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Webby, ninja-writer-singer-poet-geek, at your service. Ignore the non-indicative title; I specialize in cartoons. Computer animation, traditional animation... bring it on.

OK, fine. I draw comics a lot, but I know nothing about making cartoons. I drew a walk cycle once. My "title" refers to my hobbies, save for the ninja bit. I want to be a storyboard artist and story director, but in the meantime my folders are stuffed with concept art and half-finished scripts.


I enjoy drawing talking animals. People make weird assumptions about me for it. In reality, it's because I like fantasy creatures and anthros can be made to be cool or cute, and since they're already a little inhuman I can bypass the Uncanny Valley easier. If you can watch Looney Tunes without thinking how sexy it is, you should assume I can draw a lizard without thinking how sexy it is.

Also, I write SpongeBob SquarePants/Camp Lazlo crossover fan fiction, with a lovely subplot about Slinkman and Sandy. And I make mock-up screen shots for it.


Webby is a fangirl for:

  • Double D: Charmingly timid demeanor, employs Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness without being unintelligible, and is so fun to write dialogue for.
  • Dr_Death: Not the Complete Monster fan ficcers make him out to be: canonically, he's pretty obviously a jaded old guy who is never shown abusing the pets. Admittedly, the redraw kinda ruined that.
  • Edward: Excellent example of a sympathetic but still inexcusable bully. Unintentionally cute, too.
  • Kirby: My first video game love. Used to have a fansite.
  • Phineas: For a while, every new cartoon featured a Pollyana Idiot Hero. Phin looked like more for the same, but he's actually a wonderful breath of fresh air with actual character depth.
  • Professor Layton: Wonderfully calm, promotes Critical Thinking, and wears a nice hat. I won a costume contest as him.note 
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  • Scrooge McDuck: Tough, sharp as a tack, and appeals to my love of adventure. A brilliant subversion of Screw the Rules, I Have Money!.
  • Slinkman: Mildly adorkable Only Sane Man, plus my favorite animal.
  • SpongeBob: Before the Seasonal Rot; fun, cheery, and not as dumb as a brick.
  • Uncle Chuck: A Cool Old Guy with a sympathetic backstory who doesn't spend any time Wangsting about it. A worthy uncle to the fastest thing alive.

My hobbies on the wiki include occasionally spiffying up the Slylock Fox and Yo Gabba Gabba pages, removing "This Troper" from subpagesnote  and suggesting stuff that never works in Image Pickin'.


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