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I'm just some nerd who likes a lot of works. And this is just an old account gathering dust.

Yes, my username is a pun on Wild Mass Guesses. Because Incredibly Lame Pun is my middle name.

Whenever I contribute to this wiki, I tend to be an Entry Pimp for Marvel, webcomics, and anime series I like. I'm also a Serial Tweaker. May Odin bless the TVTropes servers.

I am very much part of the TONGS. My spoiler policy: unless it's really necessary for the example (or a case of It Was His Sled), avoid spoilering things, even with spoiler tags. Many people will thank you. Trust me.

  • Vagueness is your friend. While context is very important, you can carefully word your example to avoid unnecessary details that could spoil other things. That way you'll manage to tell your major plot point example without spoiling more than absolutely necessary.

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