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In 2002, a secret research funded by RAPIDS, conducted in the northern part of Finland - a insiginificant enough country that if the research was to literally blow up on someone's face, nobody would bother asking questions - meant to create the ultimate weapon for political terror.

This being RAPIDS, however, the experiment was a failure of epic proportions, letting a creature of foul temper and spirit free into the wilderness of Lapland. Many attempts to apprehend the creature in question were made, all ending with the grizzly deaths of many recon team members and the permanent traumatisation of the survivors. In 2007, "Project Irie" was aborted and all records were allegedly erased.


Then, in May 2010, these files were rediscovered by a research student in Lyseonpuisto Upper Secondary for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The results from the reactivation of Project Irie remain to be seen.

A Female. A Finn. A Fangirl. Three useful notions that will keep you alive when dealing with the mystical creature know only as Yvanna Irie. She is a Hot-Blooded Yaoi Fangirl Insufferable Genius who spends most of her time writing tirades or making excercises in futility via fanfiction or Photoshop Creative Suite. Most of the time misanthropic and cynical who dislikes social interaction, but under certain conditions she can prove quite the idealist. She is generally pretty uncaring about people but any threat to her Nakama or "little sister" is still heavily discouraged.

Her special ability is memorising internet addresses so that she never has to bookmark pages. As a result she's prone to formatting errors and serial-editing entries until she's satisfied with what she has written. She reads Tv Tropes to extend her creative savvyness for future use as a video game designer and fully endorses the troper tradition of speaking of themselves in third person.


Her LJ with a slightly less inane profile can be found here. Her dA of Furry Jokes Waiting To Happen can be found here.


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