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Not my current avatar.

22-year-old Canadian troper living in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband and two cats. Enjoys 4chan, tabletop and video role-playing games, police procedurals, and school (which she isn't currently attending). Quite possibly the only girl on the internet.

Associated Tropes

Vandalise Here

  • Vandalizing because it amuses me -Scholastica

  • Here's to a true goddess of...something. - Krrackknut.

  • If you dislike Bra Bindings, why do you own one? Chronix

  • Always a hoot in IJBM and in Fetishes - Schitzo

  • Wow. I just imagined a housewife who browses 4chan between sweeping the floor and cooking the dinner. I can't really say there's something wrong with it, but... Uhm... It feels kind of unusual. - lord Gacek

  • I'm not quite sure if it was harder to kill her, but the Mother was creepy the Archdemon wasn't. Oh, by the way, considering your description and avatar I imagine you as a bitchy girl, dressed like Morrigan, that trolls on 4chan /b/ and.. uhm.. has a husband I guess? - WorstUsernameEver

  • Vandalizing. AND I WON'T APOLOGIZE. Have a FUN and COOL day, every day. - Jseblan

  • I never was a troll on this website. terrkerr