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Tvtrope author who aspires to be a published writer. They are 2 seperate personalities in one (female) body. Val is the main personality who strongly believes that Tropes Are Tools. Ragnarok, the other personality assasits with writing. Both personas want to be self-published and have given up on agents and publishers!

Both reffer to eachother as siblings, having a brother/sister relationship. While they plan to publish under Ragnarok's name, there is usually a tribute, dedication or mention of Valkyrie (showing their relationship).


Tropes suiting Both

  • Amnesiac Hero
    • To different extents: Val can't remember most of her past and has a bad memory. Rags think he might've been a different person prior to becoming apart of Val, but can't rember
  • Meaningful Name - Valkyrie and Ragnarok relates to Norse Mythology a subjects Val knows alot about (too much Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok we think...)
    • Panchild was a name they made up, refferencing Peter Pan, Val's favorite story (in addition to some other things...)
  • Affectionate Nickname - Ragnarok is sometimes reffered to as Rags. Valkyrie's are: Val, Kiki, Denmark, Russia and China (the last 3 are Hetalia Axis Powers refferences used by her best friend who has corresponding nicknames... The Yaoi Fangirls will understand...)
  • Cuteness Proximity - For Val: when around animals. For Ragnarok: Cats, calling their pet cat Princess (it's not her name though)
  • Raised by Grandparents
  • I Forgot To Eat - Val more often than Ragnarok...
    • Justified since Val's memory is bad and that their stomachs don't seem to growl when hungry...


Tropes suiting Val (host/Female)

  • Author Avatar - Her heroes are usually versions of herself with some altered traits.
    • Justified as the sibling's can't seem to make other characters work as leads...
  • Broken Bird - reffers to herself as this because of a complicated origin that can't be described even with tropes.
  • Coversational Troping - Up to the point where her characters speak it as well... And not just the Author Avatars... Even in real life Val does this, much to people's confusion.
  • No Social Skills - Justified, due to Asperger's Syndrome and 3 years of homeschooling
  • Friendless Background (see No Social Skills above)
  • Even Evil Has Standards - Although she admits to being somewhat of a sadist, she would NEVER hurt animals, children or the elderly...
  • Trauma Swing - Likes to swing her problems away.
  • Knife Nut - Calls her favorite knife Kyrie. Kyrie means lord in Latin, but it's have a more meaningful name if she learnes the words for of and knives.
  • Bilingual Advantage - Speaks English, Spanish, Japanese with fluency. Plus a few words of French, Chinese and Korean. Now learning German.
  • Stalker with a Crush - Val's favorite criminal. Due to her love of stalkers, she also studies criminal psychology for fun and is learning prison slang.
    • She likes to read criminal psychology books in the book store
  • Fortune Teller - Reads fortunes with runes, although saves it as a Last Resort.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?
  • Gamer Girl
  • Yaoi Fangirl - Mostly views the genre as comedy.
    • She's slowly getting the balls to write yaoi Fan Fiction...

Tropes suiting Ragnarok (persona/Male)

  • Masked Man - The mask made with aluminum foil is so no one knows he's in Val's body. Although...
  • Big Brother Instinct
  • My Sisters Off Limits - Like this toward her best friend (a boy). Justified since he shares her body.
  • Stalker Without A Crush - Thinks that he at one point might've been a victim due to Flash Backs, Another reason he wears a mask.
  • Fame And Fortune - Aspires to become a famous writer with Val
  • I Am You - He knows he's an alternate persona of Val and appreciates their co-exsistance.
  • I Am Who? - Questions what his exsistance really means and wonders if he had his own exsistance at one point.
    • From what he's got so far, he therorizes he might've been an adolesent interested in Bakugan who might've died due to head trauma... He also thinks abuse may be involved...

  • Justin Bieber - A fan, looking to him as a rolemodel. Val not so much, as she gets somewhat peeved when Ragnarok talks about him.
    • This (as Val calls it) obsession with the star went so far as to give him a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo in their story... Although Ragnarok must be confused by the term "Lawyer Friendly"

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