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I used to be a troper, but I lost interest after a few years. I don't think I'll be returning.

I suppose my biggest contribution to this wiki was the creation of the Skylight page and its YMMV page, mostly comprised of what I saw in mikwuyma's videos. I don't think I did a fantastic job, but it's something, I guess.

The few comments below I've left unaltered:

  • Ohai. I wub your Kagami avatar. Also I visited here to try and get some ideas what to put on my own page. :3 -Evilneko
    • Thank you! I'm still new to the whole editing your page thing, so you might want to visit others' pages for other layout ideas. -Videogamer07
  • hi dude/lady wassup- fringeman
    • It's dude. =) Hello!
  • I like the Pikachu Santa pic! -BonsaiForest
    • Thanks! But, to be honest, I took it from least, I think I did...

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