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He often hangs around the pages of the hottest new video games he'll never buy, as well as any other game/movie/show he recently saw just to see what others have already written. He's all too glad to fix up spelling, punctuation, and markup errors on his constant crawls from page to page.

He also hangs around You Know That Show, and he's constantly surprised at some of the works he recognizes. Since around March 2013 he's spent a lot of time in You Know That Thing Where, and even made his first proposal for the Endless Running Game genre after playing a lot of them on his iPhone.


He doesn't quite remember how he found TV Tropes, but by some strange coincidence it was the same day that The Order of the Stick posted its comic that included hanging a lampshade on Lampshade Hanging — even though he didn't check the forums and so he wouldn't get that joke until months later.

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