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Even since 2008, I have been reading this website. I really love the idea of cataloging all of fiction by attaching common themes and concepts to them.

I got involved in 2014, but to give you an idea of how attached I am to this site, I decided to create a new account since I forgot the credentials to my old one.

I used to suck at descriptions, but I would like to believe I got better.

Take a look!


Pages I launched

Old Account

  • Portal Custom Maps
    • I loved Portal, and some of the custom content I saw for the game was actually really amazing, especially with the old engine. In fact, all of the custom content for the source engine games was responsible for getting me into game design.
  • WhoIsThisGit
    • A great youtube personality with a lot of humor in his videos, I was surprised to see there wasn't a tropes page. A small inspiration to me, since I am self conscious with my voice, and seeing someone succeed whilst barely using theirs makes me feel a little better.

New Account

  • TagPro
    • Tag-Pro is fairly niche, and is a minimalist web game.. There aren't a lot of tropes that apply to it, and it makes me wonder if it does deserve to be here...

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