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Yay my troper page. :P I don't usally edit around unless I have my free-time. but I also got my own set of tropes. some shared with fellow troper Tropers/Akamia. If ya know about a guy named Houdini Jr 100, also me :P in a different alias. Anyways, I'll be going on about this with tropes as I see fit.

  • How Do I Shot Web?: I can be like this when it comes to TV Tropes...I cannot index for the life of me!
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  • Fan Boy: Major one of a lot of things, but for specifics, Blaz Blue,Guilty Gear,Brain Scratch Commentaries, and Anime too. (Ask Akamia)
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: I show shades of this at points, very rarely though
    • Upon playing the Tiny Toons Adventures Genesis platformer, I seem to be this on a lot of levels since it's been almost 9 years since I last played this, and I'm practicing for a race against a friend of mine. The boss fights are well and good, it's avoiding running into every god damned enemy is hard...especially those God Damned RODERICK CLONES. note 
  • Car Fu: I do this in some games...doesn't save my life 99.99% of the time
  • Catchphrase: among others, 'because reasons of X' (X being stupidity, or other substitutable words), 'Truly the best of X's' (X also being variable).
    • Does help when I'm dio brando in the jojo's fighters.
  • Large Ham:I am very loud, yes. But not loud as anyone hammy like say Bang Shishigami.
  • Man of a Thousand Voices: I can at least attempt this. I can do a good manic-depressed Luigi
  • Power Trio: I am this with Akamia and Church,with Nero we become a Four-Man Band
  • Leit Motif:Way too darn many, but I can list my prominent ones by game
    • Guilty Gear: Haven't You Got Eyes in Your Head?,Vampire Saga,Riches in Me,Noontide,Suck A Sage,and Get Down to Business (in order,slayer,sol vs ky,chipp,and order-sol)
    • Blaz Blue:Plastic Night I/II,Gale I/II,MOTOR HEAD II,Bang! Bang! Big Bang!,possibly shades of The Tyrant,Dissonance, and Sector 7. (in basic,relius,bang,tager,FRKZ,Azrael,sector 7 vs theme,and relius vs valkenhayn)
    • Persona 4 Arena: Hero from Junes,Pure-Hearted Beast,Wandering Wolf (Yosuke,Kanji,and Akihiko)
    • Ace Attorney: Fragrance of Dark Coffee,Twisted Samurai. (Godot and Simon Blackquill)
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    • Sonic The Hedgehog: Believe in Myself (recommended by Akamia truth be told, since I fit the idea of tails to a degree.)
  • That One Player: I am dubbed this by Akamia as it turns out...I admit I'm good at fighting games and some others to many people. So he has a point behind this...I bet they'll be those players when I eventually get mechwarrior.
  • Gatling Good: I love automatics. This is a given
  • Perpetual Frowner: I appear to be this in real life, but I never really seem depressed for the most part, I'm a swell guy when ya get to know me
  • Headbutting Heroes:Me and Akamia lapse to this, in Castle Crashers we argue about the bears in tall grass fields.
    Me: They're pandas!
    Akamia: They''re NOT pandas!
  • Crossover Fanverse: Something I do with Akamia, who's making our story a webcomic, under the name Multiverse Crusade. Here I list the stories and arcs I write plot-wise in the story.
    • Multiverse Crusade:Nocturnus Rising: Involving my first sonic fancharacter Twister Prower in the twilight cage. Upon arriving to the twilight cage. He sees a wanted poster of himself for a high bounty for being caught dead or alive. Twister seeks the help of the other 4 colonies, as well as Nester, a nocturne Echidna, and longtime friend Kiera to assist him in taking down the new imperator of the Nocturnus; known as Kronos.
    • Multiverse Crusades:Artificial EXE: Miniarc involving my author avatar Mason Maragi, his point of view in a week we did for a mini-arc, while Shugo deals with an alternate Equestria, Maragi deals with essentially Sonic Robo Blast 2, as well as a horde of artifical EX Es, as well as meeting a self from another timeline, known as Mujihi Mazio.
    • Multiverse Crusade:Yuugan:The Wolf who Distorts:Involving Maragi's son Matt under the Alias of Yuugan, he travels to the past with Silver to prevent a time paradox of the death of Simon Blackquill at the hands of a spy known as spectre, who plans to get vengeance for the defeat of Phantom in Dual Destinies, this also introduces the Eleventh doctor to our story, As well as The Twelfth Doctor, who takes the appearance of Doctor Whooves from the namesake webcomic. The eleventh appearing directly, the twelfth mentioned by Scourge the Hedgehog.
    • Multiverse Crusade:Rising Thunder:Essentially my Mazio sub-series taking place as an interqual between the jump to the next generation, chronicles the fight against Senshu from Mazio's point of view, while chronicling events in his life alongside Zeena of the deadly six. This introduces how hero characters Tempest Prower and Slayer Hanamura (based on hazama and namesake respectively as counterparts), become part of a team known as "the oracles" who act like observers from Blaz Blue, this makes future references to the next generation, namely with the coming of Relius Clover as well as the Metarex to the new sagas.
  • Rewrite/Revision: As akamia states on his troper page, we both had a way to kind of rewrite/revision some of keypoints in continuity for our universe. Here I'll state the ideas that I had the honor of integrating.As well as what I changed.
    • Sonic.EXE:Rewritten, in it's own version of earth and it's own timeline, essentially what happens if the black comet falls on earth after the defeat of Devil Doom. Black Doom's core essence enters in sonic at the comet's crash sight. Which slowly but surely turns him into the demon he was, chaining his true self in the deep recesses of his mind. However, the fate of the other characters is at the very least for the greater good, they're under the curse of practically being undead, this however leads to an advantage as the characters actually gain new powers from the small essence they possess. After the true Sonic.EXE is defeated and the true sonic is released, there are times clones show up, either by genetic enhancement, or cloning. They all retain the first one's memories. ala legend of zelda's ideas of incarnations inheriting memories of the past incarnation, etc. The victims eventually rebuild their world as "Refined Mobius" refined as in they're world has begun anew with little demonic opposition. The Sonic.EXE from the original creepypasta we plan to make show up, to eventually be killed off for real.
    • Persona 4: Kinda revisioned, in terms of persona 3 and 4 characters being mobians. Otherwise it's similar to the game's canon. Only difference is origins of the characters, I played straight with Yosuke and Narukami. Kanji I made a counterpart of one of my existing characters. I also managed to do this with blazblue and guilty gear in their own rights.
    • Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney: I did only 1 rewrite for dual destinies Fulbright was out in borginia during the game's events, Phantom still masqueraded him however.
    • Red Vs Blue: again, same story for the most part, mobian characters, and some subversions of character.
    • Dangan Ronpa: All I had planned for this so far is Monokuma being an antagonist in an arc during the mini Tournament Arc. Good news of it? I plan to have Order Maragi kill him in this timeline, the main timeline will have him as a secondary antagonist if court rulings unfortunately are under his hammer and gameboy of executions.
  • Crisis Crossover: I'm trying to plan out an epic story in a fan-made fighting game of sorts involving some cool commentators and letsplayers in the world, up to and including; brainscratch,hellfire,TRG,Runner Guitar,Me,Akamia,his brother, and others as I see fit. Their fighting styles I'll think of myself, as well as mechanics and button layouts (as I'm doing this as mugen based for the most part).
  • CrossoverDeathBattle: I tend to do this with Akamia, not to degree of actual death battle (though I did have wiz and boomstick in a tourney arc). I think many battles I've done can fit if I can list 'em off
    • Bang vs Vegeta
    • Azrael vs General Zod (prepare to see many puns on Kneel Before Zod...
    • Simon Blackquill vs Mammoth Mogul (in the form of DIVEKICK!)
    • Slayer vs Shadow
    • and many others to come if I can remember them...!

"Multiverse Crusade"

Here's the lists of stories in the webcomic Akamia and I are writing, namely the stories I plan to write for each series planned.

Currently under construction.

    Series 1: Origins 
  • Multiverse Crusade: The Escape note 
  • Multiverse Crusade: Rise of the Dead Starring Frank West during the events of Dead Rising 3, gaining a full cure to his zombrex virus.
    Series 2: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 
  • Multiverse Crusade: Shishigami's Flight Introduction story of Bang and the Nation of Ikaruga in the Dragon Kingdom. As well as others from other versions of the universe.
    Series 3: Enter the Infinite 
    Series 4: Guardians of the Multiverse 
Multiverse Crusade: Nocturnus Rising
  • Main Protagonists: Twister Prower, Kiera, 4 colonies of the Twilight Cage
  • Main Antagonists: Imperator Kronos, the Nocturnus Clan
    Series 5: Masters of Space and Time 
Flame Wolf: Maragi
  • Main Protagonists; Mason Maragi, Twister and Bullet Prower
  • Main Antagonists; Relius Prower (implied)
Multiverse Crusade: Cross-Clash Tournament
  • Main Protagonists: ...everyone
  • Main Antagonists; ALSO EVERYONE!
Multiverse Crusade: Artificial.EXE
Multiverse Crusade: Yuugan; Wolf who Distorts
  • Main Protagonists: Yuugan, Simon Blackquill, Silver the Hedgehog, Mysterious Crepe Seller/ Shelly De Killer
  • Main Antagonists: Spectre
  • Multiverse Crusade: The Final Arc, Part 1: Puppets and Mechas note 
    • Main Protagonists: Mason Maragi (Me), Shugo the Guardian, Shadow the Hedgehog Terumi Prower, Doctor Finitevous
    • Main Antagonists: Snivley Robotnik, Relius Prower, Enerjak and Imperator Pir'Oth Ix.
  • Final Arc, Part 2: Street Brawl of the Century
    • Main Protagonists: Under Construction
    • Main Antagonists: Under Construction
  • Final Arc Part 3: Fall of the Iron Dominion
    • Main Protagonists: Under Construction
    • Main Antagonists: Regina "The Iron Queen" Ferrum, Jun "Iron King" Kun
  • Final Arc Part 3.5: The Mad Dog's Rampage
  • Final Arc Finale: THE FINAL BATTLE! Terumi Prower and the Gigant Takemikazuchi!
    Series 6: A New Age Of Heroes 
  • Multiverse Crusade: Ground Forces
  • Multiverse Crusade: Overture
    • Main Protagonist: Mason Maragi
    • Main Antagonist: Valentine, 'That Man'
  • Oracle's Order
  • Multiverse Crusade: The Heroes that Smite Evil (Ties in with Multiverse Crusade: Ground Forces)
    • Main Protagonists: Under Construction
    • Main Antagonists: Under Construction
  • Sonic.EXE: God's Hand
    • Main Protagonist: Sonic.EXE
    • Main Antagonists: ...?
  • Getreuer; Revenger
    • Main Protagonist: Getreuer Wolf (formerly Fatemaker)
    • Main Antagonists; Unknown
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann : New World (the backstory of Kamina and Simon's escape to the surface, and by extensin their warp to the world)
  • Shin Getter Robo: Prelude to Return (The trial of Ryouma Nagare, Prosecuted by Yuugan and Simon Blackquill, Ryouma's defense team being Twister, co-council Amadeus)
    • Main Protagonist Twister Prower, Amadeus Prower
    • Main Antagonist(?): ???
  • Super Robot Wars: Battle of Rocks {a combination of getter robo, gurren lagann, endless frontier, and Akamia's transformers series, all in the good fashion of SUPER ROBOT WARS :D}
    • Main Protagonists: Getter Robo Team, Simon, Kamina, Sanger Zonvolt, Haken Browning
    • Main Antagonists: Anti Spiral, The Invaders, Combaticons, New Deceptions (led by Nemesis Prime, Shadow Mirrors, Orchestral Army
  • Project X Zone: Roads Unforgotten {a 'sequel' of sorts to Project X Zone, rather than the possible official sequel. References back to the first game, as well as Namco X Capcom, as well as making plotpoints to the various game's characters change their fates. Such as Bison's revival in SFIV, among others}
    • Main Protagonists: Dante, Reiji Arisu, Many others
    • Main Antagonists: M. Bison, <under construction>
  • Red Vs Blue: Control and Focus: (a revision of season 12. With Locus and Felix as the villains. As well as the exploits of a Brainwashed and Crazy Agent Maine/the Meta)
  • Spiral Knights: Swarm Rising (a prelude to a 3 sided story involving the heroes on Cradle, and two {by then} unknown parties}
    • Main Protagonists: Forte Fox, Trithan, Desna, Echo, Kohra, Spiral Guardian Virgil, Unknown Warriors
    • Main Antagonists: ???
  • Cave Story: Caves of Darkness (Second side of the 3 sided story, takes place after the best ending of Cave Story)
  • Shovel Knight: Shoveler's Alliance (the third side of the 3 sided story, taking place after the ending of shovel knight)
  • Spiraling Cave Knights (the combined crossover of the Spiral Knights, Shovel Knight, and Cave Story)
  • Multiverse Crusade: Vastedge
    • A direct sequel to overture that takes place during Ground Forces. Following Maragi's quest against the Senato for the 8 Outrage Drivers
    • Main Protagonists: Mason Maragi, Yosuke, Shugo, Twister Prower
    • Main Antagonists: ???
  • Getrauer; Moon's Domination
    • A side story involving Fatemaker on a quest for redemption after his defeat at the hands of Twister and Maragi
    • Main Protagonists: Fatemaker/Getreuer, Mason Maragi
    • Main Antagonists: Unknown
    Series 7: Endgame 
  • Super Robot Wars: Getter Emperor's Nexus
    • Main Protagonists: Team: ZEXIS-II
    • Main Antagonists: Getter Emperor, ???
  • Blaz Blue: Crisis Nexus
    • Main Protagonists: Relius Clover, Relius Prower, Azrael, Roxio the Deathbringer, Bang Shishigamis*, Tsubaki Prower, Izayoi*, Kisaragi Prower
    • Main Antagonists: Hades Izanami, Ragna the Bloodedge, ???
      • (note: * means it's the actual version rather than my recreation, obvious exception of Relius Clover who has appeared beforehand)
  • Shinra Agent Reiji: Last Stand
    • Main Protagonist: Reiji Arisu, Xiayomu, Saya
    • Main Antagonist: ???
  • Maragi: Hero of the Nexus
    • Main Protagonists: Mason Maragi
    • Main Antagonist: ???, That Man, Yuuki Terumi*
  • Twister Prower: Outrage Savior
  • Mega Man Zero: Weil's Nexus
    • Main Protagonists: Megaman X, Zero, Speedy, Mecha Jezz
    • Main Antagonists: Omega Zero, Doctor Weil, Vile
  • Shin Megami Tensei Persona: At Wit's end
    • Main Protagonist: Yu Narukami, Kanji Prower, Yosuke Hanamua, Ky Hanamura, Yukari Hanamura, Hyde Narukami, Dante
    • Main Antagonists: ???

Azrael: This child...hopefully he can provide a good fight.
Godot: I bet we'd make good friends if he likes coffee.
Robo-Ky: This person is a defective man! DISPOSE OF HIM!
Mason Maragi: Yeah, no.
Yosuke : Damn you got here fast!
Maragi: heh.
Maragi: Not now Azrael!

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