami (T)

10. Threads of Fate (T)

11. Lost Kingdoms (T)

12. Final Fantasy VI-X (T)

13. Dragon Quest VII (E10+-T)

14. The Legend of Zelda (LA, OOT, OOS-OOA, SS) (E-T)

     Music Tastes 

Here's a list of some of my tastes in music. :) Enjoy! <3

Real Life

A. Classical

1. Gymnopedies (Erik Satie)

Anime and Manga

A. Endings

1. Monster (For The Love of Life)

Video Games

A. Serene

I. Themes (Normal)

1. Legend of Mana (Rising Sun)

II. Normal

1. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (Untamed Heart: Moon Kingdom)

2. Donkey Kong Country 2 (Stickerbrush Symphony)

3. Legend of Mana (City of Flickering Destruction)

4. Breath of Fire IN (Truth and Dreams)

B. Tragic

I. Themes (Normal)

1. Silent Hill (Tears Of...)

II. Themes (Characters)

1. Chrono Cross (Star Stealing Girl: Kid's Theme)

III. Normal

1. Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (Morphogenetic Sorrow)


Here are some inspirational quotes that I really like.

I also have some quotes from fictional stories.

Even if the characters aren't technically real, they were created from the mind of real people, and that's what makes them special. :) Technically, that would mean any quote that you like in any story that you're into is created from the author who wrote it.

Anyways, I hope other people can be inspired by this too. :) Enjoy. <3


Here are some of my own inspirational quotes, thoughts, and feelings. :) It might also involve some poetry I personally wrote myself. <3

My Wisdom

1. "To judge things that should not be judged is to separate yourself from the world." - Me (22) (May 15, 2014 Thursday A.D.)

(Note: A long time ago, I used to be afraid of my emotions because of things like anger and hate, I tried to make myself more logical and tried to hide these things... and I was afraid of things like hedonism. I went from being Neutral to being more Lawful, fearing the Chaotic... until I realized that emotions might be a part of my creativity, and the more "adult" stuff in life is actually kind of healthy to experience. ^^; So, it would seem to do more good than harm, at least for me. :) Besides, after the card of Judgment in the tarot is The World, the final card. ^_^ It feels really good to be more accepting of things. <3 Now I feel all balanced out, like things should be. :))

My Feelings

1. "I just want people's suffering to end and if there is a Heaven, they'll be able to do things that they couldn't do here." - Me (20) Journal Composition 17: Ups and Downs (November 6, 2011 Sunday (Midnight) A.D.)

2. “I just want everyone to be loved, accepted, and understood... That should be the meaning of life; to work together." - Me (20) Journal Composition 23: Hope? (December 5, 2011 Monday A.D.)

3. “I want everyone to go to Heaven. I worry at the thought of criminals going to Hell, and if they have a family that cries for them in Heaven for all eternity. That can’t be right. That shouldn’t be right. If there is a God, all children born from him should come back to him, even if they have to suffer through Purgatory for a million years, it’s still not eternity. Why do I feel this way after being hurt so much? Why is there still so much goodness in my heart? Is it simply because I don’t want to be like them? That’s strange…” - Me (20) Journal Composition 93: Trust and Forgiveness (May 2, 2012 Wednesday A.D.)

4. “I also can’t help but wonder if the world was more peaceful, they’ll be little to no police around. Wouldn't that be something? I wonder what it would be like to live in a world with no jail or prison. That would be so… blissful… To always have to live in fear of consequences in this life or the beyond… I wish no one had to worry about that.” - Me (20) Journal 94: Peaceful Life and Dreams (May 3, 2012 Thursday A.D.)

5. "By the way, I think the simple thought of wondering if you’re a good person makes you a good person. I wonder if a bad person ever questions what they’re doing is wrong..." - Me (20) Journal Composition 107: Wrapping Up (June 2, 2012 Saturday A.D.)

My Stories

(Believe, Misguided Perception, Warmth in My Heart)

(Fan-fics: Death Note (Redemption))

(Note: My fan-fic is still in progress, if at all it will ever be finished, and hasn't been posted anyone else than my personal note on Facebook so far. All of my stories can be found there as well.)

1. “I don't know what the future will bring, but I know what I finally want to do when I grow up... I want to spread awareness for the people who are discriminated against, even if the whole world is against me. Even if God himself is against me. I will follow my heart, even if the world thinks I'm wrong. Because what's the point in living if you're not yourself? I don't want to be like everybody else... I'll follow my own path no matter how difficult it is. That's what I believe in... I will still be by my friends' sides, even Monica and Ashley's forever...” – Rose (Misguided Perception: Part 4 (Final))

Real Life

1. "Even moreso than the good, it is the bad who need to be rescued." - Shigesato Itoi

2. "There are two feelings "C'mon, it's just a game" and, "C'mon, be serious, this is a game here." - Shigesato Itoi

3. "That's right. The knowledge that the world will come to an end in 5.5 billion years actually gives me courage. There's nothing that I can do about everything coming to an end, so as long as I have my life, I'd like to appreciate it. I did my best to be here, so I want to go out with a bang. But that's both a good thing and a bad thing. Of course, it's no good to go around making trouble for other people, but even if there is someone who is clearly troubled, even then I want to die thinking, "I know why you were born!" I want to die after living to the fullest. And I want to tell others to do the same. I want to tell mankind to do the same." - Shigesato Itoi

4. "The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization." - Sigmund Freud

5. "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." - Albert Einstein

6. "I still live, I still think: I still have to live, for I still have to think." - Friedrich Nietzsche

7. "Only the sane ever question their sanity." - Friedrich Nietzsche


1. "People will judge you because they don't understand your gift, but don't hate them! You were blessed with that power so you can help people! Grow up compassionate and kind, help even those that hurt you, then one day, everyone will come to like you." - Marona (Phantom Brave)

2. “A society is dictated by its people. If we improve the people's minds, society will be likewise improved.”- Hidetoshi Odagiri (Persona 3 Portable) (Emperor)

3. "It's only natural for living creatures to fight to protect their own lives. But what makes us human is that we fight for others. But who do you fight for? How hard must you fight...? That's the true measure of what human life is worth." - Phoenix Wright (Lawyer) (Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations)

4. "It doesn't matter how many underhanded tricks a person uses... The truth will always find a way to make itself known. The only thing we can do is to fight with the knowledge we hold and everything we have." - Miles Edgeworth (Prosecutor) (Ace Attorney: Investigations)

5. "The legend of Unova is about Pokémon and people working together to build a new world! The message is that simple and that strong. If changing the world makes you a hero, anyone can become a hero. As each of us changes what is in our power to change, so the world itself changes." - Giallo (Sage) (Pokemon Black and White)

6. "Hell doesn't exist to punish sinners, it exists so people don't sin in the first place. If only people could realize that." - Shikieiki Yamaxanadu (Touhou)

Emotional Support (Friends)

1. "You're not a curse Shiro! You've just been through a lot... but I know that deep down, you’re a very inspirational person! You have a lot of potential. It may be hard, but I'll try my best to show you that you can make a difference in the world! You are a great savior and master, Shiro!" - Mia (15) (February 12, 2012 Sunday A.D.)

2. "aw Shiro-san... D: *hugs* you're not a bad person, you're really wonderful and great ^^ just gotta deal with loneliness and misunderstandings D: but you'll always have me. :3" - Mia (15), (February 20, 2012 Sunday A.D.)

3. "Don't mind only becomes the truth if you believe it yourself. You're smart...just believe in that. A lie becomes a truth if you believe it. It's either against what you know...or you feel it isn't right...kind of like an intuition..." - foxface (Precious Joy Benecito) (14) (Tinier Me)

4. "Matthew, getting mad at people or making enemies or believing that you don't belong to the world doesn't mean you’re going to hell, you have to do a lot worse to go there, and if there is a god, I’m sure he would allow you to go to heaven" - nazaki001 (Alessandra Cavallini) (14) (March 26, 2012 Monday A.D.) (Private Message on Tinier Me)

5. "You’re a good person and everything you do you have good intentions in everything you do you are very smart this means that in the future you will do something awesome and you are a good friend and you care about others I don't know exactly what it is, as in your point in life, but I know it’s something great." – Faith (faith45) (July 27, 2012 Friday A.D.) (IM on Tinier Me)

6. "thank u for being so nice (ur always nice but still) I was kinda crying but u cheered me up :)" - Alyssa Bat (March 30, 2013 Saturday A.D.) (Before Easter)

7. "I consider a buddy to be someone I can count on when I need them." - Khy Forbes (Yuki) (19) (November 4, 2013 Monday A.D.)

8. "it's sweet, staying up for someone." - Precious Joy Benecito (December 8, 2013 Sunday (Midnight) A.D.)

Emotional Support (Personal)

1. "Why does my anatomy project have to be so hard? T_T" - Akira Ruiz

"Aww.... I wish you kids didn't have to go through so much hard work all the time." :( - Me (21) (Facebook) (December 2012 - January 2013) (3 likes)

2. "It's been a long time since someone said that they like me....even just a part of thank you. :)" - Precious Joy Benecito (December 6, 2013 Friday A.D.)

Youtube Comments

1. "Namine was in my opinion, Kingdom Hearts in human form. She is filled with sorrows and is used as a rope in tug of war. She is captured by both heartless and nobodies. She is the true key to kingdom hearts. Not only is she filled with sorrow, no matter what, she is kind and gental. She is the heart of the world. She, is what we are supposed to be." - 123456789kbx, Theme of Naminé by Roxasluvr4eva (35 thumbs up) (August 1, 2012 A.D.)

2. "It's sad... I know, but if you don't go out by yourself nobody will be able to reach you. And the ones that reach you will probably try to hurt you. But no all the people is like that. Some of them are kind, understanding and good mates. Because of that people I continue going outside my room. And I get hurt sometimes, but someday I'll find my Misaki-chan." - 3serdna3, Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi by Mega Tokyo 2033 (37 thumbs up) (June 23 (Midnight), 2013 Sunday A.D.)

3. "the anime and this song saved me the one time in my life, when i was something like a hikikomori. never leaving my room, always playing games, fearing other ppl (like they are all laughing about me and talking about me). somewhat sometimes i still get that feeling, but i dont fear society anymore." - Kain Draconus, Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi by Mega Tokyo 2033 (11 thumbs up) (June 23 (Midnight), 2013 Sunday A.D.)

4. "N.H.K was a powerful, moving anime about a person like any of us, caught up in the weight of the world, feeling lonely and in pain, suffering against society's strain. Maybe we can find a nice girl/guy, maybe we can sort our lives out. But no one's gonna do it for us, and we can't give up. The future is ahead of us, so we gotta stand up and fight" - The Soulof Basement 15, Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi by Mega Tokyo 2033 (57 thumbs up) (June 23 (Midnight), 2013 Sunday A.D.)

5. "As a person with a social anxiety disorder I myself am in a long fight with the NHK; for all of you who are the too. Just be yourself, be honest, be calm and mellow, be clear of all obsessive thoughts, those worries against every decision you must take. Walk forward with a smile on your face and then you can see a brighter tomorrow." - Liam Drummond, Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi by Mega Tokyo 2033 (7 thumbs up) (June 23 (Midnight), 2013 Sunday A.D.)

Just For Fun

Now that I'm done with all of the serious stuff, I figured I should put some other stuff down related to me just for the heck of it.

     Crowning Moment of Funny 

I admit, despite how serious I usually act, I can still get quite emotional, and there are some moments that can genuinely make me laugh. I'm not really sure what type of humor makes me laugh, but here are some things that stand out.

General: Irony, Hilarious in Hindsight, Sarcasm-Blind

I suppose some types of irony are really funny. XD Irony is basically the opposite of what someone expects, right?

Well, some of my favorite types are the surreal ones used in Garfield, or when something you do in a game subverts the expectations of the characters since you're too experienced for them, like when you play Radiata Stories post-game. XD

1. Welcome to the NHK

This anime is just overall really funny, yet dark and sad, but also heartwarming, yet finally... really odd at times, it's just one big interesting experience. XD

For one thing, there's the moe hybrid girl for the H-game Satou and Yamazaki try to make, and it actually doesn't look so good when everything is put together at once. ^^;

Satou: "She's your classmate and childhood friend who also happens to live next door! She's also a robot, but not just any robot, a maid robot! She's also really sick so the main character has to take care of her! But she's actually a ghost! And she's an alien too! Then you find out she's the reincarnation of a fox from space with a split personality!!!"

2. Azumanga Daioh (Manga)


This manga is just really funny, period. XD Or at least it used to be growing up. :p Here were some memorable lines. ^^;

I. Chiyo

Teacher: "Oh, are you teaching Chiyo?" Student: "No, she's teaching me!"

(Chiyo happens to be a young elementary girl who got transfered to high school because she's a genius. :p)

II. Tomo

Tomo: "With me, Osaka, and Kagura's scores combined, our grade is even higher than Chiyo's!"

Um, no Tomo, it doesn't work like that. XD

Yomi: "You damn brat! You're obviously not supposed to touch the paint when there's a wet paint sign, and you just wipe your hands off on anything you can find?!" Tomo: "Wow, no one has called me a brat in a long time... who are you, my mother?"

B. Video Games

1. Persona 3

I. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is just... so clueless about the real world despite her powers, everything about her is just really funny when you date her. XD

Elizabeth: "Which is tastier, diet food or super diet food?" MC: "Diet Food." Elizabeth: "That is incorrect. As punishment, you should have your own portion of diet food! *Giggles* Is this what it's like to teach?"

II. Junpei

Summer Vacation (Operation Babe Hunt)

Basically anything involving his general pervertedness or epic fail is really funny. XD

Akihiko: "You said this was an operation, right? Well then, I'm assigning the MC as leader again." Junpei: "Aw, come on, that's bullshit!" XD

Then there's the part where you can tell Junpei which girl out of Mitsuru, Yukari, and Fuuka is your type. XD

(Picks Yukari) Junpei: "Ah ha, I knew it!" (Picks Yuuka) Junpei: "Oh really? Very interesting!" (Picks Mitsuru) Junpei: "Wow, really?! You got balls man!"

Finally, you can get him to actually hit on the last woman before Aigis... and then he tries to show her he has balls, until you find out she's really a man, omg. XD

Then there's Portable when you're playing as a female, and Akihiko of all people rather than Junpei is the one who states that it seems like Aigis is a lesbian. XD

2. Disgaea

I'm not sure how much I like the Disgaea series, but Phantom Brave was pretty nice. :) For one thing though, it's at least pretty well known for it's humor. XD

I. Laharl

"Do you want me to give human kids an addictive video game that will deprive them of their sleep?"

See what I mean by Irony? XD That's one of the funniest lines I've ever heard, and I'm sure this game deprived a lot of people of their sleep before the game mentioned it at least. ^^;

C. Visual Novels

1. Hatoful Boyfriend

I love this game. XD It's like a super weird surreal version of Fruits Basket. ^^; Besides the humor, it can actually get really sad. :( And heartwarming. :) And sometimes on Shuu's route, Bad Boy's Love, or Holiday Day, really freaky. D: Plus, for a dating sim game, you actually get to fight an RPG Battle on Anghel's route against Shuu. XD Best random game ever. :3 Who wouldn't like it even if you're a guy? XD

It's like half Fruits Basket, quarter Redwall, and a quarter of some other horror anime...

Anyways... every character but the main character is a pigeon while you're the only human. o.O And a girl. XD But then the game gets totally serious about it later on. :O No, really! XD But it would be a major spoiler to say the reasons why. ^^; Also, they got a human portrait for all of the bird characters so you can pretend their more human if it's hard to connect to a bird. :p

I. Hiyoko and Ryouta

Hiyoko: "Ryouta?! Is that how you normally dress?!" Ryouta: "No, you don't understand! It's just a transvestite cosplay!"

Also, he has to change his name to Coolene. XD

On a sad yet heartwarming level, he's actually doing it to raise money to support his mom in the hospital. :( Of course on his route, the heroine helps him out. :)

D. Web Animation



The song in wasn't even scary, it was fucking HILARIOUS! XD I almost even want to have Fluttershy's song as a ring tone. ^^; (Nightmare Fetishist-Black Comedy) (Well, if you were an innocent kid, it would be really scary. XD But obviously it's for adults and I'm an adult, so it isn't scary. ^^;)

For one thing, the characters aren't even remotely in character, and they don't even sound like the way they should, least of all the titular character for that part of the .mov series, so it's hard to take seriously. XD




E. Fan-fiction

1. Touhou - Imperfect Metamorphosis

I. Reimu and Sariel

Sariel: "Do not refer to Him as he. Refer to Him as He. With a capital H." Reimu: "What? How in the flying hell am I supposed to pronounce a capital letter? And how can you tell if I am pronouncing a capital letter? It all sounds exactly the same!"

     Crowning Moment of Heartwarming 

I just love heartwarming stuff. ^^; I like to make others feel good too if I can. :)

It's also the reason why I actually like shoujo too among my other interests. ^///^

So, here are some heartwarming moments that I remember. :)

General: Helping someone out of a Heroic BSoD.

A. Anime and Manga

1. Monster

Monster can be rather dark and grim at times, but it also involves an All-Loving Hero of a doctor named Kenzo Tenma whose out to save as many lives as he can, with no ulterior motives. Being a doctor isn't just his job, it's his ideal. Pretty nice to have a Noble Profession be used realistically in an anime. :)

I. Dr. Tenma

Tenma to Nina

Poor Nina almost committed suicide at the end of the anime. T_T But Tenma hugged her and told her it would be alright, coming in to save her from it. <3

Believe it or not, but Johan of all people actually has one in the sequel Another Monster. When Johan arguably changed his Complete Monster status to a rather destructive Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds in the form of a Death Seeker halfway through the story, the people around him at the time thought this was when he realized he was NOT a monster. It gives me some rather conflicted feelings to say the least. Can even a Complete Monster be forgiven...?

2. Fruits Basket

I. Tohru Honda

Tohru is probably one of the Trope Codifiers for Nice Girls. :) She counts as The Messiah for all of the Sohma's problems and obviously has some way of breaking the curse. Her speeches may or may not count as spoilers though depending on who she's talking to though.

Tohru to Kyo

When Tohru saw Kyo's monster form, she was really frightened, but fear won't stop her from showing her love and compassion to Kyo when Kyo needed it the most. <3

II. Kyo Sohma

Kyo may be a Jerkass, but he has his reasons, and secretly, he's actually a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. :)

Kyo to Tohru

One day Tohru got sick, so he made her soup made out of leeks even though he hates them just to make her feel better. :) Isn't that sweet? <3

B. Video Games

1. Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

I. Junpei and Clover (True Ending)

The TRUE ending with Clover is adorable. <3

"No matter what happens, you can never lose hope. You have to remember what's most important, and that's to have faith, and to have love. If you can remember all of those, that'll bring you good luck."

2. Disgaea 3

I. Raspberyl

Raspberyl is SO cute! <3 All the demons in her Netherworld live in a place where demons who do bad like not going to school are considered Honor Students because Bad is Good and Good is Bad, and she tries to be a delinquent by doing good deeds, which makes her a bizarre case of good in a seemingly demonic way where she's a badass. ^^; But then in the epilogue known as Raspberyl Mode, she goes to Celestia to demand to have a Heart of an Angel, and then she meets Floone who got promoted to an Arch Angel and tells her that she already has the Heart of an Angel! <3 That's too cute! ^_^ The idea of demons being good too. :) Also, the idea of angels still being good even when their fallen angels. ^^; Especially if they can be forgiven and even get promoted like Flonne did. <3

3. Disgaea 4

I. Flonne

Seeing Flonne go from being a Fallen Angel and back to an Angel who even got promoted into an Arch Angel is so heartwarming! <3 She made a few mistakes but she made up for them and all was forgiven. :) She has a very important job in Celestia now! ^_^ She must be really strong, full of divine power! XD Then we have another angel named Artina learning from her. ^^; You know, the series wouldn't be the same if there were only cute little angels though, the only true reason why their so nice is because they provide a nice foil for the demons, and seeing how they interact with them, and the both of them to humans. XD Angels, demons, and humans. ^_^ Why can't Real Life have all of these things this way? XD That would be Heaven for me! <3

I mean, in things like Shin Megami Tensei, the only true difference is Angels are Lawful, Demons are Chaotic, and Humans are Neutral, usually, so all of them can be all over the place with Good and Evil, they just have different kinds. :)

I think having something like that would be really nice. ^_^

     Crowning Moment of Awesome 

Here are some moments that I think are really awesome. ^_^ I wish I could be this awesome. :3

Enjoy! <3

Meta (Gameplay)

1. Breath of Fire

I. Ryu (Dragon Transformation)

In the Breath of Fire series, you can turn into a fucking dragon with the main protagonist. Even better in the third game, you can turn into all sorts of different types of dragons! Of course, the gameplay isn't the only thing that's awesome about the series. The third one especially has plenty of dramatic moments and deaths and abandonment of certain characters, tearful reunions, fantastic music, even hilarious moments, and so on. :) It's just an overall great game, made by none other than Capcom. ^_^ Woot! <3

2. Chrono Trigger

I. Fusion Attacks

For me, Chrono Trigger was just alright, but you got to admit that the fusion of character attacks and teamwork is really awesome and should happen more often, even if the ones in this are usually overpowered. ^^; Even though they also cost a lot of MP. :p Though healing your MP usually isn't that hard, it's actually pretty easy to get money too... I mean, even if it's pretty entertaining for being rather unique and original, it was also a bit too short and easy, and who really wants to go out of their way to creatively beat the game about 12 times just to get a secret 13th ending? It's kind of funny how the developers themselves react to the whole thing, it's ridiculous. XD

Anyways, yeah, the cooperation of characters combining their attacks together can be rather heartwarming in a way when you realize how much their willing to help each other out, possibly, if something like The Power of Friendship is involved.

3. Star Ocean & Legend of Mana & Dark Cloud

I. Blacksmithing

How awesome is it to be able to make your own stuff? :) Getting all those rare items, tempering them to become super good... ^_^ Although one could argue that at some point the constant tempering and honing of weapons and armor, at least in Legend of Mana, can be a game breaker. XD Then again, having all the monsters at Level 99 on No Future Mode can make everything take a ludicrously long time to kill unless you have your stats set up just right, even at Level 99.

(Depending on how you progressed, the fight at the end of the game with a Sky Dragon, Land Dragon, and Kid Dragon can be harder than most bosses, especially with the status effects of burning or freezing, and then there's the Final Boss itself... >_<)

I remember all those rare items I got like the Fullmetal thing for a Double Handed Sword, and Dragon Scales for a Hauberk, and a Fossil for a Spear. <3 Omg, I kind of want to play it all over again! ^_^ They make me feel like a mysterious legend, the adventurer that can obtain all the secrets in the world, with mastery over all! :3

4. .Hack//IMOQ

I. Data Drain

Omg, the data draining in the first four .Hacks was so fucking awesome, even if you had to kill a bunch of enemies normally to bring the virus down or else you'll get game over, which usually isn't that hard though. XD (Except for in areas where there's almost nothing but Data Bugs, then it's annoying. :p)

But yeah, getting all those rare items, and then giving some to your allies... <3

It's kind of dumb how they might not get truly better unless you give them stuff, but it's also pretty heartwarming in a way how they comment about getting awesome stuff from you, and it's also badass to think about making everyone as badass as you are. <3 Yeah, make everyone god-like! XD Then go and kick some evil butt to save the world and become heroes! :3 Then have all the ladies fall in love with you. <3 I don't know about creating a harem or anything, but it would be nice to have the potential to date anyone from having them love and respect you enough. XD Hmm... :3

A. Anime and Manga

1. Monster

I. Dr. Tenma

Halfway through the anime, Johan's dragon Roberto mocks Tenma for being a doctor whose too good to shoot him and take a life. He's then proven wrong as he gets shot in the chest twice and falls over a library balcony caught on fire. Despite all of that he still survives, but he's then defeated by Inspector Lunge anyway.

B. Video Games

1. Ace Attorney

I. Phoenix Wright

Case 3-5

Phoenix went across a burning bridge above a rushing river in the middle of a freezing cold winter night just to protect Maya and actually survived! Also counts as a Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming for me, especially considering how many times he's saved her. Phoenix will never give up on his loved ones or protecting his innocent clients, that's why he's the Ace Attorney. :)


Here were some moments that made me really sad. :( I just want to give the main characters that go through these sad moments a big hug. >_<

General: Certain forms of despair

(Note: Yes, this sometimes makes me sadder than a good character dying. :( Although, seeing a good character die makes me feel empty inside because I miss them. T_T)

Kingdom Hearts is actually on a way to bring them all back though! ^_^ Ironically by the same company yet not necessarily the same people, Aerith died way before that series in Final Fantasy VII though and only halfway through a long game, so she wasn't around for a long time after the climax. :( If she wasn't so important, it would be like she wasn't there at all. T_T It's kind of shocking how the real Aerith is kind of a tease though. :O

A. Anime and Manga

1. Monster

Since Monster is a rather dark anime but ultimately somewhat altruistic with a very heroic main character and a very monstrous villain, some parts here and there are definitely going to be rather sad. Besides, it's Seinen as well. :p

I. Wolfgang Grimmer

This poor man is not as sociopathic as he think he is, that's the main thing. :(

He happens to die in a Heroic Sacrifice at the end. T_T

2. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket in general is as depressing as it is heartwarming. :( Of course, it has a happy ending for it's type of story, but that doesn't mean some parts here and there are still sad.

I. Hatori's Backstory

Hatori's backstory is definitely one of the saddest for sure when you don't include the main characters.

Losing the love of his life forever by having her memories get erased because of Akito is just sad, especially considering how stoic Hatori is, it's hard to tell if he'll ever get over it. :(

II. Kyo's Backstory

There's a good reason why the poor cat of the zodiac deserves some love no matter how much of a jerk he may act at times, because his life can be really screwed up. :(

For example, Having his own father blame him for his mother's death. Geez, he's only a high school kid now and was even younger when that happened, and all from a curse that isn't his fault, if at all that was even the reason. T_T

B. Video Games

1. Breath of Fire III

I. Teepo (Ending

Teepo, why did you have to become a bad guy and die? T_T I'm not sure what to make of how good or evil Myria actually is, but she's technically responsible for his turn to darkness as well as his death. :( And for the most part you only really get to see him in the prologue, but he was Ryu's childhood friend along with Rei. T_T I'm glad Rei turned out okay despite all that happened in the beginning of the second arc, especially his two theme songs, omg. :( Of course, the world gets saved as always and most of the heroes make it out alive so it's not too bad. :)

2. Disgaea

I. Flonne (Ending

Poor Flonne, when Laharl thought she died and actually kills Lamington in the Normal Ending. :( It's sort of a heartwarming example when he actually spares him in the best ending. :) But yeah, Flonne canonically becomes a Fallen Angel for quite a long time, and in the normal ending, Laharl actually sacrifices his life to save her. :( He's a demon and his heart is bigger than it sounds. <3 Flonne got better by the fourth game too, becoming not just an angel but an archangel. :) Seeing her get promoted is very heartwarming for me. ^_^

3. Zero Escape 2: Virtue's Last Reward

I. Junpei and Akane (Ending)

Poor Junpei and Akane! T_T After all that happened to her, poor Akane became sort of a bad guy, and even if she's technically more heroic than the other villains, she still quite clearly killed a couple of people in the first game, and all his life Junpei still forgave her and tried to look for her his whole life, only to get depressed with how she became. :( Also, despite all of this, she has a password to something with the name "Jumpy Doll", her affectionate nickname for Junpei. She still loves him and never forgot about him. It really makes me have some Sympathy for the Devil for her. :(

     Nightmare Fuel 

Believe it or not, some examples of Nightmare Fuel don't actually bother me all that much as I've dealt with many kinds of horror and have had plenty of real life experiences that are rather harmful, so some examples don't really bother me. :p

Also, I'm somewhat of a Nightmare Fetishist, at least when it comes to looking up some horror stuff on youtube but sometimes it gets too much to handle. XDD Then there's examples even on here that I genuinely don't find very creepy. :p

I try to make myself be made out of some tough stuff, but sometimes I'm still kind of a softy. ^^;

Anyways, enjoy. :)

General: Corruption (Mind Rape), Troubling Unchildlike Behavior (except horror because it's cliche, unless it's very extreme, like Johan or Yuno. o.O), Corruption by a Minor

Personal: Corruption, Poison/Diseases, Extreme Pain (Instant Death (Heights)), Needles

A. Anime and Manga

1. Monster

I. Johan Liebert

(General: Everything about him being evil even as a child and his corruption over children is extremely unsettling.)

I. Johan killed a lot of people at the Red Rose Mansion by ways of simple poison when he was only ten years old, part of it from being experimented on as a potential neo-nazi leader and told his own twin sister who would also be ten to shoot him in the head, as he is a monster.

II. Johan teaching children to play a game up on a rooftop that can involve them falling to their deaths and the fact that the kids think it's an amazing game to play.

III. Johan's corruption of that one little boy whose missing his mom and all of his experiences with prostitution and how he possibly almost commits suicide, blanked face and emotionless the whole time and stepping on an innocent butterfly...

Fortunately, this scene was also followed by Wolfgang Grimmer hugging him and genuinely crying, a man who supposedly has no emotions. He even asks Tenma if his response is appropriate. He tells him it was. <3

2. Haibane Renmei

I. Haibane Birth

The first episode was so freaking weird and surreal in a sense of like a literal birth to an angel, when Rakka grew her wings and it actually HURT, it made me really freaked out. D: It almost makes me not want to be an angel anymore... T_T

Sometimes things can get so weird, it's actually disturbing. o.O Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is sometimes like this, and .Hack//Sign is a bit half and half on the whole Guardian thing... Seriously, it's like a giant golden dumbbell that data drains and attacks people with liquid metal tentacles and makes whale noises, WTF? o.O

Games like Yume Nikki and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening are otherwise awesome with the surrealism though. :p

ANYWAYS, yeah... I thought the anime was supposed to be a slice of life, but the first and last episodes take the concept of Purgatory too far. :(

B. Video Games

1. Mother 2 (Earth Bound)

I. Giygas

Does an explanation really need to be said here? XD

Giygas is an alien trying to get revenge on all humans when the main character Ninten's ancestor George tried to reveal the secrets of P Si, and then he dies or something by a gentle song sung by George's wife Maria...

Then you go back in time and see him in some devil machine thing next to Porky who uses a rather unsettling armored machine himself, and well... you learn he can possess some people and animals throughout the whole game, he looks like a screaming dark red spiraly skull face, his music is extremely creepy as well as his dungeon music, the lair looks like a brain or something, and his other forms have a sillhoutte which looks like a fetus...

And then he says the weirdest things ever when you actually fight him, and has to be defeated by prayers, and some of them don't even get reached, sucked into the darkness, and the true forms of his attacks can never be grasped...

Just what the hell is he? o.O

On the bright side, Porky was wrong in saying he's evil incarnate, since Porky is in the next game and raises a fascist army of pig men and is completely evil for sure. :p

C. Visual Novel

1. Hatoful Boyfriend

I. Shuu

Didn't think such a cute game can be so scary, right? Well, Shuu is one character who is as evil as he looks but ends up getting away with a lot of crap anyway because he's funded by an evil government campaign called the Hawk Party. The backstory actually describes the mutated birds as being on rough terms with humans because some of them are cursed to be a disease to humans so many humans tried to kill them all. Shuu is one of those people trying to solve peace by killing all humans. Sometimes, even his own allies. He's just that crazy... and to make it worse, he's just a doctor from a high school for boys. o.O (With the exception of the player character, whose a human girl used to bring the birds together. Romantically, it seems. XD)

Anyways, during his ending he, well...

He KILLS you. D: When you're only a teenaged girl. :( Why? Because he's psycho, basically, and to punish you for liking him too much when he's obviously as evil as he looks. The real horror comes from how far he goes with his murders though... he makes you EAT Yuuya, another bird too! D: Then he chops off your head and preserves it in a glass jar, or something... This time the police are finally on to him, but his fate is left ambiguous... Finally, he asks you if you love him when you're already dead, and you're forced to say "Yes." Yeaaahhh... Freaky as all hell. D:


Yanderes/Bad Endings

(General: These characters are canonically supposed to be the GOOD guys, but there are plenty of bad endings where they go absolutely crazy in the name of supposed love, it's freaky. D: And then there's Zero Escape in particular where in 999 you have to get the safe ending before you can get the good ending, so some sort of time travel or whatever is actually canon, and Clover is even the main character for the next game like this isn't a problem. o.O Ironically, the scenes in the canonical true ending are actually pretty heartwarming... and with how she treats Seven, Clover is a very mixed character for me. Is it any wonder she's voiced by Wendee Lee in English? Her and Laura Bailey almost always voices some kind of troublesome tsundere or whatever. :p But yeah, there's Ayumi from Corpse Party, Clover from 999, and even Marco and maybe even Aht from Radiant Historia which while the first two games are M-rated, Radiant Historia is only E10+ even though there's plenty of things that should have made it T. o.O So yeah... I almost want the bad endings to be canon before the good endings and this kind of stuff can actually get brought up so they might possibly have second thoughts of going off the deep end. I think that would be interesting. Also, there's the idea of the bad guy winning, being evil or playing as the villain all along, or the main character being corrupted into evil somehow, at least in the horror genre, such as Witch's House and Mad Father, making for some of the most depressing downer endings.... mean, what's the point of even playing the game?)

D. Real Life

1. Sasebo Slashing

This entire story I learned from a theory on the Yume Nikki Wiki... just... oh my god... T_T

I didn't think such a young preteen girl could be a killer... :'( Being corrupted that much...

Supposedly, the Wikipedia article said she felt a lot of remorse for it though and she didn't exactly kill a person that was completely innocent in her mind. The person that she killed was bullying her, basically. It would probably still be controversial to call her a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, but...

I wonder how evil or psychotic is she really and if she ever recovered... whether or not she's even a Jerkass or secretly a Nice Girl turned evil... I mean, she's just a little girl... :( Almost a teen, yeah, but...

They said that she liked this flash called The Red Room, and a manga called Battle Royale, which is similar to something like The Hunger Games or Mirai Nikki, with young kids going around killing each other in some sadistic game for whatever reason. The Red Room is also named after the sick idea of a person's blood painting the walls.

How did she discover this kind of stuff and would she even be allowed to get into it...? Is this all it took for her to go insane, or is there more to it?

What kind of monster would allow her to experience these things if that was the case? :(

See...? Sometimes I'm really worried about people getting these kind of things... I used to talk to people that said they had split personalities and liked the taste of blood, and sometimes these people were the nicest people I knew... and they'd all be teenaged girls... abused by their family and people at school... and they'd struggle so hard through life, to be healthy and sane, to be normal and good... but even to this day, sometimes I still worry about them...

And well... back in 2012 when people said the world was going to end, I wasn't sure whether or not that was bullshit or not because it seemed so impossible to predict but people wouldn't shut up about it and there are quite a few horrible things in the world, some I even experienced myself, so I thought maybe it would happen... but it never did...

Back then though, I tried so hard to write a story to save the world... I wanted a job but I was so afraid of people... and the ones I trusted, I wanted to save them so bad...

I overreacted a lot, because I was so scared...

But you see, with things like this, maybe I have a right to be overprotective towards some kinds of people... and that some of the things I'm against and that I don't believe in, the way some religious fanatics are, it's not so crazy after all to be against them... the ones who either take their beliefs too seriously or the ones who just use it as a label and don't follow it very well...

Anyways, yeah... I... don't want this kind of stuff to ever happen again... :( I don't want people to be abused ever again...

I just wish for world peace, a heaven on earth... for things to get a little better, step by step over time, no matter how long it takes...

I don't want to be a monster myself and believe that the people who are hurting people in this world deserve to die or be controlled to protect other people... and I don't want to feel like killing myself to get away from a world that seems so dark, to look at the bright side in life...

But when things like this happen, it's hard to have hope. :( And it's so hard to hate someone so young... and girls just feel more innocent somehow... if that's even true sometimes...

As long as I have sympathy for these kind of people do, feeling bad for them, or even feeling that way for a fictional character, there's no way I can be a Complete Monster even I was something like an Anti-Villain... or just an Anti-Hero...

I don't think I could ever go too far with my actions, even if I felt like it was for the greater good or to make my own self personally happy, that it was the only way.

I just want to be sane... for everyone to be sane... Way before I even knew who Friedrich Nietszhe was, I wondered if a truly bad person or at least an insane person ever questioned their actions, and then I find out he had the same exact thoughts that I did on that level. It makes me feel like I was right, and I probably am. It sure feels like it...

Sorry, I just can't help but get all emotional over this kind of stuff. ^^; I mean, this kind of thing was said to have really happened... This kind of stuff should never have to happen with anyone. :(

     Anniversary Stories 

Here are some stories connected to my date of birth! :D Enjoy! <3

Year (1991)

The Silence of the Lambs (February 14, 1991) (Valentine's Day)

Final Fantasy Adventure (Seiken Densetsu) (June 8, 1991)

Sonic the Hedgehog (June 23, 1991)

Beauty and the Beast (Disney) (November 13, 1991)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (November 21, 1991)

Birthday (July 5th)

Nights Into Dreams (July 5th, 1996)


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