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The old alphabetical zombie list that some jackass removed without bothering to explain which types lead to which zombie sub-types.

  • Type V: Voodoo. The original zombie. Reanimated by Black Magic or merely a living person Brainwashed via drugs for More Than Mind Control. May either do their creator's bidding or go insane and turn into Type F. This is a common type encountered in video games and RPGs such as Dungeons And Dragons; being creatures of dark magic or unholy powers, these fall under the Revive Kills Zombie rule.
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  • Type C: Construct. Similar to Frankenstein's Monster, this is the zombie you get when attempting to reanimate somebody/bodies from the dead — With Science, For Science! — causing them to Come Back Wrong. If they go berserk (which they probably will— zombies will be zombies), the good news is that they have an almost zero chance of spreading Zombification and creating a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Type F: Flesh-eating. Your typical B-Movie zombie, it eats the skin, brains, or various other organs from the living, typically turning them into zombies — which makes them a lot like a ghoul, really. Can also be merged with Type V or P.
  • Type P: Plague-bearing. Created by a virus or occasionally machine or somesuch. These are the zombies that are guaranteed to turn others into zombies due to their highly communicable virus or nanobots or whatever. Almost always merged with Type F. Often Technically Living Zombies.
    • Type PS: Parasite. A subtype of Type P, these zombies are created specifically via exposure to a form of parasitic lifeform, be it the only stage or part of a series of mutations. Good for video games, as the advanced mutations allow for advanced enemies and bosses to still be zombies.
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  • Type R: Revenant. An older variety, originating in European folklore, less prone to rotting and falling apart, which normally retains intelligence, and memories of its previous life. They are driven by a single burning purpose, most often vengeance or true love, driven by a desire so strong it can overcome even death. While conceptually very old, and the prototype from which many other undead derive, this trope has fallen out of favor for more modern breeds of zombie, and for the bloodsucking vampire. Often Living on Borrowed Time.
  • Type M: Mishmash. A combination of different traits.
  • Type O: Other. Or, 'Our Zombies Are Really Different.' Not infected, not magical, sometimes not even undead, these guys are somehow still similar enough to be called zombies. (In some cases, office workers)


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