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I have completely forgotten what my name means. Regardless, just call me Amp.

Actual Picture of Amporiusrex

I'm trying to make sure all of my profile picture / any image related to me on this site has something to do with a dog in human clothing. Ergo, there's that drawing I helped make (colors, effects. Friend of mine drew it). I make my own art sometimes, but I tend to be lazy as hell and forgetful. Don't expect anything to be done quickly.

I've GMed a few times, but they don't usually turn out all that well. It's all for different reasons.

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    Fighting Game Mains! 

  • Smash: Pac-Man, Marth, Zero Suit Samus

  • Tekken: Hwoarang, Tiger Jackson, Marshall Law

  • Street Fighter IV: Gen, Poison, El Fuerte, Ken

  • Street Fighter III: Chun Li (the wife)

  • Skull Girls: Team Comp of Filia and Parasoul

  • Mahvel: Team Comp of Ghost Rider - Frank West - Taskmaster Rip in pepperoni, Mahvel

  • Guilty Gear: Slayer (am attempting to get good as Ky Kiske)

  • King of Fighters: King, Mature, Shen

  • Yatagarasu: Shimo

  • P4AU: Yukiko (Though, Chie is 100% my waifu)

  • Killer Instinct: Fulgore

  • BlazBlue: Jin Kisaragi, Tsubaki Yayoi


     Non-fighting game things 

  • Strategy: Civilization 5, Age of Empires 2, XCOM, Age of Mythology

  • RPGs: Persona, SMT Nocturne, (Is Pokemon an RPG?)

  • Character Action: Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, DMC 4

  • 80 something steam games I haven't played yet, but own for some reason


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