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What can be said about Wacky Meets Practical? What should be said? What can't be said? What will be said? Has anything been said? Only time will tell.

Okay, time's not talking, so I'll do it myself.

His interests include cartoons, plays, and movies. He is a college student, doing normal college things, including wasting hours of study time on TV Tropes. When he's not wasting time scanning through tropes, he's wasting time on facebook. When he's not wasting time on either of those things, he's wasting time watching shows on Hulu. He's a prisoner of the Internet, and he loves it, even though he hates it. But love/hate relationships are the best kind, half the time anyway.


Why the name Wacky Meets Practical? Well, Wacky and Practical were his parents' names. They met, and he's the result. Instead of giving him a normal name, they gave him the name Wacky Meets Practical, because it's easy to remember.

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