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A rare shot of Thrice Charming's childhood in its natural habitat.

Why won't they let an honest guy cheat?
—Thrice Charming's defining mantra

I like to learn, but school keeps getting in the way.
—Thrice Charming, circa 2005

Thrice Charming is a troper from Texas. Due to a series of hilarious tech-related mishaps, this is his third Troper handle (the others being Planet Cool and Eddie Valiant Jr.), hence the name: third time's the charm. His interests include books and reading, paranormal phenomena, and silly cartoons; he's also a third person person, but only sometimes. Feel free to drop me a private message if you'd like to leave a comment / have a chat.

Go here for a partial list of my favorite stuff and the tropes / pages I've launched.

Some stuff I've launched since my latest renaming:


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