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I am Zenith.

I am sometimes also known as Sigrun, or Lord Ryu. I am a guy living in New York (but not the city) who really, really wants to be a freelance writer. I'm a geography major. I will probably major in planetary science, but I like history better. I'm a little odd in that regard. I'm also a huge brony and operate the tumblr pureponypleasure (yes, I am a bit of a Yuri Fanboy).

I don't really make new pages or anything (I've never even done anything in YKTTW). I just lurk around and fix grammatical/syntax errors. Sometimes I add examples.


I am putting things on this page because I have nothing better to do with my time.

My pages:

Pages launched/created:

Here are some things I like:

    Vidjeo Gamez 


    Books and Other Literature 


    Animated Things 


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