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You have now been blessed by the magical dog of discovery.note 

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Hi, I'm Damien Maymdien. Now, I know what you're probably thinking and I've heard it 100 times. People come up to me and they say, "Damien, why is the world so dumb and stupid?"
Let me give you a "for instance". Some girl, let's say her name is Sarah, is walking along with her #2 pencil facing upwards. Then, she trips over her shoes and that #2 pencil goes right through her eyeball and into her brain, and now she's eating applesauce through a straw the rest of her life.
Now, what was your question again? Oh right, the world is stupid. Want some bagels?
I sell bagels now.
Okay, cool, but I don't want any bagels, I just wanna know why-
Try some bagels!
I don't want any bagels.
Don't be a jerk!
A jer— I just want answers!
What have you got against bagels?!
All right, fine! I'll take a dozen bagels, too, okay?!
Great! But the bagels won't be ready for an hour.

So why is the world so stupid? The reason is simple; The academic level of this cul-de-sac is dropping like a lead weight! If we don't provide ourselves with some kind of mental stimulation, we'll all be reduced to protoplasm! Look around you! Our break from school has turned us into lumbering, nonsensical ninnies! My apologies for being so blunt.
So what you're saying is... you're a dork?

am bad at introductions
Anyway, I am a Troper. I joined this site because I wanted to fix some pages for some of the more obscure shows I like
And that's it. That's all I got


    works i am fixing 
So here's a collection of work pages I made pretty big contributions to, usually because I like them. You (the reader) are also free to help out if you know anything about these shows.
  • All in the Family: Had to do tons of reverse crosswicking. See the folders on the page? Those weren't there when I started.
  • Doki: I'm guessing roughly 2/3 of the tropes on the page were added by me.
  • Fishtronaut: Given the obscurity of the show, I'm surprised it even had a page. There was barely anything on it before I started editing, though.
  • Green Acres: Added quite a few tropes. This show is amazing, so I thought it needed more examples.
  • Petticoat Junction: Well, most of the work was on the trivia tab. I haven't gotten too far with the actual series yet.
  • The Steve Harvey Show: Had a huge ZCE problem. I commented out some, added context to a few more, and added more tropes while I was at it.
  • Willa's Wild Life: There were only two non-ZCE examples before I came around. I'm not quite done with it yet, but I added enough to keep the page from getting cut.

here's some tropes i guess

    My Work on YouTube (and the Vanity Plate) 
Oh yeah, I also have a YouTube channel for another passion I have. It's right here.

Regular Tropes


  • Black Sheep Hit: That Teletoon video I madenote ? It's currently the only video of mine to break 20,000 views. The YTV video is in second place.
  • Development Hell: The Former Nightmare Logo Collection, the first video I ever uploaded, was finished around summer 2018, but there were certain setbacks that caused it to be delayed to January 2019.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: I've gotten numerous copyright claims, and some of the compilations did get blocked. I managed to get them all unblocked, though.
    • A couple of them are still blocked in Poland though. There's also a video that got blocked in some place called Martinique...
    • And then there's a few more blocked in four countries; North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Iran. Good thing none of those countries have Internet access.
  • Series Hiatus: Uploads have been slow in '21, partly because of a waning interest in the channel, and partly because of a copyright strike. More generally, I haven't made a Rough Cuts video since November (as of this writing, on February 22).

    My So-Called "Art" 
I also have a DeviantArt account. Don't worry, I'm not one of those guys who paste poorly drawn feet on a PNG of a cartoon character; I'm slightly better than that. They're all pictures of Pokémon, by the way, so if you don't like Pokémon, uh... close the folder.

Regular Tropes

YMMV, I guess

Here's a rock with a plaid shirt.    That's stupid. Everything is stupid.   


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