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Zeroflyingwherever is a troper dedicated to flight.

They seek to put articles in order, or add the occasional example. Examples with dolphins are superior to those without.

This Troper is told that Zeroflyingwherever can also be called 'ZFW.' This Troper finds it Darker and Edgier. Given that their name is insufferably long, This Troper also considers it akin to a Take That!.

This Troper is a Magnificent Bastard, however ZFW is probably not.


This Troper became a Magnificent Bastard after years of hard work and dedication, training in hidden Japanese caves with taekwondo masters and Ra's Al Ghul. His Rule of Cool swagger is not to be messed with.

In comparison to This Troper, ZFW is probably a Mary Sue. After all, This Troper only hates people who are too perfect altogether.

Zeroflyingwherever's name is actually an example of Kick the Dog. It's so long, This Troper is not sure how they put up with it.

  • This Troper agrees to the previous. A further example: what if the word Zeroflyingwherever was repeated twice? For instance, Zeroflyingwherever Zeroflyingwherever.

  • This Troper finds this article a Mind Screw. They can't recall why.

Here is a game. It is important that you win.

Answer this question, using one of the options provided:

1. The official Constitution of the universe is penned by Cosmic. It is top secret. You do not know. Who else has power of warp Cosmic?



If you answered with anything other than d), you lose. If you chose d), answer the next question in the same way.

2. Witness the grey graves the witless spirits! Their tragedy is leer?


If you answered with anything other than c), you lose. If you chose c), answer the next question in the same way:

3. The dark unfathomable power is upon me. Take?


If you did not answer with d), you lose. If you answered with c), you are second-place from winning. If you answered d), you win.

The winner is declared a 'Cosmic approved gentilhomme.'

That was the ice-breaking game. Be warned: the surveillance culture knows everything about you! You are watched. You must win the game, or totalitarianism will destroy you.


I should have told you that earlier. It is probably too late now.

  • ZFW plays games with your heart. Totalitarianism does as well.
    • This Troper fears the totalitarian. Maybe the real enemy is the Illuminati, however?

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