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Hey, I'm Treblain. TV Tropes has ruined my life for at least three years. I've lived most of my life on the East Coast of Eagleland, and I am currently a college student studying... something. In addition, I am an expert in trivia of the random and non-random kind.

I like works with complex plots, plenty of detail, and lots of interesting characters, preferably intelligent ones. Lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy literature in general (I've read every single Hugo Award-winning novel) and a lot of other stuff. I'm also a follower of quite a few webcomics. Making a tentative foray into anime and comic books. I also do some writing when I have time, and I am a Na No Wri Mo participant.


I post on Trope Repair Shop and other wiki-related forums, so here are my thoughts on tropey stuff.

  • I thought of myself as almost universally anti-rename for a while, but I grew out of it. Still, I tend to side against renaming tropes, especially those that are older and more entrenched in the wiki. I feel character and reference-named tropes are not inherently worse than other names. In fact, they tend to be more memorable and usable than vague two-to-three word descriptive trope names that come from rename threads. If I do support or propose a TRS thread, it's because I feel the trope is unnecessarily slanted in a specific direction or lacks the content to be a trope at all, like Everything's Better With X.

  • I think that trope descriptions/definitions are extremely important, and to a certain degree, it's not bad if one needs to read them to understand what the trope is. A trope's description should direct readers to all related tropes, preferably in more clear terms than "compare with X".

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  • I dislike Real Life examples of tropes. Real life does not contain tropes. Only our interpretations of real life have tropes, and those interpretations are works of fiction. Even posting an example of a real-life event on a TV Tropes page is a recounting of the event, which is a work of fiction. Of course, 'real life examples' do have value to the wiki, by providing comparisons between reality and fiction.

  • I tend to be critical of a lot of trope proposals going through YKTTW. It's rare that I see something there and think, "How Did We Miss This One?" I frown on generic and vague ideas that I don't see as tropeable.

That's all. Keep on tropin'.

My favorite works of fiction, in no particular order, include:

For a bad time, call 1-800-892-5234.


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