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Thrills (more commonly known by the handle Fraised in other corners of the internet) is a reserved, analytical Troper who lurks the wiki at most, and periodically contributes to works that tickle her fancy. Is a huge fan of the Pokemon and Persona franchises.

Tropes applying to Thrills:

  • Dandere: Extremely so. Thrills is, by her own admission, shy around most people to the point of coming across as distant or unemotive. In the company of her few-but-close friends, however, she's much more confident and open.
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  • The Lad-ette: A Type 1 Tomboy who would generally describe herself as one of these.
  • Lethal Chef: If it's an edible meal you want, this Troper should not be put in charge of making it.
  • The Quiet One: To the point of having a few vocal cord-related troubles in real life, due to lack of use. A Troper with No Social Skills, she spends most of her time cooped up indoors, either reading something, playing video games, or browsing This Very Wiki.
  • The Spock: May come across as such to others, due to her logic-driven and pragmatic nature. Unsurprisingly, her Myers-Briggs type is INTP.

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